How To Play: Obsession

To excel at Obsession, focus on Family Strategy, Card Synergy, and Event Management. Know the rules, key components, and special conditions. Use family traits, plan smart strategies, and balance goals. Master Victorian intrigue by leveraging cards and timing moves well. Embrace the game's quirks for ultimate success.

So, you’ve started playing Obsession and now you want to up your game? You’re in luck! This guide gives you an outline of the game rules and the best strategies for winning. After playing it countless times with my friends (and sometimes enemies), I’ve found a few key tactics that can turn the tide. Let’s get to it!


What’s in the box

  • 1 Rulebook
  • 4 Player Boards
  • 16 Gentry Cards
  • 24 Servant Cards
  • 96 Improvement Tiles
  • 20 Objective Cards
  • 1 Market Board
  • 1 Round Tracker
  • 4 Family Boards
  • 60 Prestige Points
  • 80 Coins
  • 4 Reputation Markers
  • 8 Player Markers
  • 1 First Player Marker

How to Play Obsession: Rules Summary


First things first, you have to set up the game.

  1. Each player selects a family board and the matching family cards.
  2. Shuffle the Gentry deck and place it on the board.
  3. Place the Market Board in the center. Lay out the Improvement Tiles.
  4. Deal Objective Cards to each player. Keep them secret!
  5. Everyone gets starting coins and a round tracker.

Now, let’s move on to the real action of the game!

  1. Each round, players must choose an Improvement Tile to add to their estate.
  2. Play a Gentry card from your hand to activate the tile’s abilities.
  3. Manage servants wisely to keep your estate running.
  4. Use coins to buy new Improvement Tiles from the market.
  5. Complete objectives to gain Prestige Points.
  6. End the round by moving the round tracker forward.

Everyone wants to win, right? Here’s how you do it.

  1. Collect Prestige Points through various actions.
  2. After a set number of rounds, count everyone’s points.
  3. The player with the most Prestige Points wins!
Special Rules & Conditions

It wouldn’t be a board game without some twists!

  1. Certain events can occur that affect all players. Pay attention!
  2. Objective cards may have unique conditions to fulfill.
  3. Keep an eye out for opportunities to gain bonus points.

Now you know the basics! So, gather your friends, set up the board, and enjoy your time mastering the game. And if you need more detailed rules, just search for ‘How To Play Obsession’ and you’ll find plenty of resources. Happy gaming!

Best Obsession Strategies

Top Strategies for Winning With Family Tactics

Playing Obsession? Your family’s plans can make or break your game. Here are key strategies using family cards:

1. Use Family Traits Wisely

  1. Leverage each member’s unique bonuses.
  2. Play cards that boost your points or actions.
  3. Counteract your opponents’ moves thoughtfully.

2. Plan Marriages Smartly

Arranging marriages boosts your family’s status and resources.

  1. Pick partners with high prestige.
  2. Consider future benefits.
  3. Use marriage cards to block rivals.

3. Balance Short and Long-Term Goals

Your family’s strategy should evolve over time.

  1. Set immediate objectives.
  2. Keep an eye on end-game points.
  3. Adapt to changing situations.

Mastering Card Synergy in Obsession

Maximize Your Gentry Cards

First, you need to understand the strengths of your Gentry cards. Each card offers unique benefits. Use them wisely.

  1. Analyze their abilities.
  2. Match them with fitting events.
  3. Play them at optimal times.
Combine Upgrades Effectively

Next, pair your upgrades smartly. Certain upgrades boost the effectiveness of your Gentry cards.

  1. Identify beneficial upgrades.
  2. Apply them strategically.
Utilize Prestige Cards

Prestige cards can turn the tide in your favor. Use them to gain advantages.

  1. Plan their use ahead.
  2. Use them during crucial moments.
Balance Card Costs

Lastly, manage your resources. Cards have costs that need careful balancing.

  1. Monitor your wealth.
  2. Avoid overspending early.

Mastering Event Management in Obsession

Know Your Events

First, always read and understand the events. Each event can either boost or bust your strategy. Take notes!

Plan Ahead

Then, anticipate events. Predict what might come and prepare. Load up on resources and adjust your plans accordingly.

Adapt on the Fly

Next, stay flexible. Events may not go as planned. Adapt and improvise based on the new circumstances.

Delegate Wisely

Finally, assign the right family members to events. Use their strengths strategically.

  1. Know your events
  2. Plan ahead
  3. Adapt on the fly
  4. Delegate wisely

Master the Art of Victorian Intrigue

So, there you have it! Becoming an expert in Obsession isn’t just about knowing the rules. It’s about embracing the quirks of your gentry, leveraging every card to your advantage, and timing your moves with the precision of a ballroom dance. Remember the night my cousin tried to outsmart us but ended up hosting a garden party in the dead of winter? Classic mistake! Keep practicing, stay sharp, and soon you’ll be the envy of every manor house. Good luck and happy scheming!

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