How To Play: Sushi Go Party! – Setup, rule summary and strategy

Welcome to the quick summary of our comprehensive strategy guide for Sushi Go Party! In this guide, we have covered the rules, strategies, and tips to help you master the art of card drafting and set collection in this delectable card game.

Sushi Go Party! offers a delightful gameplay experience as players compete to create the most delicious and rewarding sushi combinations. Throughout the guide, we have explored various important topics, including card drafting strategies, menu customization tips, maximizing scoring opportunities, recognizing and countering opponents' strategies, and efficient card combinations.

By following these strategies, you can increase your chances of victory and become a skilled sushi chef. Prioritizing high-scoring sushi cards, creating synergistic sets, and adapting to opponents' strategies are key elements to success. Customizing your menu, recognizing valuable scoring opportunities, and maximizing the efficiency of card combinations will further boost your performance during gameplay.

Master these strategies, adapt your gameplay, and outwit your opponents to maximize your scores and savor the sweet taste of victory. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned player, these insights will elevate your skills and make your sushi feasts unforgettable.

Now, gather your friends and family, shuffle the deck, and set forth on a culinary journey as you immerse yourself in the world of Sushi Go Party!. Get ready to indulge in a strategic and delicious adventure!


Welcome to our comprehensive strategy guide for Sushi Go Party! In this guide, we will take you through the rules of the game and provide you with effective strategies that will give you the best chances of emerging victorious in this delightful card game.

Sushi Go Party! is a game of strategic card drafting and set collection where players aim to create the most delicious and rewarding sushi combinations. With its simple rules and charming sushi-themed artwork, it is a perfect choice for both casual and experienced gamers.

In this guide, we will first provide an outline of the game rules, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the gameplay mechanics and scoring systems. We will then dive into various strategic tips and techniques that will help you make informed decisions during the game. From card drafting strategies and menu customization tips to leveraging scoring opportunities and countering opponent strategies, we’ll cover all aspects of gameplay to enhance your chances of success.

Whether you are new to Sushi Go Party! or an experienced player looking to refine your skills, this guide will equip you with the knowledge and tactics needed to dominate the dining table. So, let’s sharpen our chopsticks and delve into the world of Sushi Go Party!, where strategy and sushi meet for an unforgettable gaming experience.

What’s in the Box

  • Temaki Sushi Cards (18)
  • Nigiri Cards (30)
  • Sashimi Cards (30)
  • Dumpling Cards (30)
  • Roll Cards: Maki, Uramaki, & Temaki (72)
  • Special Cards: Wasabi, Chopsticks, & Menu Swap (20)
  • Green Tea Ice Cream Cards (12)
  • Miso Soup Cards (12)
  • Edamame Cards (12)
  • Menu Tiles (8)
  • Scoring Tokens: 1-pointer & 3-pointer (120 total)
  • Score Pad
  • Rules

How To Play Sushi Go Party!: Rules Summary

1. Setup

  1. Set up the menu by choosing a selection of cards from the deck.
  2. Shuffle the chosen cards and create a facedown draw pile in the center.
  3. Deal a hand of cards to each player.
  4. Give each player a menu board and scoring tokens.

2. Gameplay

  1. Each round consists of multiple turns.
  2. Simultaneously, players select and play one card from their hand, placing it facedown in front of them.
  3. Once all players have chosen their cards, they reveal them simultaneously.
  4. Pass the remaining hand of cards to the player on your left, then receive new cards from the player on your right.
  5. Repeat the drafting process until all cards have been played.

3. Scoring

  1. After three rounds, players calculate their scores.
  2. Refer to the menu board for the scoring rules of each card type.
  3. Add up the points earned from completed sets or combinations of cards.
  4. Use the scoring tokens to keep track of each player’s score.

4. Special Cards

  1. Special cards have unique actions that players can perform.
  2. Wasabi cards can be placed on nigiri cards to triple their point values.
  3. Chopsticks cards allow players to use two consecutive draft actions on a future turn.
  4. Menu Swap cards let players exchange one dish card with an available card from the menu.

5. Customization and Variants

  1. Sushi Go Party! offers the ability to customize the game by choosing different combinations of menu cards.
  2. Expansions and variant game modes are available, providing additional options and gameplay variations.
  3. Experiment with different menu combinations and expansions to keep the game fresh and exciting.

With these rules in mind, you are ready to embark on your flavorful journey through the world of Sushi Go Party! Master the art of card drafting and set collection, strategically choosing your sushi to achieve the highest score and emerge as the ultimate sushi chef.

Best Sushi Go Party Strategies

Card Drafting Strategies

Mastering the art of card drafting is essential to achieving victory in Sushi Go Party!. Here are some key strategies to consider:

1. Prioritize High-Scoring Sushi

  1. Select nigiri cards that offer the highest point values, such as the squid or salmon nigiri.
  2. Focus on collecting the most valuable sashimi cards, aiming for sets of three to score big.
  3. Keep an eye out for powerful special cards, like the wasabi, which can enhance the value of future nigiri cards you play.

2. Create Synergistic Sets

  1. Strive to gather matching sets of maki rolls, earning additional points based on the number of rolls you possess.
  2. Pair your special cards strategically to obtain maximum benefit. For example, combine the chopsticks card with another card that complements it well.

3. Balance Quantity and Quality

  1. Consider the “tempura rule” by collecting only a few and aiming for a large set, maximizing the scoring potential.
  2. Don’t entirely dismiss lower-scoring cards like dumplings and edamame. Accumulating a substantial number of these cards can still prove advantageous.

4. Watch Your Opponents

  1. Pay close attention to the cards your opponents are collecting. If they seem to be leaning towards a specific strategy, draft cards that can hinder their progress.
  2. Don’t be afraid to adapt your approach according to opponents’ actions. Flexibility is key in outplaying your competition.

By employing these card drafting strategies, you can gain an edge over your rivals, build powerful combinations, and taste victory in each memorable game of Sushi Go Party!.

Menu Customization Tips

Customizing your menu in Sushi Go Party! can significantly impact your success. Follow these menu customization tips to optimize your chances of victory:

1. Diversify Sushi Types

  1. Incorporate a variety of sushi types into your menu to ensure a balanced scoring potential. Include nigiri, sashimi, and diverse maki rolls for a well-rounded approach.
  2. Strategically select a mix of high-scoring and moderate-scoring sushi dishes to maximize your point accumulation.

2. Focus on Complementary Cards

  1. Ensure synergy between the cards in your menu. Pair up special cards like wasabi with nigiri cards to enhance their value.
  2. Consider the interplay between different strategy cards and sushi types to create cohesive combinations that boost your scoring potential.

3. Account for Player Preferences

  1. If certain opponents display a preference or inclination towards specific sushi types or strategies, adapt your menu to limit their options and capitalize on their patterns.
  2. Keep an eye on how your menu selection can hinder or benefit opponents’ strategies, adapting your choices accordingly.

4. Use Expansions Orderly

  1. Gradually introduce expansions to your menu as you become comfortable with the base game. Experiment with one expansion module at a time to understand their impact on gameplay.
  2. By incrementally adding expansions, you can explore the synergies and strategic possibilities they offer without overwhelming yourself or your opponents.

By following these menu customization tips, you can curate a menu that maximizes your scoring potential, creates powerful combinations, and paves the way for a victorious sushi feast in Sushi Go Party!.

Maximizing Scoring Opportunities

Unlocking the full scoring potential of Sushi Go Party! is crucial for victory. Take note of these strategies to ensure you capitalize on every opportunity to earn valuable points:

1. Focus on Multipliers

  1. Keep an eye out for cards that provide bonus multipliers, such as the special wasabi card. Combine these cards with high-scoring nigiri to amplify your final point total.
  2. Strategically play your multiplier cards at the right times to maximize their effect. Hold on to them until a valuable nigiri card becomes available to make the most of the scoring boost.

2. Plan for Set Collection

  1. Strive to collect sets of sashimi as they provide exponentially increasing points for each completed set. Triggering numerous sashimi sets in a round can significantly boost your overall score.
  2. Aim to accumulate as many maki roll cards as possible to secure the coveted majority bonus, which awards extra points based on your rank among all players.

3. Leverage Special Actions

  1. Utilize the special cards strategically to gain an advantage. Steal points from opponents, swap cards to enhance your combinations, or employ other special actions as opportunities arise.
  2. Pay close attention to the timing of your special card plays. Timing can make the difference between a game-changing move and wasted potential.

4. Adapt to Changing Circumstances

  1. Remain flexible in your strategy and adaptable to the choices being made by other players. Adjust your plans based on emerging scoring opportunities and changing game dynamics.
  2. Anticipate potential moves by opponents and consider diversifying your card selection to balance defensive and offensive tactics accordingly.

By adopting these strategies, you can maximize your scoring opportunities, optimize your point accumulation, and secure a well-deserved victory in the delightful world of Sushi Go Party!.

Recognizing and Countering Opponent Strategies

Understanding and responding to your opponents’ strategies in Sushi Go Party! will give you a competitive edge. Here are some key strategies to help you recognize and counter their moves:

1. Observe and Adapt

  1. Pay close attention to the types of cards your opponents are picking. Notice any patterns and adjust your own card drafting strategy accordingly.
  2. Identify if an opponent is focusing on a specific type of sushi or employing a particular set collection strategy. Modify your own choices to create obstacles or capitalize on their preferences.

2. Categorize Opponents

  1. Categorize opponents based on their playstyles. Determine if they are more focused on scoring high or disrupting other players’ strategies. Tailor your decisions to counter their approach.
  2. Anticipate their moves. If an opponent tends to collect certain cards or frequently plays a specific special action, make strategic decisions that minimize their impact.

3. Sabotage Opportunities

  1. Make calculated plays that deny opponents scoring opportunities. Draft cards that prevent them from completing valuable sets or prevent them from obtaining necessary multiplier cards.
  2. Target players who are close to completing significant scoring combinations. Use your special action cards strategically to diminish their progress and hinder their scoring potential.

4. Strategic Discards

  1. Consider discarding cards intentionally to keep opponents from receiving valuable sushi dishes or disrupting their set collection plans.
  2. Be mindful of the cards you pass on to opponents. Avoid giving them cards that align with their strategies or cards that could boost their scores.

By recognizing and countering your opponents’ strategies, you can undermine their plans, mitigate their scoring potential, and increase your own chances of emerging victorious in the thrilling world of Sushi Go Party!.

Efficient Card Combinations

Making efficient card combinations in Sushi Go Party! is key to securing victory. Explore the following strategies to optimize your card plays and maximize your scoring potential:

1. Capitalize on Special Cards

  1. Combine the wasabi card with high-scoring nigiri cards to multiply their point values. Strategically play wasabi cards right before playing nigiri cards for the maximum boost.
  2. Pair together special cards for powerful combos. Utilize the chopsticks to swap out cards and then play another special or sushi card that works well with the new combination.

2. Plan Effectively with Nigiri

  1. Acquire a mix of nigiri cards with varying values to diversify and maximize your point potential. Prioritize the more valuable nigiri to boost your overall score.
  2. Be mindful of the “tempura rule.” Strive to gather a significant set of tempura cards, as having more sets will yield more points than individual cards.

3. Master Combining Maki Rolls

  1. Aim to accumulate the most maki roll cards possible to gain a majority bonus. Monitor your opponents’ maki roll counts and adjust accordingly to secure the top spot.
  2. Strategically collect a combination of maki rolls and cards that defend or enhance your position. This will limit opponents’ chances to steal the lead from you.

4. Optimize Sashimi Sets

  1. Strategically play sashimi cards to build sets of three. Accumulating multiple sets will provide exponential point rewards, significantly boosting your overall score.
  2. Watch for the number of sashimi cards already played and balance the potential risks and rewards of collecting more to maximize your set completion without wasting turns.

By efficiently combining cards, you can amplify your scoring potential, outwit your opponents, and secure a triumphant dining experience in the flavorful world of Sushi Go Party!.


Congratulations! You are now equipped with a comprehensive strategy guide that will enhance your gameplay in Sushi Go Party!. By understanding the rules, learning about various strategies, and mastering the art of card drafting, you are primed to become a skilled sushi chef and conquer the dining table.

Remember to prioritize high-scoring sushi, create synergistic combinations, and adapt to your opponents’ strategies. Customize your menu carefully, recognize valuable scoring opportunities, and make efficient card combinations. By countering opponent tactics and optimizing your scoring potential, you can taste the sweet success of victory in each thrilling round of this delightful card game.

Whether you’re playing with friends, family, or board gaming enthusiasts, Sushi Go Party! offers endless fun and strategic challenges. So gather your fellow sushi lovers, sharpen your card-drafting skills, and embark on a mouthwatering journey filled with tasty delights and exciting gameplay.

May your chopsticks be swift, your menu be delicious, and your scores be legendary. Enjoy the fulfilling experience that Sushi Go Party! brings, and remember, the ultimate prize lies in the perfect fusion of strategy and sushi delicacies!

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