Deduction games involve players using logic and reasoning to uncover hidden information or solve mysteries. Examples include “Clue,” “Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective,” and “One Night Ultimate Werewolf.”

Nope!: Box Cover Front

Nope! Review

Nope! offers hilarious, fast-paced gameplay perfect for casual nights. With simple rules and a heavy luck element, it's great fun but not for serious strategists.
P.I.: Box Cover Front

P.I. Review

Played 'P.I.' with friends and we were hooked! Perfect mix of strategy and luck, stunning artwork, and endless mysteries to solve. It's a game night must-have that never gets old. Definitely earns a solid 4.5 stars from me!
Smile - Box cover - Credit: ajhutt

Smile Review

'Smile' hits the sweet spot between luck and strategy, making every game night a blast. Its vibrant art draws you in, but it's the clever gameplay that keeps you coming back. Just wish luck played a smaller role.
Dreams - Cover (provided py publisher) - Credit: duchamp

Dreams Review

Played 'Dreams' last night--what a blast! Gorgeous art, clever gameplay. It's like the game reads your mind but in a good way. Perfect for a game night. Just, you know, pick friends as smart as you.
Heat: Box Cover Front

Heat Review

Played Heat with my crew last Friday. What a blast, dodging the law and pulling off heists! It's a hit - solid gameplay, not too much left to chance. Just wish the loot cards were chunkier. Still, it's a solid 4/5 for me.
Tobago: Box Cover Front

Tobago Review

Tobago excels with its captivating treasure hunt, fostering a shared journey of deduction and strategy amongst players. It molds an interactive, constantly evolving puzzle, guaranteeing each game session unleashes new secrets and challenges.
Coup - Box Cover - Credit: thth

Coup Review

Played Coup last weekend and wow, what a blast! It's all about bluffing and strategy, but don't let its simplicity fool you. There's serious depth here. Just wish it was a bit more balanced in some aspects.
Экивоки - Front side of the box (2nd edition) - Credit: vgrldnja

Экивоки Review

Экивоки thrives on its blend of accessibility with depth—offering exciting social dynamics, creative wordplay, and an effortless rule set that engages a wide audience. A must-try for newcomers and seasoned gamers alike.
Clue: Box Cover Front

Clue Review

Diving into Clue, this review delves into its unique blend of strategic gameplay, the richness of social interaction, and immense replay value, making it a captivating experience for players of all ages.