How To Play: Nidavellir – Setup, rule summary and strategy

Quick Summary

In Nidavellir, a land of dwarf clans and Norse mythology, victory awaits the player who can master strategic card drafting, deck building, and artifact collecting. Bidding against opponents in the Auction phase and making tactical decisions in recruiting, upgrading, and optimizing your deck are key to triumph. As battles unfold, strategic deployment of warriors from different dwarf races becomes crucial, each with their strengths and weaknesses.

With captivating artwork depicting the world of Nidavellir and high-quality components, the game offers an immersive experience. The combination of dynamic card drafting, tactical deck building, and clever resource management provides a wealth of strategic possibilities. Watching battles unfold and orchestrating plans to dominate specific realms adds to the excitement.

The core mechanisms of strategic bidding, deck construction, race domination, resource allocation, and warrior upgrading, along with the element of luck, make every game unique and offer high replayability. The game accommodates a range of player counts, ensuring a satisfying experience regardless of group size.

Filled with engaging decisions and player interactions, Nidavellir is an immersive and delightful board game that will captivate both casual players and experienced strategists. Gather your clan, utilize your cunning, and rise as the ruler of Nidavellir!


Welcome to our comprehensive strategy guide for Nidavellir! In this guide, we will provide you with an in-depth analysis of the game rules as well as expert strategies that will help you dominate the competition and achieve triumph in this immersive board game inspired by Norse mythology.

Nidavellir offers a unique gaming experience, combining dynamic card drafting, strategic deck building, intense player interaction, and high replayability. To truly master this game, it is essential to have a deep understanding of its mechanics and develop a solid strategy that adapts to the ever-changing circumstances.

In the first section of this guide, we will outline the core rules of Nidavellir, ensuring that you have a firm grasp on the fundamental gameplay mechanics. From there, we will dive into specific aspects of the game that are critical to your success. You will learn about bidding strategies that will give you an edge in acquiring powerful warrior cards, deck building tactics to create a synergistic and formidable deck, race supremacy tactics to dominate battles, resource management tips to optimize your coins and upgrades, and upgrade prioritization to maximize the potential of your warriors.

Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the ropes or a seasoned player seeking to enhance your skills, this strategy guide will provide you with invaluable insights and techniques to guide you towards victory in Nidavellir. So, sharpen your axes, gather your dwarf comrades, and prepare to conquer the realms – this guide has everything you need to lead your clan to glory!

What’s in the box

  • Game board
  • 5 Orc-Kings
  • 5 Dwarf King tokens
  • 30 Dwarf cards (6 cards for each clan)
  • 5 Tavern tiles
  • 134 Warrior cards (27 cards for each race)
  • 45 Coin tokens
  • 16 Prestige/Influence tokens
  • 1 Valhalla mat
  • 1 Round marker
  • 1 Auction indicator
  • 1 Starting Player token
  • 1 Rulebook

How To Play Nidavellir: Rules Summary

In Nidavellir, you will lead a clan of dwarves in a vibrant world of Norse mythology. With dynamic card drafting and strategic gameplay, mastering the game requires understanding its key rules. Let’s dive into the essential rules to get started on your path to victory.

  1. Place the game board in the center of the play area and distribute the King tokens to each player.
  2. Each player chooses a dwarf clan and takes the corresponding player board, starting deck, and coins.
  3. Shuffle the Auction and Warrior cards, and place them face-down in their respective areas.
  4. Deal a number of Warrior cards face up, based on the number of players.
  5. Give each player coins based on the player count.
  6. Select a starting player, who takes the Starting Player token.
  1. During the Auction phase, players bid coins to acquire Warrior cards.
  2. In the Recruitment phase, players can visit the Tavern to recruit a Warrior card or hire a Mercenary.
  3. In the Upgrading phase, players can spend coins to upgrade their warriors or purchase special abilities.
  4. During the Cleanup phase, players remove on display Warrior cards and prepare for the next round.
  5. The game continues with multiple rounds until the end condition is met.
Battles and Scoring
  1. After each round, battles occur based on the displayed Dwarf Races.
  2. Players compare the total strength of their warriors to determine the winner of a battle.
  3. Winners earn Prestige tokens and gain influence in the Dwarf Kingdom, providing victory points for scoring.
  4. Players receive additional victory points based on obtained treasures and dwarf races.

By following these key rules of Nidavellir, you will be ready to embark on a thrilling journey through Norse mythology. With strategic decision-making, effective bidding, and powerful warrior upgrades, you will build a formidable army of dwarves as you compete to become the ruler of Nidavellir.

Best Nidavellir Strategies

Masterful Bidding Strategies to Secure Victory in Nidavellir

When it comes to mastering Nidavellir, strategic bidding plays a vital role in gaining the upper hand. Winning the auction phase sets the foundation for your deck-building and overall success in the game. Here are key bidding strategies to consider:

  1. Evaluate Card Value:
  2. Carefully assess the value of each warrior card in the auction. Consider their strength, abilities, and their compatibility with your existing deck. Develop a keen eye for recognizing high-value cards that can make a significant impact on your gameplay.

  3. Covert Bidding:
  4. Implementing covert bidding can catch opponents off guard, securing sought-after cards at lower costs. Simultaneously, it keeps your intentions hidden, preventing rivals from effectively countering your strategies.

  5. Strategic Coin Management:
  6. Allocate your coins strategically throughout the auction phase. Prioritize bidding on crucial warrior cards that align with your strategy, while being mindful of potential upgrades and future rounds.
    Properly managing your limited resources will ensure you have enough coins for other crucial aspects of the game.

  7. Anticipate Opponents:
  8. Observe your opponents, anticipate their strategies, and bid accordingly. Pay attention to their priorities, coin reserves, and short-term plans. Adapt your bidding approach to counter or disrupt their potential game-winning moves.

  9. Dynamic Adaptation:
  10. Be flexible and adapt your bidding strategies as the game progresses. Stay open to different possibilities and adjust your plans based on the cards available and the actions of other players.
    Take advantage of any unexpected opportunities that arise during the auction phase.

Mastering these bidding strategies in Nidavellir will give you a crucial edge over your opponents. Carefully evaluate card values, incorporate covert bidding tactics, strategically manage your coins, anticipate your rivals, and dynamically adapt your approach as the game unfolds. With smart and calculated bidding, you’ll pave your way to victory.

Mastering Deck Building Tactics for Triumph in Nidavellir

Successful deck building is a fundamental aspect of victory in Nidavellir. Constructing a powerful deck that synergizes with your chosen dwarf race is key to achieving domination. Here are crucial deck building tactics to employ:

  1. Race Synergy Focus:
  2. With the races in Nidavellir influencing battle outcomes, focus on recruiting and upgrading warrior cards that offer race-specific bonuses. Prioritize cards that complement your chosen dwarf race’s strengths or mitigate their weaknesses, enhancing your chances of victory in battle.

  3. Balanced Card Distribution:
  4. Achieve a well-balanced deck by acquiring cards from different cost ranges and abilities. Incorporate warrior cards that offer diverse abilities like attack, defense, and special effects. This balanced distribution ensures flexibility in adapting to various in-game situations.

  5. Efficient Card Rotation:
  6. Efficiently manage card rotation by shuffling weaker cards out of your deck through upgrades or selling unwanted cards in the tavern. This optimizes the chances of drawing powerful cards during battles, increasing your overall strategic advantage.

  7. Synergistic Card Combos:
  8. Seek out card combinations with powerful synergistic effects. Combine warrior card abilities that complement each other, grant additional actions, or provide extra resources. Capitalize on these combos to execute devastating strategies and gain an upper hand in battles and other in-game mechanics.

  9. Adaptive Deck Adjustments:
  10. Constantly evaluate the effectiveness of your deck during the game. Replace underperforming cards with more efficient options whenever possible. Stay attuned to developing interactions and adjust your deck in response to changing game dynamics. This adaptability ensures your deck remains finely tuned and effective.

By mastering deck building tactics in Nidavellir, you’ll build a formidable deck that synergizes with your chosen dwarf race and maximizes your chances of victory. Focus on race synergy, ensure a balanced card distribution, manage card rotation efficiently, leverage synergistic card combos, and adapt your deck dynamically. With strategic deck building, you’ll pave your way towards triumph.

Dominating Race Supremacy Tactics for Triumph in Nidavellir

Asserting your chosen dwarf race’s supremacy can significantly bolster your chances of victory in Nidavellir. Capitalizing on the strengths of your race and exploiting your opponents’ weaknesses are essential to dominate the game. Here are key race supremacy tactics to employ:

  1. Analyze Battle Requirements:
  2. Thoroughly assess the requirements and conditions of each battle. Understand which dwarf race is favored in the upcoming battle and allocate your resources accordingly. This analysis will allow you to optimize your bidding, upgrades, and recruitment strategies prior to the battle.

  3. Excel in Preferred Battles:
  4. Focus your efforts on battles where your chosen dwarf race has a significant advantage. Dedicate resources to recruit and upgrade warriors of your race that excel in those specific battles. Maximize their potential and dominate the field.

  5. Mitigate Weaknesses:
  6. Be mindful of your dwarf race’s vulnerabilities and take action to counteract those weaknesses. Utilize strategic upgrades, alliances with other players’ race choices, or acquire versatile warrior cards that can compensate for your race’s limitations.

  7. Evaluate Competitors’ Races:
  8. Pay close attention to the chosen races of your opponents. Determine their favored battles and gather crucial information to plan your own strategies accordingly. Exploit any weaknesses found in their race choices, ensuring an advantageous position during battles.

  9. Adapt to Diverse Battles:
  10. Achieving race supremacy also requires flexibility. Be prepared to strategize and adapt in battles where your chosen race is at a disadvantage. Leverage your overall gameplay strengths, synergistic card combinations, and resource management skills to overcome challenging combat scenarios.

By implementing astute race supremacy tactics in Nidavellir, you can dominate battles, gain significant advantages, and propel yourself closer to victory. Analyze battle requirements, excel in preferred battles, mitigate weaknesses, evaluate competitors’ races, and adapt to diverse combat situations. With strategic race supremacy, triumph will be within your grasp.

Optimal Resource Management Tips for Victory in Nidavellir

Efficiently managing your resources is crucial to achieving triumph in Nidavellir. Balancing your coins, cards, and upgrades ensures that you have the necessary tools to outwit and outplay your opponents. Here are key resource management tips to follow:

  1. Prioritize Coin Allocation:
  2. Strategically allocate your coins across various aspects of the game, such as bidding, upgrades, and hiring mercenaries. Prioritize spending based on the current stage of the game and the availability of valuable cards. Don’t exhaust your coins too early; budget wisely for long-term success.

  3. Maximize Coin Efficiency:
  4. Ensure that every coin is allocated efficiently and effectively. Aim to win warrior cards at the lowest possible cost during the auction phase. Plan your upgrades carefully to optimize the value gained from each coin spent. Seek ways to generate additional coins through card abilities or actions within the game.

  5. Strategic Selling at the Tavern:
  6. Selling unwanted or underperforming warrior cards at the tavern can provide you with much-needed coins. Assess the value and usefulness of each card in your hand and sell those that no longer align with your strategy. Utilize this resource-generating option to finance your desired cards and upgrades.

  7. Balance Short-Term and Long-Term Goals:
  8. Strive for a balance between immediate gains and long-term objectives. Consider the potential benefits of immediate upgrades versus saving coins for future auction rounds. Assess how present actions will affect your deck’s composition as the game progresses. Keep your ultimate victory in mind while making resource management decisions.

  9. Strategize According to Opponents:
  10. As resource competition plays a significant role in Nidavellir, assess the actions of your opponents and adjust your resource management accordingly. Account for their bid amounts, deck compositions, and potential upgrades. Adapt your strategy to counter their moves and secure the most valuable resources for yourself.

By implementing optimal resource management tips in Nidavellir, you will make efficient use of your coins, upgrade your warriors strategically, and outmaneuver your opponents. Prioritize coin allocation, maximize coin efficiency, strategically sell unwanted cards, balance short-term and long-term goals, and strategize based on your opponents’ actions. With astute resource management, the path to victory will become clear.

Strategic Upgrade Prioritization for Victory in Nidavellir

The strategic upgrading of your warriors in Nidavellir holds immense potential for securing victory. Shrewdly prioritizing which warriors to upgrade and when to upgrade them is crucial for gaining an edge over your opponents. Here are key upgrade prioritization strategies:

  1. Assess Card Rarity and Power:
  2. Evaluate the rarity and power level of your warrior cards before deciding which ones to upgrade. Prioritize upgrading high-ranking warriors with strong abilities that can greatly influence the outcome of battles.

  3. Focus on Synergistic Upgrades:
  4. Identify warrior cards with synergistic potential and prioritize their upgrades. Look for upgrade paths that enhance their existing abilities or unlock new powerful ones. Leveraging synergy will bolster the effectiveness of specific cards or your overall strategy.

  5. Address Specific Game Needs:
  6. Target upgrades that address immediate game needs or challenges. Tactically improve your warriors to counter your opponents’ strategies or strengthen your standing in favorable battles. Prioritize flexibility and adaptability in your upgrades to maintain an advantageous position.

  7. Consider Long-Term Benefits:
  8. Weigh the long-term benefits of upgrades in your decision-making process. Assess the potential impact of upgrades throughout the game, beyond immediate rewards. Balance the investment of resources with the potential advantages gained in future rounds.

  9. Timing is Key:
  10. Mindfully time your upgrades for maximum effectiveness. Seek optimal moments to upgrade your warriors when the benefits will have a substantial impact on upcoming battles or pivotal game events. Be vigilant in seizing opportunities and balancing upgrading with other critical actions.

By employing strategic upgrade prioritization in Nidavellir, you can optimize the power and versatility of your warriors to outmaneuver your rivals. Assess card rarity and power, focus on synergistic upgrades, address specific game needs, consider the long-term benefits, and meticulously time your upgrades. With careful consideration and strategic upgrades, victory will be within reach.

Conclusion: Forge Your Path to Victory

Congratulations! You have now become well-versed in the intricacies of Nidavellir. By implementing the strategies and understanding the key rules outlined in this guide, you are equipped to lead your clan of dwarves to greatness and secure your place as the ruler of Nidavellir.

Remember, bidding wisely during the Auction phase, building a synergistic deck, maximizing your race’s strengths, managing your resources strategically, and prioritizing your warrior upgrades will be vital in achieving triumph in this Norse mythology-inspired game.

Now it’s time for you to forge your own path, outsmart opponents, and seize victory in Nidavellir. Dive into the vibrant world of Norse mythology, gather your dwarf brethren, and let your skills and strategies shine. Embrace the challenges and surprises that await you to emerge as the ruler of the realm!

May the gods guide you on your quest, and may your reign in Nidavellir be everlasting!

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