How To Play: Roll Player – Setup, rule summary and strategy

Quick Summary

Roll Player is an immersive board game that combines thoughtful strategy with creative character building. With its engaging dice placement mechanics, dynamic attribute allocation, and diverse range of choices, Roll Player offers an immersive and strategic gaming experience. By strategically placing dice and allocating attributes, players have the opportunity to craft their perfect hero, honing their strengths and overcoming challenges along the way.

Throughout the game, players navigate the market cards, strategically purchasing items to enhance their character's abilities and execute their chosen strategies. The game also presents opportunities for synergistic combinations and goal achievement, further adding depth and variety to each playthrough.

The visually stunning art and high-quality components provide a visually appealing experience, contributing to the overall immersion and enjoyment of the game. With its intuitive rule set and comprehensive strategy options, Roll Player can be enjoyed by both experienced gamers and those new to the hobby.

Whether you're a strategic mastermind, a creative character builder, or simply seeking an engaging and strategic board game, Roll Player is a must-have addition to any collection. Challenge yourself, unleash your creativity, and set forth on an epic adventure to sculpt the ultimate hero and claim victory in the realm of Roll Player!


Welcome to our comprehensive strategy guide for Roll Player! Whether you are new to the game or a seasoned player looking to refine your skills, this guide will provide you with invaluable insights and tactics to dominate the realm as the ultimate hero. In this guide, we will not only provide an outline of the game rules but delve into the best strategies for achieving victory.

Roll Player is an immersive board game where players take on the role of fantasy adventurers seeking to create the most formidable character. As you progress through the game, you will strategically place dice, allocate attributes, purchase items, and navigate various challenges to craft the hero of your dreams.

In this guide, we will explore each aspect of the game in detail, including dice placement strategies, optimal attribute allocation, effective item purchasing, navigating the market cards, and making the most strategic character backstory choices. By mastering these elements, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in Roll Player and outshine your opponents.

Whether your goal is to defeat fearsome adversaries, complete quests, earn the highest reputation, or all of the above, our guide will provide you with the strategies and insights you need to gain a competitive edge. Prepare yourself for an exciting journey into the immersive world of Roll Player, and let’s uncover the secrets to achieving victory!

What’s in the box

  • Character sheets (4)
  • Dice (73)
  • Race cards (12)
  • Class cards (6)
  • Alignment cards (6)
  • Trait cards (24)
  • Market cards (60)
  • Backstory cards (12)
  • Gold tokens (60)
  • Reputation tokens (60)
  • Attribute tokens (21)
  • Tracking tokens (9)
  • Start player marker (1)
  • Monster token (1)
  • Notoriety tokens (6)
  • First Player card (1)

How To Play Roll Player: Rules Summary


In Roll Player, your objective is to create the most skillful and well-rounded fantasy character by strategically placing dice, allocating attributes, purchasing items, and achieving goals. The player with the highest total score at the end of the game wins.

Game Setup
  1. Each player receives a character sheet and a set of dice.
  2. Shuffle the race, class, and alignment cards into separate decks and place them within reach.
  3. Prepare the market cards, traits, backstories, tokens, and other components for easy access during the game.
Round and Turn Structure
  1. The game is played over a series of rounds. Each round consists of several phases.
  2. During each phase, players take turns simultaneously, performing the required actions.
  3. The phases include rolling dice, selecting dice, and taking actions such as purchasing items, earning reputation, and customizing your character.
  4. Once all players have completed the final phase, the round ends, and a new round begins.
Dice Placement and Attribute Allocation
  1. One of the core mechanics of the game is placing dice onto your character sheet to represent different attributes of your character.
  2. Dice may only be placed in specific areas corresponding to certain attributes.
  3. The numbers rolled on the dice affect your character’s attributes and skills, so strategic placement is crucial.
  4. After placing dice, you can allocate attribute points to enhance specific attributes.
Purchasing Items and Achieving Goals
  1. The market cards offer a selection of items and abilities that you can purchase to augment your character’s abilities.
  2. Items can help you defeat monsters, complete quests, and earn reputation points.
  3. By achieving certain goals, such as having a high reputation or possessing specific item sets, you can earn additional score bonuses.
End of the Game
  1. The game ends after completing the specified number of rounds or when all players have completed their character sheets.
  2. Players then tally their scores by adding points from attributes, reputation, goals, and other sources.
  3. The player with the highest score is declared the winner and boasts the most accomplished hero in the land of Roll Player!

Now that you have an overview of the rules, you’re ready to dive into the fantastical world of Roll Player. Gather your dice, choose your race and class, and embark on an epic journey to create the preeminent hero!

Best Roll Player Strategies

Dice Placement Strategies: Maximizing Your Advantages

When it comes to playing Roll Player and striving for victory, the placement of your dice is crucial. Each turn presents an opportunity to strategically position your dice to optimize your character’s attributes and gain a competitive edge. Here are some key dice placement strategies to consider:

Focus on Critical Attributes First
  1. Allocate your highest-rolled dice to attributes that directly affect your character’s combat prowess or ability to slay monsters.
  2. Prioritize attributes related to increasing your chances of defeating the toughest adversaries or completing challenging quests.
  3. Identify the attributes that align with your chosen class and race, and ensure your dice placements enhance those capabilities.
Utilize Dice Multipliers
  1. Make strategic use of skills or special abilities that allow dice multipliers, such as spells or class-specific bonuses.
  2. Strive to maximize the effect of powerful dice multipliers by assigning compatible dice to the respective attribute slots.
  3. Look for opportunities to activate synergistic effects between dice multipliers and traits or abilities.
Adjust Your Strategy Based on Score Goals
  1. When aiming for a high-scoring total, focus on distributing your dice allocation across multiple attributes to boost versatility and overall performance.
  2. Alternatively, when targeting specific attributes with major score bonuses, allocate your dice to those attributes primarily, even if it means sacrificing other areas.
  3. Strategically adjust your tactics depending on the score goals you aim to achieve in each game.

Mastering these dice placement strategies is essential for maximizing your advantages and increasing your chances of victory in Roll Player. Remember to adapt your tactics based on the current game situation and the overall strategies you plan to employ. Stay flexible and make the most out of each rolled dice to craft the most formidable and celebrated hero in the realm!

Optimal Attribute Allocation: Mastering Character Development

In Roll Player, allocating your character’s attributes wisely is a fundamental aspect of achieving victory. Given the importance of attribute allocation, having an optimal strategy in place can greatly enhance your chances of success. Here are key approaches to consider:

Identify Key Attribute Dependencies
  1. Analyze the in-game interactions and dependencies between different attributes and abilities.
  2. Focus on traits and abilities that synergize with specific attribute combinations.
  3. Prioritize attributes that magnify the effects of powerful traits or abilities.
Recognize Scoring Opportunities
  1. Identify attributes that contribute significantly to scoring, such as attributes associated with mastery of skills or achievements of game objectives.
  2. Balance your attribute allocation to maximize the points gained from various scoring opportunities.
  3. Align your attribute allocation with the game’s scoring mechanisms and objectives.
Leverage Race and Class Advantages
  1. Understand the unique abilities and attribute bonuses provided by your chosen race and class combination.
  2. Modify your attribute allocation to capitalize on the strengths and mitigate the weaknesses inherent to your race and class.
  3. Craft attribute combinations that align with the narrative and thematic elements associated with your chosen race and class.

By mastering optimal attribute allocation in Roll Player, you can significantly shape your character’s development and gain a competitive edge. Consider the dependencies between attributes, recognize scoring opportunities, and leverage the advantages offered by your race and class. With strategic attribute allocation, you can forge a hero destined for glory and emerge as the champion of the realm!

Effective Item Purchasing: Acquiring the Tools of Victory

In Roll Player, wisely choosing and purchasing items can provide significant advantages in your quest for victory. A strategic approach to acquiring items can help bolster your character’s abilities and increase your chances of achieving success. Here are some key strategies to consider:

Assess the Market
  1. Evaluate the available market cards to identify items that align with your character’s attribute goals and match your planned strategy.
  2. Consider the gold cost and the benefits provided by each item to ensure you are making efficient purchases.
  3. Adapt your item purchasing strategy based on the current market conditions and the competition from other players.
Maximize Synergies
  1. Seek items that complement your character’s attribute allocation and synergize with your chosen race and class.
  2. Incorporate items that enhance your abilities and overcome any deficiencies, such as acquiring items to bolster your combat strength or boost your chances against specific challenges.
  3. Look for item combinations that provide a chain of advantages and bonuses when utilized together.
Plan Long-Term
  1. Consider the long-term effects of your item purchases and invest in items that provide lasting benefits and contribute to your overall strategy.
  2. Prioritize items that can help you complete quests, defeat powerful adversaries, or secure valuable reputation points.
  3. Balance short-term gains with long-term objectives and plan your item purchases accordingly.

By executing effective item purchasing strategies, you can equip your character with the tools necessary for triumph in Roll Player. Assess the market, maximize synergies, and plan for the long-term to build a formidable character armed for success. Ready your gold and embark on an item shopping spree that will pave your path to victory!

Navigating the Market Cards: Seizing Opportunities for Success

The market cards in Roll Player can provide valuable opportunities to enhance your character’s abilities and gain key advantages. Navigating the market effectively is crucial for optimizing your gameplay and increasing your chances of victory. Here are key strategies to consider:

Stay Informed
  1. Pay attention to the market cards as they are revealed throughout the game.
  2. Study the attributes, abilities, and gold costs associated with each card to identify valuable options for your character.
  3. Keep track of the available market cards to spot any upcoming advantageous opportunities.
Risk vs Reward
  1. Evaluate the risk-versus-reward ratio of the market cards.
  2. Weigh the potential benefits against the costs and consider the impact on your character’s resources, attribute goals, and overall strategy.
  3. Manage your gold wisely and prioritize market cards that offer substantial benefits for your character’s development.
Timing and Flexibility
  1. Strategically time your purchases to maximize their impact.
  2. Consider the sequencing of card acquisition and how new market cards may affect your potential options and decision-making.
  3. Remain flexible and be open to adjusting your strategy based on the ever-changing market card options.

By effectively navigating the market cards in Roll Player, you can seize valuable opportunities and set your character on the path to victory. Stay informed, assess the risk versus reward, and be mindful of timing and flexibility. Forge the perfect character build by making wise choices and capitalizing on the ever-shifting market. Elevate your strategic prowess, and success will be within your grasp!

Strategic Character Backstory Choices: Crafting the Perfect Hero

In Roll Player, the choices you make for your character’s backstory can have a significant impact on their attributes, abilities, and overall performance. Making strategic decisions during character creation is key to developing a hero that excels in the game. Here are some essential strategies to consider:

Synergize with Race and Class
  1. Select a backstory that complements and enhances your chosen race and class.
  2. Identify backstories that provide attribute bonuses or abilities that synergize well with your character’s goals and playstyle.
  3. Consider the narrative implications of your chosen backstory and how it aligns with your character’s development.
Strike a Balance
  1. Achieve a well-rounded and balanced character build through your backstory choices.
  2. Distribute your backstory points strategically across various attributes to ensure versatility, adaptability, and a wide range of abilities.
  3. Specialize in select attributes if a focused strategy aligns with your overall game plan and the strengths of your chosen race and class.
Achieve Long-Term Goals
  1. Consider the long-term impact of your character’s backstory choices.
  2. Align your backstory decisions with your desired attribute goals and the strategies you plan to employ throughout the game.
  3. Make choices that provide you with advantages in overcoming future challenges and completing quests.

With strategic character backstory choices, you can shape the perfect hero in Roll Player. Select a backstory that synergizes with your race and class, strike a balance between attributes, and aim for long-term goals. Craft a character with a compelling story and incredible potential, and set forth on your journey to triumph in this immersive and strategic board game.

Conclusion: Craft Your Heroic Legacy

Congratulations on reaching the end of our comprehensive strategy guide for Roll Player! Armed with the knowledge and insights gained from this guide, you are poised to excel in your journey of character creation and domination in the game. By mastering various strategies, such as optimal dice placement, attribute allocation, item purchasing, market navigation, and character backstory choices, you have the tools necessary to forge the perfect hero.

Remember, Roll Player is a game that challenges your strategic thinking, adaptability, and decision-making skills. Plan your moves carefully, adjust your strategies as the game progresses, and stay alert for opportunities to outshine your competitors.

Now, armed with your parchment, ready your dice, and let your imagination soar as you breathe life into your heroic creation. Craft a character that leaves behind a legacy worth remembering.

May your journey be filled with adventure, excitement, and triumph. Embrace the challenges that come your way, and may the realm of Roll Player forever remember you as an illustrious hero!

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