Abstract Strategy

These games focus on strategy rather than luck or a theme. They usually have minimalistic designs and rules, emphasizing skill and critical thinking. Examples include “Chess” and “Go” and “Stratego”.

StarFall: Box Cover Front

StarFall Review

StarFall: A game where strategy meets cosmic beauty. Easy to learn but offers deep strategic play. Gorgeous visuals pull you in, but it's the clever gameplay that keeps you coming back. Almost perfect, if not for the occasional luck factor.
Master: Box Cover Front

Master Review

'Master' nails the perfect game night vibe! Friends and I couldn't stop playing. It's a strategic blast with just the right luck touch. Only gripe? Wished for more varied pieces. Still, it's a solid 4/5 stars for me!
Maestro: Box Cover Front

Maestro Review

Just played 'Maestro' with the gang, and wow! From the stunning artwork to the nail-biting strategy, we were hooked! It's fair, fun, and the components are top-notch. Definitely a game night favorite. Only wish luck mattered less.
Tetris: Box Cover Front

Tetris Review

Played Tetris with friends, and man, it's a blast! Simple yet addictive, it's a game night staple. Just wish luck wasn't such a big player in winning. Still, it's a solid 4 out of 5 stars.
Aquarius - Aquarius, Looney Labs, 2021 — front cover (image provided by the publisher) - Credit: W Eric Martin

Aquarius Review

Aquarius marries easy-to-learn mechanics with a colorful, '60s vibe. Though luck plays a role, it's balanced with strategy. Its charm and replayability will have you and your friends coming back for more. A solid 4 out of 5 stars.
Focus: Box Cover Front

Focus Review

Dove into 'Focus' for a game night and was blown away! The strategic depth, balanced gameplay, and top-notch pieces made each playthrough a blast. Though luck plays a role, strategy is key. Definitely a shelf staple!
Delta: Box Cover Front

Delta Review

Delta is a vibrant and balanced game with high replayability. While rounds can stretch a bit long, the strategic depth keeps it engaging for all players.
Shazamm!: Box Cover Front

Shazamm! Review

'Shazamm!' is a blast of wizard duels and strategic choices. With top-notch components and endless replayability, it's all about outsmarting your opponent. Perfect balance and high fun factor make it a must-try!
Target: Box Cover Front

Target Review

Target hits the bullseye with its blend of strategy and fun. Though there's a bit of a learning curve, it's a blast with friends. Just don't let the luck-based bits shoot you in the foot!
M: Box Cover Front

M Review

'M' dazzled me and my crew with its clever mix of strategy and luck, making each game night unforgettable. Despite a slight tilt towards luck, its brilliant design and endless fun make it a keeper in our collection.