How To Play: Space Hulk (Third Edition) – Setup, rule summary and strategy

Learn key strategies for 'How To Play Space Hulk (Third Edition)' by understanding marine deployment, mastering alien movement and ambush tactics, and efficiently using action points. Familiarize yourself with the game components, follow the outlined rules for setup and gameplay, and utilize these insights to emerge victorious.


Welcome to the universe of ‘How To Play Space Hulk (Third Edition)’, a realm where strategic minds triumph, and keen tactics determine the victor among the stars. This guide not only outlines the crucial game rules but also plunges you into the art of war, revealing the best strategies to dominate and win. Prepare to delve into the mechanics and emerge as the master commander of this thrilling tabletop experience.

What’s in the box

  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Mission Book
  • 35 Plastic Space Marine Miniatures
  • 22 Plastic Genestealer Miniatures
  • 1 Plastic Broodlord Miniature
  • 45 Predator Counter Bases
  • 12 Mission Objective Markers
  • 20 Doors and their Stands
  • 64 Adventure Floor Tiles
  • 1 Die
  • 4 Door Base Pieces
  • 36 Corridor and Room Sections
  • 105 Gaming Counters
  • 1 Flamethrower Template

How To Play Space Hulk (Third Edition): Rules Summary

Setting Up the Battlefield

Firstly, place corridors and rooms to create the hulk’s labyrinth-like structure as specified for your chosen mission. Each player takes on the role of either the Space Marine Terminators or the sinister Genestealers. Position your miniatures accordingly.

Engaging in Gameplay

  1. Determine the starting player and alternate turns.
  2. On your turn, allocate and use action points to move, attack, or employ tactics unique to your side.
  3. Complete mission objectives or outmaneuver your opponent to gain an advantage.

Securing Victory

  1. Follow the victory conditions specified by the mission,
  2. Terminate all Genestealers or achieve objectives to win as Space Marines.
  3. Eliminate the Space Marines’ characters or prevent them from completing their objectives as Genestealers.

Navigating Special Rules & Conditions

  1. Understand the unique rules of your faction. Genestealers can spawn reinforcements, whereas Space Marines have heavy firepower and protective armor.
  2. Learn the different weapon equipment rules for more strategic options.
  3. Be aware of the time-limited nature of missions and respond accordingly.

Best Space Hulk Third Edition Strategies

Mastering Marine Deployment in Space Hulk

Effective marine placement in How To Play Space Hulk (Third Edition) is vital for victory. Above all, understand the board’s layout—choke points, long corridors, and room positions massively influence strategy. Now, let’s dive into the core marine deployment strategies:

Pre-Game Positioning

  1. Assess map objectives
  2. Select marines with suitable weaponry
  3. Place heavy support in areas with long sightlines.

Flanking Movements

  1. Protect flanks with your most resilient units
  2. Use scouts for advanced positioning alerts.

Strategic Reserves

  1. Hold a squad in reserve for unexpected breaches
  2. Shift these defenders as the alien threat evolves.

Unleashing Xenos Fury: Alien Tactics Decoded

Mastering alien movement in ‘How To Play Space Hulk (Third Edition)’ involves strategic cunning. Learning to harness the element of surprise is key to overpowering the Space Marines. Here’s how:

Ambush Deployment

  1. Conceal your Genestealers in shadowed corners, avoiding detection.
  2. Keep multiple squads hidden, adaptable to Marine movement.

Force Misdirection

  1. Create diversionary noise to lure Marines into traps.
  2. Exploit the Marines’ strict command chain, cause hesitancy.

Lethal Timing

  1. Wait for Marines to split up, then strike fiercely.
  2. Target isolated units, disrupt Marine coherence and strategy.

Optimize Victory with Action Points Mastery

In playing Space Hulk (Third Edition), each decision on using action points (AP) is crucial. Now, let’s delve into ensuring each AP promotes your strategy toward victory.

Assessing AP Distribution

First off, consider each marine’s role before allocating AP. A balance must be maintained between offensive pushes and defensive stances.

Contingency Planning

Secondly, always keep a reserve of AP for unexpected threats. Be prepared to react; flexibility in your approach can be decisive.

Coordinative Movements

Lastly, synchronize your squad. Moving in well-thought-out formation maximizes AP utilization, providing cover fire and flanking avenues.

Commanding the Corridors: Final Thoughts

As we wrap up this strategic voyage into How To Play Space Hulk (Third Edition), remember that the core of your strength lies in understanding your troops and knowing the enemy’s movements. Plant the seeds of victory in solid tactic foundations: efficient use of action points, artful maneuvers, and well-timed ambushes. With practice and adjustment from gameplay experiences, you’ll shape your pathway from a fledgling commander to a legendary space marine or a deviously clever Genestealer Alpha. So grab your dice, rally your pieces, and dive into the tabletop labyrinth of Space Hulk ready to claim victory!

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