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The Shining - The Shining, Mixlore, 2020 — front cover (image provided by the publisher) - Credit: W Eric Martin

The Shining Review

'The Shining' board game nails the eerie vibe of its source material, blending strategy and luck with stunning artwork. While luck plays a role, smart play shines, making every game a thrilling challenge. A solid 4 out of 5 stars.
Dreams - Cover (provided py publisher) - Credit: duchamp

Dreams Review

Played 'Dreams' last night--what a blast! Gorgeous art, clever gameplay. It's like the game reads your mind but in a good way. Perfect for a game night. Just, you know, pick friends as smart as you.
Chernobyl: Box Cover Front

Chernobyl Review

So, I played 'Chernobyl' with my mates and boy, what a ride! From sweating over crisis management to getting a history lesson we didn't sleep through. Quality bits and pieces too! Just a tad luck-based for my taste.
Master: Box Cover Front

Master Review

'Master' nails the perfect game night vibe! Friends and I couldn't stop playing. It's a strategic blast with just the right luck touch. Only gripe? Wished for more varied pieces. Still, it's a solid 4/5 stars for me!
Heat: Box Cover Front

Heat Review

Played Heat with my crew last Friday. What a blast, dodging the law and pulling off heists! It's a hit - solid gameplay, not too much left to chance. Just wish the loot cards were chunkier. Still, it's a solid 4/5 for me.
Giants: Box Cover Front

Giants Review

Ever played 'Giants' and felt like a strategic genius, only to be humbled by your 8-year-old cousin? It's a mix of laughs, groans, and triumphs. Gorgeous artwork, but bring your A-game or get ready to be schooled.
Manifest: Box Cover Front

Manifest Review

'Manifest' dazzles with engaging gameplay and sleek design. Whether trading goods or dodging pirates, it's a blast. Balanced, with just the right mix of strategy and luck. It's a game night gem that keeps everyone coming back for more.
SWAT!: Box Cover Front

SWAT! Review

SWAT! hits the table with a bang, blending skill, luck, and loads of laughs. Despite a few hiccups with luck dependence, it's a hit at game nights. Solid 4/5 for its sheer fun and replayability.
Clubs: Box Cover Front

Clubs Review

'Clubs' hits the sweet spot with its perfect mix of strategy and luck, ensuring laughs and competitive banter. It's a must-have for game nights, promising endless fun. Just don't let the cards outsmart you!
Butterfly Garden: Box Cover Front

Indigo (Butterfly Garden) Review

Indigo: A gem among games, blending strategy and luck. Its unique mechanics and stunning artwork ensure no two games are the same. Despite its chance elements, strategic minds will find ways to shine. An absolute must-try.