How To Play: Star Wars: Imperial Assault – Setup, rule summary and strategy

In Star Wars: Imperial Assault, your strategic prowess and tactical decision-making will guide you to victory in the galaxy far, far away. Assemble a well-balanced team, master the unique abilities of each unit, and navigate through treacherous missions to overcome the Imperial forces standing in your way. Utilize cover and line of sight, execute flanking maneuvers, and employ hit-and-run tactics to outmaneuver your opponents on the battlefield. Social deductions and resource management will define your path to success as you strategically acquire gear and upgrade abilities. Don't forget to plan your movements carefully, control vital objectives, and overcome challenges to complete your mission objectives. Whether diving into immersive campaigns or engaging in stand-alone missions, adaptability and calculated decision-making will pave the way to victory. And as your campaign progresses, the story unfolds, your heroes grow, and the fate of the galaxy rests in your hands. So, gear up, equip your heroes, and may the Force guide you on your quest for triumph in the immersive and thrilling world of Star Wars: Imperial Assault.


Welcome to our comprehensive strategy guide for Star Wars: Imperial Assault! In this guide, we will delve into the game’s rules, mechanics, and provide you with expert strategies to help you achieve victory in this epic tabletop adventure. Whether you are a seasoned player looking for advanced tactics or a newcomer seeking tips on beginner-friendly strategies, this guide has you covered.

Star Wars: Imperial Assault is an immersive and strategic board game that brings the beloved Star Wars universe to your tabletop. With its thrilling mission-based gameplay, diverse heroes and units, and challenging scenarios, mastering the game requires a deep understanding of its rules and a well-executed strategy.

The first section of our guide will provide you with a solid foundation by outlining the game rules, turn structure, and key mechanics. Through clear explanations and examples, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the game’s mechanics and how to navigate the different phases of each mission efficiently.

In the subsequent sections, we will delve into the best strategies to give you a competitive edge. From team composition and roles to tactical movement, objective-based strategy, resource management, and consideration of units and abilities, we will cover it all. These strategies have been carefully curated and tested by experienced players to help you optimize your gameplay and enhance your chances of victory.

Whether you are a Rebel hero fighting against the tightening grip of the Empire or the cunning Imperial player looking to crush the Rebellion, our strategy guide will equip you with the knowledge and tactics to emerge triumphant. So, gear up, command your troops, and get ready to immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Star Wars: Imperial Assault!

What’s in the box

  • 34 Miniatures
  • 59 Double-Sided Map Tiles
  • Over 150 Cards
  • Over 150 Tokens
  • 12 Custom Dice
  • 1 Campaign Guide
  • 1 Rules Reference Guide
  • 4 Hero Sheets
  • Android App Integration Components

How To Play Star Wars: Imperial Assault: Rules Summary

  1. Assemble the game board using double-sided map tiles.
  2. Select a mission from the campaign guide or choose a standalone mission.
  3. Select heroes and deploy them on the board.
  4. Select and deploy units for the Imperial player.
  5. Place objective tokens and other markers as indicated by the mission.
Game Turns
  1. The game consists of alternating activations between heroes and Imperial units.
  2. A round is initiated by drawing a Command card.
  3. Heroes activate one at a time, spending actions to perform various tasks.
  4. Imperial units activate in groups based on specific mission rules.
  5. During an activation, a character can perform up to two actions, such as attacking, moving, interacting, using abilities, or resting.
  6. Combat involves rolling dice and comparing results to determine the outcome.
  7. Heroes and Imperial units take alternating turns until all activations are complete.
Objective Completion
  1. Each mission has specific objectives that heroes must accomplish to succeed.
  2. Heroes complete objectives by performing specific actions or reaching certain locations.
  3. Imperial units focus on impeding hero progress and protecting key objectives.
  4. Once all the mission objectives are completed, the game ends.
Campaign Progression
  1. In a campaign, missions are played in a sequential order, forming a continuous story arc.
  2. Players gain experience points during each mission to improve their heroes.
  3. Heroes can upgrade skills, gain new abilities, and acquire equipment to enhance their effectiveness.
  4. Successful completion of missions grants rewards and changes the course of the campaign.

These are the foundational rules to understand the gameplay of Star Wars: Imperial Assault. By carefully following these rules, you’ll embark upon thrilling adventures in the Star Wars universe. Remember to refer to the comprehensive rulebook for further clarifications and to discover more advanced rules for specific scenarios. Engage in epic battles, strategize with your team, and work towards accomplishing your objectives as you immerse yourself in the rich universe of Star Wars: Imperial Assault!

Best Star Wars Imperial Assault Strategies

Team Composition and Roles

Building the right team composition and defining the roles of each member is key to achieving victory in Star Wars: Imperial Assault. Assemble a diverse group of heroes with complementary abilities and playstyles to maximize your chances of success.

Tank: Frontline Protector

  1. Choose a hero with high health and defensive abilities like Chewbacca or a Wookiee.
  2. Select skills and equipment that enhance durability and survivability.
  3. Position the tank hero in the front line to absorb enemy attacks.

Damage Dealer: Strike with Precision

  1. Pick heroes like Han Solo or Boba Fett who excel at dealing damage.
  2. Equip them with powerful weapons or abilities to maximize their offensive output.
  3. Strategically position damage dealers to target high-priority enemies.

Support: Heal and Enhance

  1. Select heroes such as Luke Skywalker or Lando Calrissian who possess healing or support abilities.
  2. Gear up with items or skills that augment healing or provide buffs to teammates.
  3. Stick close to injured allies and actively use support abilities to keep the group in top condition.

Scout: Reconnaissance Specialist

  1. Choose heroes like Diala Passil or Mak Eshka’rey with abilities to scout and gather valuable information.
  2. Prioritize skills that enhance movement, evasion, and disruption tactics.
  3. Utilize the scout’s agility to navigate the battlefield and complete vital objectives.

By carefully selecting heroes for each role and optimizing their playstyles through skills and equipment choices, your team will become a formidable force in the battle against the Empire. Remember to adapt your team composition and roles according to the unique challenges and objectives of each mission. May the Force guide you towards victories!

Mission Objectives and Strategies

To achieve victory in Star Wars: Imperial Assault, it is crucial to understand mission objectives and develop effective strategies for each scenario. Here are key approaches to conquer different mission types:

Extraction: Secure and Escape

  1. Prioritize capturing valuable assets or data required for extraction.
  2. Create diversions and delays to buy time for the extraction team.
  3. Ensure an efficient extraction path by clearing obstacles or using alternative routes.

Assault: Overwhelm the Enemy

  1. Concentrate your forces on critical objectives to swiftly overwhelm the enemy defenses.
  2. Employ hit-and-run tactics to weaken key enemy units before launching a decisive assault.
  3. Utilize flanking maneuvers to catch the enemy off-guard and expose their vulnerabilities.

Recon: Gather Intel and Evade

  1. Deploy scouts to quickly move across the map and gather vital information.
  2. Evaluate the risk versus reward of engaging in battles and prioritize information gathering.
  3. Use sneaky tactics such as feints and distractions to outmaneuver enemy patrols.

Rescue: Swift and Precise Action

  1. Identify the location of the captured ally and plan a quick, precise rescue mission.
  2. Minimize combat engagements to conserve resources and optimize movement.
  3. Coordinate efforts to keep the captured ally safe during extraction while neutralizing immediate threats.

With a clear understanding of the mission objectives and the utilization of effective strategies, you can navigate through unique challenges and maximize your chances of success. Adapt and iterate your strategies based on the specific scenario, interactions with environment and NPCs, and the enemy’s reactions. May your tactical prowess guide you to triumph!

Understanding Units and Abilities

A key element to achieving victory in Star Wars: Imperial Assault is a solid understanding of the units at your disposal and their unique abilities. Utilize their strengths and synergies to gain the upper hand on the battlefield. Here’s how:

Heroes: Master Your Abilities

  1. Thoroughly study the abilities of each hero in your roster.
  2. Identify powerful combos between hero abilities and utilize them strategically.
  3. Coordinate your hero abilities to maximize their impact in combat and achieve synergistic effects.

Imperial Units: Exploit Weaknesses

  1. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of the Imperial units you face.
  2. Identify their vulnerabilities and exploit them by using hero abilities or positioning your units to gain the advantage.
  3. Study the abilities of Imperial units to anticipate their actions and prepare effective countermeasures.

Elite Units: Unleash Their Power

  1. Strategically deploy and utilize elite units to crush your enemies.
  2. Leverage their enhanced abilities and superior stats to dominate crucial engagements.
  3. Employ support abilities from other heroes to augment and empower your elite units.

Troop Units: Utilize Numbers and Flexibility

  1. Carefully balance the use of troop units to overwhelm enemies and control the battlefield.
  2. Coordinate their movements to secure objectives efficiently and create tactical advantages.
  3. Maintain their flexibility by utilizing cover or exploiting movement abilities to adapt to changing situations.

By mastering the abilities of your heroes, understanding the Imperial units you face, and utilizing elite and troop units effectively, you can optimize your strategies and dominate the battles in Star Wars: Imperial Assault. Experiment with different combinations and tactics to uncover powerful synergies. May the Force guide your actions!

Tactical Movement and Positioning

Mastering tactical movement and positioning is crucial for achieving victory in Star Wars: Imperial Assault. Succeeding on the battlefield requires strategic maneuvering and effective placement of your units. Here are some key strategies to employ:

Control Chokepoints and Objectives

  1. Identify chokepoints and key objective areas to control the flow of the battle.
  2. Position units strategically to block enemy advancements and restrict their movement.
  3. Secure strategic objectives by positioning heroes with defensive capabilities to hold those positions.

Flanking Maneuvers for Tactical Advantage

  1. Utilize flanking maneuvers to gain a tactical advantage over your opponents.
  2. Position damage dealers and high-threat heroes to attack from unexpected angles.
  3. Coordinate attacks and abilities to place critical units in vulnerable positions.

Cover and Line of Sight

  1. Take advantage of cover to mitigate damage and increase your units’ survivability.
  2. Position heroes strategically to maintain line of sight while minimizing exposure to enemy fire.
  3. Use line of sight blockers, such as buildings or terrain, to your advantage for strategic positioning.

Hit-and-Run Tactics

  1. Employ hit-and-run strategies to deal damage while minimizing risk.
  2. Engage enemies, inflict damage, and retreat to safer positions to avoid retaliation.
  3. Use movement abilities and cover to disengage while maintaining pressure on the enemy.

By incorporating strategic movement and positioning into your gameplay, you can outmaneuver your opponents, control crucial areas, and seize the advantage in battles. Adapt your approach based on the specifics of each mission and utilize the terrain to your advantage. May your tactical prowess lead you to triumph!

Resource Management

Resource management plays a vital role in achieving victory in Star Wars: Imperial Assault. Effectively managing your resources will allow you to maximize your team’s potential and gain a strategic advantage. Here are key strategies to employ:

Recovery Actions: Optimize Revival

  1. Strategically plan recovery actions to restore health and remove damaging conditions.
  2. Use recovery actions between battles or during less intense moments to conserve medical supplies.
  3. Coordinate with support heroes to enable efficient recovery.

Focus on Efficient Pturchasesp

  1. Consider the cost and value of each purchase before committing your resources.
  2. Prioritize crucial gear or weapon upgrades that align with your team’s overall strategy and playstyle.
  3. Save resources for expensive, high-impact items or abilities that will greatly enhance your team’s effectiveness.

Activation Limit: Utilize Cooldowns

  1. Manage your activations wisely to minimize downtime and make the most of your team’s turns.
  2. Coordinate activations to optimize complementary abilities and maximize offensive or defensive potential.
  3. Leave units with longer cooldowns for the late stages of a mission to ensure their availability when needed most.

Event Cards: Plan and Adapt

  1. Devise strategies to mitigate the potential impact of challenging event cards on your team.
  2. Plan ahead by using event cards to your advantage, coordinating them with your actions and objectives.
  3. Adapt your strategies on the fly based on the event cards drawn, maximizing their positive effects and minimizing negative impacts.

By adopting effective resource management strategies, you can optimize your team’s abilities, make efficient purchasing decisions, allocate activations strategically, and adapt to event cards for tactical advantage. Remember to balance short-term gains with long-term investments for a well-rounded approach to resource management. May your resources be wisely allocated on your path to victory!

Strategize, Command, and Conquer!

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the rules, mechanics, and strategies of Star Wars: Imperial Assault, you are ready to embark on your epic journey in the galaxy far, far away. This strategy guide has armed you with the knowledge and tactics you need to dominate the battlefield, outwit Imperial forces, and achieve victory alongside your Rebel heroes.

Remember, each mission presents its own unique challenges, and adaptability is crucial for success. As you navigate through branching narratives, make tactical decisions, and manage your resources wisely, may the Force guide your choices and lead you to triumph.

Imperial Assault is a game of strategic depth, immersive storytelling, and epic battles. Take advantage of the diverse abilities of your heroes, harness the power of the Force, and unmask the cunning tactics of the Imperial forces. Your decisions will shape the destiny of a galaxy.

As you form strategies, overcome obstacles, and achieve your mission’s objectives, the thrilling moments and memorable stories created with your friends or fellow gamers will etch themselves into your gaming experiences forever. So gear up, rally your team, and immerse yourself in this captivating universe. May your journey through Star Wars: Imperial Assault be filled with excitement, engagements aplenty, and countless moments of triumph!

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