How To Play: Twice as Clever! – Setup, rule summary and strategy

Delve into 'How To Play Twice as Clever!' with a concise guide covering the essential rules and strategies. From meticulously planning re-rolls and leveraging special abilities to optimizing endgame scoring. Armed with knowledge, practice these techniques for a competitive edge and entertaining gameplay with friends.


Welcome to the comprehensive guide on ‘How To Play Twice as Clever!’. Whether you’re a newcomer sharpening your skills or an experienced player aiming for victory, this guide will lay out the basic rules and unearth pivotal strategies to elevate your game. Expect a deep dive into understanding dice mechanics, mastering strategic maneuvers, and, most importantly, leveraging the endgame for success. Get ready to skill up and clinch wins with this bespoke road map to triumph.

What’s in the box

  • 1 Scorepad
  • 6 Dice (1 white, 1 blue, 1 green, 1 orange, 1 pink, 1 yellow)
  • 4 Felt-tip pens
  • 1 Silver platter (dice tray)
  • 1 Rule booklet
  • 6 Coasters (as player aids)

How To Play Twice as Clever!: Rules Summary

Setting Up the Board

Begin by grabbing a score sheet and a pen. Distribute six dice (1 of each color) and the silver platter to the starting player. Place the re-roll tokens and the ‘plus one’ tokens within reach of all players.

  1. Each player takes a score sheet.
  2. Appoint the starting player and hand them the dice and platter.
  3. Make tokens available to everyone.

Navigating the Gameplay

Players take turns rolling all six dice. After rolling, follow these critical steps:

  1. Choose a die and use it according to its color-coded section on your score sheet.
  2. Place any dice with lower values than the chosen die on the silver platter.
  3. Re-roll the remaining dice up to two times, selecting a die to use after each roll, if you wish.
  4. After three dice are used, or you choose to end your turn, the next player begins their turn.

Scoring the Big Win

After each player has completed four turns, tally scores in all color sections and the foxes for your total score.

  1. Score each color section separately, considering any bonuses or connections.
  2. Add scores from the foxes—they multiply your lowest section score, so balance your sections carefully.
  3. Celebrate if your grand total is the highest—You’ve mastered ‘How To Play Twice as Clever!’ and you’re the winner!

Special Rules & Conditions

Beyond the standard rules, several conditions set ‘Twice as Clever!’ apart.

  1. Re-roll tokens allow an additional dice roll during your turn.
  2. Using a ‘plus one’ token lets you select and use an additional die.
  3. Each color dice has unique conditions for placement on your sheet, learn these for strategic depth.
  4. Foxes are score multipliers, crucial for a winning edge.

Best Twice As Clever Strategies

Clever Manipulation: Mastering Dice Dynamics and Scoring Strategies

Understanding the dice mechanics and harvesting scoring opportunities are essential skills in ‘How To Play Twice as Clever!’. Transitioning to an advanced player means recognizing not just the number you roll, but the potential it holds.

Utilizing Silver & Blue Dice

  1. Note the dual value of silver dice; they’re crucial for combos.
  2. Timing is key—strategically grab blue dice to amplify your points.

Optimizing Section Bonuses

  1. Align your rolls to maximize section bonuses harmoniously.
  2. Anticipate the sequence of opportunities.

Scoring Chain Reactions

  1. Attain a roll that triggers a cascade of scores.
  2. Actively pursue foxes, they multiply your scoring avenues.

Unlocking Victory: Strategic Use of Re-rolls and Special Abilities

Nailing the strategy for ‘How To Play Twice as Clever!’ hinges on efficient use of re-rolls and special abilities. These elements can spectacularly swing your fortune if played shrewdly. Engage these tips to outwit your opposition.

    Meticulous Planning with Re-rolls

  1. Time your re-rolls. Prioritize them when you stand to gain high-value dice or complete a lucrative section.
  2. Maximizing Special Abilities

  3. Combine abilities with re-rolls for an explosive turn. For instance, use a fox’s reroll right after scoring in its corresponding color.
  4. Adapting Tactics Mid-Game

  5. Stay flexible. Don’t cling to a failing strategy; instead, turn a bad roll into an advantage with a tactical re-roll or a potent ability activation.

Seizing the Endgame: Scoring Big in ‘Twice as Clever!’

Late-game turns in ‘Twice as Clever!’ are make-or-break scenarios. Let’s unfold tactics that push you past your opponents:

Identify Key Scoring Sections

  1. Zero in on filling out high-value sections like the blue and yellow areas that multiply your points.
  2. Analyze the bonus tiles that can tip the scales in your favor at game’s end and plan out the exact moment to grab them. Transition your game plan aggressively to capture these tiles.

Safeguard Against Point Deductions

  1. Minimize the risk of penalty points by setting up scoring opportunities that don’t leave you vulnerable.
  2. Strategically sacrifice lower points to secure bonuses that help avoid last-minute losses due to deductions.

Aggressive Scoring Combos

  1. Predict the combo possibilities currently available, keeping in mind what’s achievable on your final rolls.
  2. Reinforce the pathways to chain reactions that will jump you ahead on the scoreboard in these last crucial moments.

Unlocking Success in Twice as Clever!

Armed with this guide, you’ve now got a treasure trove of strategies at your fingertips for ‘How To Play Twice as Clever!’. Remember, the key to victory lies in understanding the various scoring opportunities, maximizing the effectiveness of your re-rolls and special abilities, and strategically planning for the endgame maximization. Practice is crucial, so gather your friends, roll those dice, and start putting these tips into action. Good luck, and may your scores soar ever higher!

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