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Milestones - Milestones, AMIGO, 2021 — front cover (image provided by the publisher) - Credit: W Eric Martin

How To Play: Milestones

In Milestones, understanding resource management, building efficient routes, and smart timing and planning is key. This guide includes game rules, strategies for winning, and components. For a successful game, plan ahead, balance resources, and adapt mid-game to stay ahead. Focus on these strategies to enhance your gameplay experience.
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Black Swan: Box Cover Front

How To Play: Black Swan

In our journey around Black Swan, we uncovered the gold: mastering risk vs. reward, the art of resource management, and the Sherlock skills of opponent observation. Through my tales of glory (and some facepalms), I hope you grabbed a trick or two to dominate your next game night!
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Royals: Box Cover Front

How To Play: Royals

In Royals, mastering strategy is key. Focus on optimizing character cards and controlling territories wisely. Knowing when to make power plays by watching opponents and managing your resources is crucial. Spread your influence strategically, anticipate moves, and adapt. Remember, success in Royals comes from planning, card management, and flexibility.
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Quest: Box Cover Front

How To Play: Quest

In Quest, understanding player roles, effective communication, and mission planning are vital. Master roles, coordinate, speak clearly, plan well, and adapt. Remember the game's rules and components: setup, gameplay, and special rules. Enjoy the journey, as win or lose, game night memories matter most.
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StarFall: Box Cover Front

How To Play: StarFall

StarFall offers a cosmic blend of strategy, with key tactics including timing your purchases, keenly observing opponents' moves, and strategic tile placement. Mastering the game involves understanding the rules, smartly managing resources, and always staying adaptable. It's not just about winning; it's about the fun and stories created around the board.
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Platypus - Platypus, Matagot, 2021 — front cover (image provided by the publisher) - Credit: W Eric Martin

How To Play: Platypus

Our quick dive into Platypus covered critical strategies like card synergy, mastering role selection, and optimizing resource management. We outlined the How To Play platypus basics, peeked at its components, and wrapped with a strategy guide conclusion urging players to mix it up and keep the game fresh.
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Starship Troopers: Box Cover Front

How To Play: Starship Troopers

This Starship Troopers strategy guide covers crucial aspects like knowing your enemy, managing resources wisely, and staying flexible in tactics. It includes a comprehensive look at the components, clear setup instructions, detailed gameplay, and winning strategies, along with special rules to keep in mind. Enjoy mastering the game with friends!
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Split - Split, Jumbo, 2022 — front cover (image provided by the publisher) - Credit: W Eric Martin

How To Play: Split

In Split, mastering the game involves a mix of strategy, timing, and card choice. Players must learn to balance risk with reward, choose their cards wisely, and time their trades perfectly. Understanding the rules and practicing regularly with friends or family enhances the chances of success and fun.
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Hercules: Box Cover Front

How To Play: Hercules

This Hercules game guide covers everything from choosing your heroes wisely to mastering resource management and combat tactics. It provides clear, step-by-step instructions on game setup and rules, enriched with personal anecdotes and humor. The conclusion wraps it up, highlighting the game's strategic depth and the fun of playing with friends.
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Zombies!!! cover

How To Play: Zombies!!!

Zombies!!! is a thrilling board game where strategy is key. From resource management and map exploration to survivor strategy, mastering these elements is crucial. The game includes various components like map tiles, cards, and tokens that enhance gameplay. 'How To Play Zombies!!!' is fundamental, leading to an engaging experience full of laughs.
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Pogo: Box Cover Front

How To Play: Pogo

This guide dives into the essentials of playing Pogo. From setting up the game to understanding gameplay, winning strategies, and special conditions. It stresses the importance of card management, adapting strategies, and predicting opponent moves. Concluding, it highlights the joy and complexity of Pogo, making it a must-try for board game enthusiasts.
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Caribbean: Box Cover Front

How To Play: Caribbean

This quick guide on 'How To Play Caribbean' covers everything from setup to strategic winning tips. It goes over crucial strategies like resource management, strategic port selection, and predicting opponent moves. It also lists all components you'll need. Remember, mastering these strategies will enhance your gaming experience and chances of winning!
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Greenland: Box Cover Front

How To Play: Greenland

In Greenland, players dive into a strategy-rich experience, balancing resource management, strategic alliances, and weather adaptations. With 220 cards, 3 dice, and various other components, gameplay demands planning and flexibility. Understanding game rules and applying winning strategies, like effective communication for alliances, are key to mastering Greenland and claiming victory.
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TransAmerica cover

How To Play: TransAmerica

So, you've got TransAmerica in front of you and you're itching to win. The secret sauce? Start strong, pick versatile routes, and keep an eye on your opponents like a hawk. Remember, it's all about connecting those cities efficiently while staying one step ahead. Get ready to dominate!
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Fast Food: Box Cover Front

How To Play: Fast Food

Fast Food is all about strategy, from mastering the menu to ensuring customer happiness. Optimizing your layout and having a speedy service can make or break your game. It's crucial to focus on both the quality of service and the efficiency of your operation. Practice and laughter are key!
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