Tile Placement

Players build a game board by placing tiles in a strategic manner. Examples include “Carcassonne,” “Azul,” and “Alhambra.”

Milestones - Milestones, AMIGO, 2021 — front cover (image provided by the publisher) - Credit: W Eric Martin

Milestones Review

Milestones blends strategy with a hint of luck, creating engaging gameplay. Smart planning is key, and each game feels fresh with diverse strategies and a modular board.
StarFall: Box Cover Front

StarFall Review

StarFall: A game where strategy meets cosmic beauty. Easy to learn but offers deep strategic play. Gorgeous visuals pull you in, but it's the clever gameplay that keeps you coming back. Almost perfect, if not for the occasional luck factor.
Zombies!!! cover

Zombies!!! Review

Played 'Zombies!!!' with my pals and man, what a ride! It's a blast but hinges a lot on luck. Still, rolling dice and escaping zombies? Count me in. Just don't expect every game to feel fair.
TransAmerica cover

TransAmerica Review

TransAmerica: A game where strategy meets luck, making every session a new adventure. Its easy rules and fast-paced gameplay ensure it's a hit for game nights. Just watch out, as luck can sometimes derail the best-laid plans.
Red Panda: Box Cover Front

Red Panda Review

Just played 'Red Panda' with the gang and wow, what a blast! Perfect mix of chuckles and chin-scratching moments. The artwork? Adorable. But don't let those cute faces fool you; there's some serious strategy needed to win.
Castle: Box Cover Front

Castle Review

Castle has won my gaming heart! Its mix of easy rules and deep strategy hits the sweet spot. Add in the gorgeous artwork, and it's a game night must-have. Just wish luck played less of a role.
Butterfly Garden: Box Cover Front

Indigo (Butterfly Garden) Review

Indigo: A gem among games, blending strategy and luck. Its unique mechanics and stunning artwork ensure no two games are the same. Despite its chance elements, strategic minds will find ways to shine. An absolute must-try.
Yahtzee: Box Cover Front

Full House Review

Played Full House with the gang and what a blast! Perfect mix of laughs, strategy, and those oh-so-sweet moments of triumph. Solid components too. Just wish luck wasn't a big player. Still, a solid 4 stars from me!
Taurus - Taurus, LudoArt Verlag, 2008 — front cover - Credit: W Eric Martin

Taurus Review

Grabbed Taurus for game night and wow, it's a hit! Super easy to learn but packs a strategic punch. Quality pieces, fair mix of luck and strategy. It's now our go-to game. Highly recommend!
Tetris: Box Cover Front

Tetris Review

Played Tetris with friends, and man, it's a blast! Simple yet addictive, it's a game night staple. Just wish luck wasn't such a big player in winning. Still, it's a solid 4 out of 5 stars.