How To Play: Summoner Wars (Second Edition) – Setup, rule summary and strategy

In this guide, you've learned the intricate dynamics of How To Play Summoner Wars (Second Edition), from unpacking the box to strategizing for victory. We've covered the essentials of gameplay, including setup, the phases of play, and winning conditions. Special rules that can turn the tide of battle and effective card management have also been outlined. Now, with these tips and strategies in hand, you're ready to lead your faction to triumph!


Welcome, summoners, to this comprehensive guide on How To Play Summoner Wars (Second Edition)! Whether you’re a magical novice or a seasoned veteran looking for an advantage, this guide walks you through the essential rules of the game. More importantly, it arms you with top-tier strategies geared towards victory. Dive in as we explore the critical aspects of gameplay that could crown you the ultimate Summoner Wars champion!

What’s in the Box

  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Game Board
  • 5 Six-sided Dice
  • 20 Wound Tokens
  • 1 Ruler Card
  • 24 Summoner Reference Cards
  • 202 Unit Cards
  • 4 Decks of 30 Cards
  • 1 Faction Deck for Tundra Orcs
  • 1 Faction Deck for Phoenix Elves
  • 1 Faction Deck for Cave Goblins
  • 1 Faction Deck for Savannah Elves
  • 8 Wall Cards
  • 4 Common Event Cards

How To Play Summoner Wars (Second Edition): Rules Summary

Starting the Game: Setup

Begin by establishing your battlefield by placing the game board between the players. Each player then:

  1. Chooses a faction deck and a matching faction board.
  2. Shuffles their chosen deck and draws five cards as their starting hand.
  3. Sets their Summoner card and starting units in their designated setup area as indicated on the faction board.
  4. Places their life point tokens on the Summoner card to track health.

The Flow of Combat: Gameplay

Each turn proceeds through these phases:

  1. Summon: Spend magic points to summon units.
  2. Play Event Cards: Strategically play event cards from hand.
  3. Move Units: Shift your units on the board tactically.
  4. Attack: Engage with enemy units in poignant combat actions.
  5. Build Magic: Sacrifice cards from your hand to strengthen your magic pile, powering future summons.

Clinching Victory: Winning

Aim to attain victory by:

  1. Eradicating the opposing Summoner.

Diverse Tactics: Special Rules & Conditions

While engaging in the duel, players must be mindful of:

  1. Unique Abilities: Each unit possesses distinct abilities that can sway the tide of battle.
  2. Wall Cards: Utilize wall cards to spawn units and shield your forces.
  3. Deck Out: In case a player exhausts their draw pile, they are still in the game but unable to draw additional cards.
  4. Chain attacks: Understanding and leveraging chained attacks can lead to sophisticated strategies.

Best Summoner Wars Second Edition Strategies

Mastering Your Faction’s Strengths in Summoner Wars (Second Edition)

Understanding your faction’s unique abilities is pivotal to conquering the battlefield in Summoner Wars (Second Edition). Each faction boasts special skills that mold your strategic approach. Transitioning smoothly between offense and adaptability can vastly influence your game’s outcome.

Identify Synergistic Units

  1. Examine units that combo well.
  2. Deploy them to exploit enemy weaknesses.

Capitalize on Special Actions

  1. Understand each special ability’s potential.
  2. Utilize them to control the game flow.

Adapt to Counter Opponents

  1. Notice opponent trends and preemptively adjust.
  2. Reposition units to neutralize threats.

Master the Art of the Hand: Effective Card Management Strategies

Transforming your hand into a fount of opportunity is key in ‘How To Play Summoner Wars (Second Edition).’ Firstly, always remember to balance unit deployment with keeping cards for events and counter-actions.

    Assess Your Hand Regularly

  1. Actively prioritize card usage to maintain adaptability.
  2. Conserve Your Cards

  3. Hoard resources strategically for crucial gameplay moments.
  4. Evaluate Risk vs. Reward

  5. Trade cards wisely, mindful of its future void.

Additionally, recognize when to shift tactics; foresight trumps rigid conformity. Every drawn card is an expanding universe of potential.

Mastering the Battlefield: Positioning and Movement Strategies

Winning in ‘How To Play Summoner Wars (Second Edition)’ often hinges on how well you maneuver your units across the board. Keep in mind the battlefield’s dynamic needs while positioning your units. Sharpening your spatial awareness advances offensive and defensive outcomes.

Controlling the Center

  1. Position aggressively to dominate board control.
  2. Prevent enemy advancement by holding central squares.

Unit Synergy

  1. Tactically group units for combined assault.
  2. Be ready to pivot your formation fluidly.

Anticipating Opponent Moves

  1. Counter-play positions to foil enemy strategies.
  2. Maintain flexible units that respond to threats promptly.

Avoiding Engagement Traps

  1. Evade hazardous frontline encounters unworthy of your resources.
  2. Choose engagements that favor your unit composition and abilities.

Mastering the Battlefield

And there you have it, fellow summoners! Embracing these lessons from the arcane battlefields of Summoner Wars (Second Edition) has led many to victorious moments and thrilling comebacks. Understanding Faction Abilities, mastering Effective Card Management, and tactical Positioning and Movement are not just strategies; they’re your path to becoming a legendary summoner. Remember, every game tells a new story, and with each clash, you’ll learn, adapt, and enhance your strategies. Gather your allies, ready your decks, and enter the arena once more – your destiny awaits amongst the fallen runes. Good luck, summoner—may the cleverest strategist claim victory!

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