Zombies!!! cover
Zombies!!! - Zombie conga - Credit: the_spiral
Zombies!!! - "See this guy has no zombies to shoot." - Credit: spearjr
Zombies!!! - German edition cover - Credit: Aubigny
Zombies!!! - Back Spanish - Credit: SergiSan
Zombies!!! - Front Spanish - Credit: SergiSan
Zombies!!! - Ready To Play Spanish - Credit: SergiSan
Zombies!!! - Inside the Box - Credit: Gialmere
Zombies!!! - German edition back of box - Credit: Aubigny
  1. Zombies!!! cover
  2. Zombies!!! - Zombie conga - Credit: the_spiral
  3. Zombies!!! - "See this guy has no zombies to shoot." - Credit: spearjr
  4. Zombies!!! - German edition cover - Credit: Aubigny
  5. Zombies!!! - Back Spanish - Credit: SergiSan
  6. Zombies!!! - Front Spanish - Credit: SergiSan
  7. Zombies!!! - Ready To Play Spanish - Credit: SergiSan
  8. Zombies!!! - Inside the Box - Credit: Gialmere
  9. Zombies!!! - German edition back of box - Credit: Aubigny

Zombies!!! Review

Played 'Zombies!!!' with my pals and man, what a ride! It's a blast but hinges a lot on luck. Still, rolling dice and escaping zombies? Count me in. Just don't expect every game to feel fair.
  • Gameplay Mechanics
  • Theme Immersion
  • Component Quality
  • Replay Value
3.5/5Overall Score

'Zombies!!!' excels in theme immersion and fun, with great replay value, despite its reliance on luck. A must-try game.

  • Number of players: 2-6
  • Playing Time: About 60 minutes
  • Recommended player age: 12+
  • Game Type: Tile-based board game
  • Theme: Zombie apocalypse
  • Mechanics: Tile placement, dice rolling, player elimination
  • Difficulty Level: Medium
  • Immersive apocalypse theme
  • High replay value
  • Exciting player interaction
  • Quality components
  • Relies heavily on luck
  • Can be unbalanced
  • Random setup prolongs game
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Gather your friends and get ready to dive headfirst into the zombie apocalypse with ‘Zombies!!!‘. This review will cover everything from the undead-filled game mechanics to the quality of the pieces you’ll use to survive the night. Whether you’re strategizing to outrun the horde or laughing as your buddy gets trapped in a dead end, ‘Zombies!!!’ promises a thrilling experience. So, let’s see if this game should be your next tabletop adventure.

How It Plays

Ever wondered what it’s like to run through a town overrun by zombies, trying to survive and escape? Well, ‘Zombies!!!’ puts you right in the action. Let me walk you through setting up, the gameplay, and what it takes to win this thrilling board game.

Setting Up

To kick things off, each player gets a survivor piece. You start with a square

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Mastering the Dead: Gameplay Mechanics and Strategy in Zombies!!!

Zombies!!! throws you into a city infested with the undead, and boy, does it get hectic! Each player tries to escape or fight their way to victory. The gameplay mechanics are simple but clever, making every game a new adventure. You draw tiles to build the game board as you go, so no two games are ever the same. Adding to the chaos are the action cards, which can save your skin or doom your opponents. Strategy comes into play big time. Do you save your cards for a dire situation or use them early to gain an edge? And let’s not forget about managing your precious ammo and life tokens. Balancing risk and reward is key, making the game not just about luck but how you play the hand you’re dealt.

Now, let’s shuffle quietly into the next section where we’ll talk about how Zombies!!! immerses you in a world where the fun never dies, and neither do the zombies.

Zombies!!! - Zombie conga - Credit: the_spiral

Immerse Yourself in a Zombie Apocalypse

If you’re itching for a taste of the apocalypse without the actual end-of-the-world mess, Zombies!!! hits the mark with spot-on theme immersion. This game throws you into a town swarming with the undead, where every turn brings more brain-hungry zombies to your doorstep. The fun kicks in as you and your friends navigate through the chaos, making strategic decisions that could mean life or undead life. The thrill of outrunning zombies—and your friends—adds a unique layer of excitement not found in your average board game. It’s not just about survival; it’s about having a blast while doing it.

Ready to see what else makes Zombies!!! stand out? Let’s talk about the quality of its components and setup time.

Zombies!!! - "See this guy has no zombies to shoot." - Credit: spearjr

Component Quality and Setup Time: A Closer Look at Zombies!!!

When you crack open Zombies!!!, the first thing that hits you is the horde of little zombie figures. These guys are surprisingly detailed for such small pieces, and they add a lot to the game’s post-apocalyptic atmosphere. The game also includes chunky cardboard tiles that form the game board as you play, which are sturdy enough to survive numerous game nights. However, the real MVPs are the cards. They bring the chaos and strategy to life, with clear prints and fun, thematic illustrations.

Setup time for Zombies!!! is pretty decent. You might think rounding up zombies and setting up a town for your eventual doom would take forever, but it’s actually pretty quick. A few minutes and you’re ready to roll, or run from zombies, in this case. It’s the perfect setup time for an impromptu game night.

Now, let’s shuffle towards the next topic: Replay value and player interaction.

Zombies!!! - German edition cover - Credit: Aubigny

Replay Value and Player Interaction in Zombies!!!

One of the shining qualities of Zombies!!! is its replay value. Thanks to the game’s modular board, no two playthroughs are ever the same. Players get a fresh experience every time, plotting new strategies and facing unexpected challenges. This unpredictability keeps the game exciting and engaging long after the first zombie outbreak has been contained.

Engaging Player Dynamics

Player interaction is at the heart of Zombies!!!. The game skillfully balances cooperation with competition. You might team up with others to clear a path or hoard those precious zombie-killing bullets for yourself. These choices create dynamic alliances and rivalries, making each game session unique and memorable.

Considering its high replay value and thrilling player interaction, I definitely recommend Zombies!!! to anyone looking for a game that’s both engaging and endlessly entertaining.

Zombies!!! - Back Spanish - Credit: SergiSan


So, after diving into the gory details, chilling thrills, and strategic spills of ‘Zombies!!!’, it’s safe to say this game has chewed its way into my heart. With its solid gameplay mechanics, the blissfully terrifying theme immersion, quality components that can survive an apocalypse, and the replay value that keeps you coming back for more, ‘Zombies!!!’ stands out as a must-have for those who love a side of strategy with their scares. Sure, luck plays a role, and sometimes the zombie horde might seem a bit unfair, but isn’t that just the nature of a zombie apocalypse? All in all, if you’re looking for a game that’s as fun to play with friends as it is to strategize your path to survival, ‘Zombies!!!’ might just be for you. Wrapping up this review, I’d say ‘Zombies!!!’ is an exciting, if sometimes frustrating, addition to any game night. Just remember, the real fun is in surviving the zombies, not necessarily beating your friends… though that’s a close second.

3.5/5Overall Score
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