These games focus on storytelling and immersion, often involving quests, character development, and exploration. Examples include “Gloomhaven,” “Tales of the Arabian Nights,” and “Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate.”

Quest: Box Cover Front

Quest Review

Quest delivers a thrilling adventure with friends. The teamwork is stellar, but luck can dominate, adding some chaos. If you love a mix of strategy and chance, give it a shot!
Hercules: Box Cover Front

Hercules Review

Just played Hercules with my pals, and wow, what a blast! Perfect balance of brains and brawn, with just enough luck to keep things spicy. It's got its quirks, but man, it's a keeper. Hands down, a 4/5.
Zombies!!! cover

Zombies!!! Review

Played 'Zombies!!!' with my pals and man, what a ride! It's a blast but hinges a lot on luck. Still, rolling dice and escaping zombies? Count me in. Just don't expect every game to feel fair.
Mount Everest: Box Cover Front

Mount Everest Review

Mount Everest is a thrilling race to the summit that tests your strategy and luck. Engaging and easy to learn, it's perfect for game nights. However, heavy reliance on luck can frustrate strategic players.
The Shining - The Shining, Mixlore, 2020 — front cover (image provided by the publisher) - Credit: W Eric Martin

The Shining Review

'The Shining' board game nails the eerie vibe of its source material, blending strategy and luck with stunning artwork. While luck plays a role, smart play shines, making every game a thrilling challenge. A solid 4 out of 5 stars.
Inception: Box Cover Front

Inception Review

'Inception' dazzles with smart mechanics and stunning art. A whirl of strategy that feels fresh every play. Yet, its balance shines, making each game a tight match. A must-try for those who love a brainy challenge.
Leo: Box Cover Front

Leo Review

Leo' takes you on a vibrant jungle adventure, blending memory with strategy. Its charming artwork and smart gameplay mechanics provide hours of fun, though it's best enjoyed with friends who love a good strategic challenge.
Bonnie and Clyde: Box Cover Front

Bonnie and Clyde Review

Played 'Bonnie and Clyde' last weekend. It's a blast! The mix of luck and strategy keeps things fresh. Plus, the artwork? Gorgeous. Only gripe: can get a bit long. Still, a solid 4/5 from me.
Pirates!: Box Cover Front

Pirates! Review

Pirates! sails you into a world of adventure and laughter. The luck-driven mechanics make it more of a party game than a strategy session. Perfect for casual, fun-filled evenings!
Shazam: Box Cover Front

Shazam Review

Shazam hits the sweet spot with its fun gameplay, striking art, and solid mechanics. A gem for game nights, though its balance leans on strategy over luck. Nearly perfect, but hard for luck lovers. Easily a 4/5 star game.