How To Play: The Resistance: Avalon – Setup, rule summary and strategy

In The Resistance: Avalon, a game of hidden identities and high-stakes deception, victory lies in the hands of the strategists and the masters of deduction. Assemble a diverse team, carefully manage information and suspicion, and navigate through quests where loyalties are tested. Master the unique abilities of each role, manipulate voting and quest selections, and make shrewd decisions to tip the scales in your favor. The right team composition, seamless coordination, and a keen sense of observation are key to outwitting the spies or protecting the loyal knights.

Embrace the thrill of false accusations and artful alliances as you uncover the truth in a world of concealed motives and intricate deception. With immersive gameplay, an engaging Arthurian theme, impressive replayability, and high-quality components, The Resistance: Avalon immerses you in a battle where trust is elusive, and secrets abound.

So, immerse yourself in the legends of Avalon, fine-tune your abilities, and become the mastermind that leads your faction to victory. The Resistance: Avalon invites you to embark on an enthralling journey where every decision carries consequence, and trust is a rare gem waiting to be seized.


Welcome to our comprehensive strategy guide for The Resistance: Avalon! In this guide, we will provide you with an in-depth analysis of the game mechanics, outlining the rules and gameplay of this thrilling hidden identity game. But our guide goes beyond just the rules; we will equip you with the best strategies and tactics to dominate the game and lead your team to victory.

The Resistance: Avalon is a game that challenges your ability to uncover hidden identities, form alliances, and navigate through a world filled with spies and loyal knights. As you venture into this epic battle between good and evil, a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics and an arsenal of successful strategies are essential.

Throughout this guide, we will explore the intricacies of team composition, importance of role abilities, mastering deduction and bluffing, effective voting and quest strategies, and managing information and suspicion. The strategies outlined here will help you make informed decisions, outmaneuver your opponents, and guide your faction towards victory.

Whether you are a player new to The Resistance: Avalon or a seasoned veteran seeking to refine your skills, this strategy guide is your companion to success. Get ready to dive into the exciting world of Avalon and experience the thrill of being part of a battle between loyalty and deceit.

What’s in the box

  • 1 Game Board
  • 20 Character Cards
  • 5 Team Tokens
  • 5 Score Markers
  • 17 Mission Cards
  • 17 Mission Tokens
  • 10 Vote Cards
  • 5 Score Tableaus
  • 1 Rules Booklet

How to Play The Resistance: Avalon: Rules Summary


  1. The loyal knights must successfully complete three quests to win.
  2. The spies must either fail three quests or prompt the loyal knights to reject five quests to win.


  1. Assign role cards: Each player is assigned a character card that indicates their allegiance as a loyal knight or infiltrating spy.
  2. Prepare the game board: Place the game board in the center of the table and distribute tokens to track quests and loyalty.
  3. Set up the quest decks: Based on the number of players, create a deck consisting of quest cards and place it face-down on the game board.


  1. In each round, players engage in discussions to determine which players will be sent on a quest. Majority vote is required to proceed.
  2. If the quest is approved, the selected players go on the quest and secretly submit a Success or Fail card that determines the outcome.
  3. For each quest, players may discuss and vote multiple times until either the quest is approved or rejected. Quests can have different levels of complexity.
  4. After each completed quest, a new round begins, and the teams are composed again.

Special Character Abilities

  1. Merlin: Can secretly see the identities of the spies, but must be cautious as revealing their identity may jeopardize the loyal knights.
  2. Morgana: Can pretend to be Merlin and confuse the loyal knights, casting doubt on their ability to trust Merlin’s guidance.

End of the Game

  1. If the loyal knights successfully complete three quests, they win.
  2. If the spies can either fail three quests or prompt the loyal knights to reject five quests, they win.

Remember, these rules provide a general overview of The Resistance: Avalon. For a complete understanding of the gameplay and character abilities, refer to the rulebook included with the game. So gather your friends, embrace the deception, and embark on an epic journey in the mystical realm of Avalon!

Best The Resistance Avalon Strategies

Team Composition: Building a Solid Foundation

One of the crucial aspects of The Resistance: Avalon is team composition. By carefully selecting the right players for each quest, you can strengthen your chances of success and navigate the treacherous world of deceit. Here are some effective strategies:

Diverse Skillsets

  1. Include players with good deduction skills to analyze behaviors and identify spies.
  2. Assign roles with special abilities to experienced players who can use them effectively.

Rotating Players

  1. Avoid sending the same players on multiple quests consecutively to prevent spies from getting comfortable.
  2. Incorporate new players into the team to shake up dynamics and increase the level of uncertainty.

Moderate Team Size

  1. Avoid assembling excessively large teams, as it might increase the chances of spies infiltrating and sabotaging quests.
  2. Consider the size of the quest when determining how many players to send—larger quests may require more members.

With a well-balanced team composition, your chances of success in The Resistance: Avalon are significantly increased. Be strategic in your selections, adapt to the changing dynamics of the game, and keep bluffing and deduction in mind when deciding who to trust.

Understanding Role Abilities: Power within Reach

To succeed in The Resistance: Avalon, it is crucial to have a deep understanding of the unique abilities that come with each role. By leveraging these abilities effectively, you can gain an advantage and steer your team towards victory. Explore the following strategies:

Utilize Special Powers

  1. As Merlin, use your ability to identify the spies and guide the loyal knights without revealing your identity.
  2. As Morgana, create doubt by impersonating Merlin and leading the loyal knights astray.

Master the Art of Bluffing

  1. As Oberon, conceal your loyalty and infiltrate the team while avoiding suspicion from both the loyal knights and spies.
  2. As Assassin, carefully identify and eliminate Merlin to secure victory for the spies.

Coordinate with Allies

  1. As Percival, closely observe Merlin’s actions and protect their identity by drawing attention to yourself as a potential Merlin.
  2. As the loyal knights, collaborate with Percival to identify and support Merlin.

Understanding the various role abilities in The Resistance: Avalon is a powerful tool in achieving victory. Take the time to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each role and adapt your strategies accordingly. Whether you are a deceptive spy or a loyal knight, utilize your abilities wisely while keeping a close eye on how they can impact the overall gameplay dynamics.

Mastering Deduction and Bluffing: Art of Deception

In The Resistance: Avalon, mastering the art of deduction and bluffing is crucial to outmaneuver your opponents and lead your team to victory. Let’s explore some effective strategies to enhance your deduction skills and deceptive tactics:

Observe Behaviors

  1. Closely watch how players interact, vote, and debate—their behavior can reveal clues about their loyalty.
  2. Be mindful of sudden changes in behavior, inconsistencies in reasoning, and patterns of suspicion.

Create Doubt and Misdirection

  1. Strategically sow seeds of doubt by forming alliances and raising suspicions against certain players.
  2. Bluff convincingly, both in your actions and through verbal tactics, to divert attention from yourself or allies.

Use Misinformation to Your Advantage

  1. Provide calculated false information to mislead your opponents and make it difficult for them to deduce the identities of the spies.
  2. Employ misdirection and manipulation by using truthful statements selectively to strengthen your stand.

Mastering the art of deduction and bluffing in The Resistance: Avalon is the key to success. Combine your powers of observation, intuition, and crafty interpersonal skills to unravel the truth, mislead your opponents, and ensure victory for your team. Practice these strategies, adapt to different situations, and always stay one step ahead of your rivals.

Voting and Quest Strategies: Forge the Path to Victory

The way you vote and plan your quests in The Resistance: Avalon can heavily influence the outcome of the game. Equip yourself with effective voting and quest strategies to tip the balance in your favor:

Strategic Voting

  1. Pay attention to the voting patterns and alliances being formed—use this information to identify players who may have hidden loyalties.
  2. Strategically vote Yes or No to control the composition of quest teams and prevent spies from infiltrating critical missions.

Compromising Choices and Quest Composition

  1. Avoid extreme selections that may cause immediate suspicion—opt for a mix of players with different perceived loyalties.
  2. Consider the number of failed quests and adjust the composition of subsequent quest teams accordingly to minimize the chances of sabotage.

Quest Timing and Quest Distribution

  1. Strategically distribute quest successes and failures to keep your opponents guessing and waiting for the right opportunity.
  2. Consider the overall progress of the game when deciding on quest timing—timing can influence deduction, trust-building, and suspicions.

Voting and quest strategies in The Resistance: Avalon allow you to shape the flow of the game and increase the chances of success for your team. Adapt your strategies based on the changing dynamics, collaborate with trusted allies, and maintain a careful balance between achieving quest objectives and exposing spies. Give careful thought to your decisions, analyze the voting patterns, and meticulously plan your quest compositions to manipulate the game in your favor.

Managing Information and Suspicion: Secrets and Trust

In The Resistance: Avalon, managing information and suspicion is a delicate art. Skillfully handling the flow of information and nurturing or dispelling suspicions can determine the success or failure of your missions. Employ these strategies to manipulate the game in your favor:

Dissemination of Information

  1. Be mindful of the information you reveal—strike a balance between sharing enough to gain trust and keeping enough to maintain your own secrets.
  2. Provide selective and tailored information to manipulate perceptions and protect your identity, while leaving some room for uncertainty.

Building Trust and Casting Doubt

  1. Forge alliances with trusted players to establish a circle of trust and influence the perception of loyalty within the game.
  2. Subtly cast doubt on the allegiance of other players to create divisions and chaos within the group.

Responding to Suspicion

  1. While under suspicion, avoid becoming defensive—strategically deflect attention, provide explanations, and maintain a calm and collected demeanor.
  2. Wield information wisely to defuse suspicion or redirect it onto other players who may be spies.

Managing information and suspicion in The Resistance: Avalon plays a pivotal role in the battle between loyalty and deception. Carefully manipulate the flow of information, build and maintain trust with carefully chosen allies, and skillfully navigate the web of suspicion to seize control of the game. Remember, every word spoken, every action taken, and every piece of information shared has the potential to sway the outcome in your favor, or seal your fate as a pawn in the game of intrigue.

Conclusion: Lead Your Team to Victory!

Congratulations! You have now been equipped with a powerful arsenal of strategies and tactics to dominate The Resistance: Avalon. Our comprehensive strategy guide has covered everything from team composition to managing information, helping you navigate through the treacherous world of hidden identities and deceit.

With a deep understanding of game mechanics, an appreciation of role abilities, and a mastery of deduction and bluffing, you are ready to lead your faction towards victory. Remember, each decision you make, every card you play, and all the information you reveal can shape the fate of the game.

As you venture into Avalon, maintain constant vigilance, study your opponents’ actions, and adapt your strategies accordingly. Forge alliances, cast doubt, and manipulate perceptions to prevail against the spies or successfully complete your quests as a loyal knight.

Whether you aim to uncover the spies’ identities or prevent the loyal knights from triumphing, embrace the hidden depths of your role and outwit your opponents at every turn. But always remember, in Avalon, nothing is as it seems.

So gather your team, refine your strategies, and embark on the thrilling adventure that awaits in The Resistance: Avalon. May your choices be cunning, your allies be loyal, and your journey be filled with excitement and victory!

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