How To Play: The 7th Continent – Setup, rule summary and strategy

In The 7th Continent, you are thrust into a captivating world of exploration, resource management, and challenging puzzles. This cooperative board game offers endless possibilities and exciting challenges that will keep you engaged for hours. Through careful resource management, strategic card play, and effective teamwork, you will navigate the uncharted continent, overcome obstacles, and ultimately achieve victory.

With its immersive gameplay, meticulously crafted components, and stunning artwork, The 7th Continent delivers an unparalleled gaming experience. The game offers a unique blend of cooperative and competitive elements, fostering an environment of collaboration and communication among players. As you delve deeper into the mysteries of the continent, be prepared to adapt your strategies and engage in critical decision-making to outwit formidable opponents and solve intricate puzzles.

Whether you prefer the thrill of unlocking hidden treasures, the challenge of unraveling complex card combinations, or the joy of cooperative problem-solving, The 7th Continent is sure to captivate and delight. This exceptional game combines strategy, exploration, and narrative to provide an immersive and unforgettable adventure.

So gather your fellow explorers, prepare to embark on an epic quest, and embrace the uncertainty that lies within The 7th Continent. Prove your strategic prowess, harness the power of teamwork, and discover the secrets that await you on this mystical and treacherous expedition. Will you and your companions conquer the continent and emerge victorious?


Welcome to the ultimate strategy guide for The 7th Continent! In this comprehensive post, we will explore the ins and outs of this critically acclaimed board game, delving into the game’s rules as well as revealing the best strategies and tactics to achieve victory. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or new to the game, this guide will provide invaluable insights to enhance your understanding and gameplay.

The 7th Continent is unlike any other board game, offering a rich and immersive experience filled with exploration, resource management, puzzles, and cooperative gameplay. Throughout this guide, we will address each of these aspects in detail and provide you with effective strategies to overcome the challenges that await.

Whether you’re uncovering the hidden secrets of the continent, managing your resources to survive, solving intricate puzzles, or collaborating with your fellow players to achieve success, mastering the game’s intricacies will be essential to your victory. We will accompany you on this journey, sharing expert tips and tactical advice that will help you navigate the 7th Continent and its mysteries.

So, prepare to embark on an unforgettable adventure as we dive into the rules and unveil the best strategies for conquering The 7th Continent!

What’s in the Box

  • Over 1000 cards
  • 20 terrain and weather cards
  • 1 game board
  • 25 dice
  • 1 inventory board
  • 1 weather die
  • 4 reusable sticker sheets
  • 4 large figurines
  • 4 character sheets
  • 5 achievement sheets
  • 100 action point markers
  • One rulebook
  • 1 magnifying glass token
  • Numerous tokens and markers for tracking various game elements

How To Play The 7th Continent: Rules Summary


  1. Separate the various decks of cards and set aside any components specified in the chosen scenario.
  2. Arrange the map tiles to form the starting area and draw a few initial cards.
  3. Each player chooses a character and takes the corresponding character sheet and starting equipment.
  4. Every player starts with a set number of action points based on the character chosen.

Turn Structure

  1. At the start of their turn, the active player may check their fatigue level.
  2. The player may then perform a set number of actions, such as exploring new cards, using or discarding items, and interacting with the environment.
  3. Action points determine how many actions the player can take on their turn.
  4. If the active player survives the round, they perform end of turn tasks, such as applying weather and sunrise effects.

Encounter Cards

  1. When encountering a card for the first time, the player reads the text on the card aloud, exploring new areas.
  2. Certain cards trigger challenges or situations requiring the player to make choices and possibly consume resources.
  3. To overcome challenges, the player may use various action cards, roll dice, spend action points, or apply skills.

Skills and Action Cards

  1. Mastering skills allows players to perform specific tasks or optimize their actions.
  2. Action cards play a crucial role, offering specialized abilities and enhancing your chances of success.
  3. Cards can be played from your hand, drawn from the discard pile, or gained from specific card effects and interactions.

Winning and Losing

  1. The game’s objective is dictated by the chosen scenario and the player’s goals to complete it.
  2. If you trigger loss conditions, such as starvation or having no cards left to draw, you lose the game.
  3. If you achieve the game’s goals, you win and progress to the next part of the adventure.

With these rules in mind, you are ready to embark on your epic journey through The 7th Continent. Remember to carefully manage your actions and resources, adapt to the changing environment, and uncover the continent’s mysteries to achieve victory.

Best The 7th Continent Strategies

Resource Management: Key to Victory

Effective resource management is crucial to success in The 7th Continent. Adequately managing your limited resources will ensure that you have the necessary tools and supplies to overcome challenges and reach your objectives. Here are some essential strategies:

Plan Ahead and Prioritize

  1. Identify crucial resources needed for your current objectives, such as food, items, or action cards.
  2. Prioritize acquiring and managing those resources over less essential ones.
  3. Allocate your available actions wisely, considering resource costs and potential rewards.

Gather and Preserve

  1. Explore thoroughly to find hidden sources of resources, such as food caches or item cards.
  2. Consider the usage of item cards carefully to avoid wasting limited resources.
  3. Use resource cards like food and energy efficiently by not discarding them unnecessarily.

Sustainable Hunting and Crafting

  1. Take advantage of hunting to provide a reliable food source without depleting other key resources.
  2. Identify recipes and ingredients for crafting early on, as crafted items can be invaluable.
  3. Experiment with combining different resources and item cards to maximize their potential.

By implementing a careful and thoughtful approach to resource management, you will enhance your chances of survival and success in The 7th Continent. Remember to anticipate future needs, collect and preserve resources strategically, and make sustainable choices to keep your journey on track.

Exploration Tactics: Charting the Unknown

Successful exploration in The 7th Continent requires a strategic and methodical approach. Discovering the continent’s secrets and uncovering rare treasures demands careful consideration and tactical decision-making. Here are some effective exploration tactics to guide your journey:

Pace Yourself and Survey

  1. Take your time to carefully examine each new card revealed before moving on.
  2. Survey your surroundings, analyzing available routes and possible paths to avoid unnecessary backtracking.
  3. Consider the potential consequences of each decision, weighing risks and rewards.

Optimize Your Exploration Actions

  1. Choose your exploration actions wisely, aiming to cover as much ground as possible without rushing.
  2. Prioritize visiting unexplored areas over revisiting places you’ve already uncovered.
  3. Focus on cards that offer valuable resources, clues, or significant story advancements.

Collaborate and Share Insights

  1. Engage in open communication with fellow players to share knowledge and insights.
  2. Pool your collective understanding and deduce connections and clues together.
  3. Coordinate exploration efforts to efficiently cover more ground through divide-and-conquer strategies.

By employing these exploration tactics, you will enhance your chances of uncovering hidden gems, strategically navigating the continent, and progressing towards victory. Stay vigilant, harness the power of knowledge-sharing, and carefully plan each step as you unlock the mysteries of The 7th Continent.

Card Strategy: Unleashing the Power

Mastering the card strategy is key to success in The 7th Continent. The cards you possess hold immense potential, providing essential resources, valuable abilities, and vital information. Here are some effective card strategies to dominate the game:

Deck Optimization

  1. Assess your deck regularly, culling cards that are not actively contributing to your objectives.
  2. Add cards that synergize well with your playstyle and current goals.
  3. Balance the ratio of action cards, event cards, and item cards to suit your strategy.

Timing is Crucial

  1. Strategically utilize your cards to maximize their impact during critical moments.
  2. Save powerful cards for challenging encounters or when their effects will yield the greatest advantage.
  3. Consider card combos and sequences to generate potent chain reactions.

Risk and Reward Assessment

  1. Evaluate the potential risks and rewards associated with playing certain cards.
  2. Weigh the consequences of initiating interactions or events triggered by card choices.
  3. Consider the long-term implications of discarding or consuming resources for card abilities.

Investigate Hidden Interactions

  1. Scrutinize card descriptions and abilities for hidden interactions or synergies.
  2. Uncover combos by combining specific cards or utilizing them for specific encounters.
  3. Experiment with different card combinations to unlock powerful and unforeseen outcomes.

By implementing effective card strategies, you can harness the true potential of your deck, making each card an asset towards your victory in The 7th Continent. Optimize your deck, make strategic use of your cards, assess risk and reward, and explore the hidden synergies within your card collection to emerge triumphant in your quest.

Puzzle-Solving Tips: Unlocking the Enigmas

Mastery of puzzle-solving is crucial in The 7th Continent. The game presents a myriad of complex puzzles and riddles that hold the key to progression and uncovering hidden secrets. Here are some valuable tips to help you crack those enigmatic challenges:

Examine and Analyze

  1. Thoroughly examine the puzzle components and read all accompanying information.
  2. Take note of visual details, textual clues, and any hints or patterns provided.
  3. Analyze the puzzle requirements and brainstorm possible solutions before making your move.

Think Outside the Box

  1. Approach puzzles with an open mind and consider unconventional strategies or interpretations.
  2. Don’t shy away from trying new tactics or exploring creative solutions.
  3. Think laterally and consider alternative angles, connections, or sequences of actions.

Collaborate and Share Ideas

  1. Engage in open conversation with your fellow players to share insights and theories.
  2. Pool your collective brainpower to tackle challenging puzzles as a team.
  3. Encourage each other to contribute ideas and perspectives, fostering a collaborative problem-solving environment.

Persevere and Iterate

  1. Don’t get discouraged by initially unsuccessful attempts.
  2. Learn from each puzzle-solving experience and iterate your approach based on newfound knowledge.
  3. Take breaks and return to puzzles with a fresh perspective and renewed determination.

By employing these puzzle-solving strategies, you will sharpen your mind, enhance your critical thinking skills, and conquer the challenging riddles encountered in The 7th Continent. Examine every detail, think creatively, collaborate effectively, and persevere through trials to unlock the secrets of the continent.

Cooperative Gameplay Tips: Mastering Teamwork

In The 7th Continent, cooperative gameplay offers a unique and rewarding experience. Working together with your fellow players, you can overcome challenges, share knowledge, and achieve triumph as a team. Here are some crucial tips to enhance your cooperative gameplay:

Open Communication

  1. Establish effective communication channels to discuss plans, share insights, and exchange ideas.
  2. Encourage open dialogue and active participation from all team members.
  3. Regularly communicate your intentions, actions, and resource needs for optimal cooperation.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Assign specific roles or areas of expertise to individual players to streamline decision-making and task management.
  2. Allocate responsibilities based on characters’ abilities and player preferences.
  3. Play to each character’s strengths to optimize your collective performance.

Collaborative Problem-Solving

  1. Discuss and collectively analyze challenges, puzzles, and choices as a team.
  2. Brainstorm ideas and engage in group problem-solving and deduction sessions.
  3. Encourage collaboration to find creative solutions and discover hidden connections.

Synchronize Actions and Resources

  1. Coordinate actions and resource allocation to maximize efficiency and minimize duplication.
  2. Share and distribute resources within the team based on immediate needs and future objectives.
  3. Employ resource management tactics to ensure the group’s sustainability.

By effectively applying these cooperative gameplay tips, you can foster a strong team dynamic, amplify your effectiveness, and overcome the challenges that lie ahead on The 7th Continent. Emphasize open communication, delegate roles, collaborate closely, and synchronize your actions to achieve victory as a united team.

Conclusion: Your Path to Success in The 7th Continent

Congratulations, brave adventurer! You have reached the end of this comprehensive strategy guide for The 7th Continent. Armed with the knowledge and tactics shared here, you are now equipped to traverse the uncharted terrain, overcome deadly challenges, and unravel the mysteries that await you on this extraordinary journey.

Throughout this guide, we have explored crucial aspects such as resource management, exploration tactics, card strategy, puzzle-solving, and cooperative gameplay. By mastering these strategies, you have elevated your chances of triumphing against the various trials that the continent presents.

Remember, success in The 7th Continent demands careful planning, adaptation to changing circumstances, collaboration with your fellow players, and a dash of creativity. As you embark upon your adventure, keep refining your tactics, learning from each experience, and embracing the thrill of discovery.

Whether you are a rookie explorer or a seasoned veteran, The 7th Continent is a game that offers endless possibilities, captivating narratives, and countless hours of excitement. So gather your courage, assemble your team, and let your epic expedition begin!

May your travels be filled with memorable adventures and triumphs in the face of adversity. Safe travels, brave explorers!

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