How To Play: Nemo’s War (Second Edition) – Setup, rule summary and strategy

In Nemo's War (Second Edition), victory depends on choosing a fitting motivation for Captain Nemo, meticulous resource management, and smart risk assessment. Integrating these strategies will elevate your gameplay and lead to a successful narrative in this epic solo adventure.


Embarking on a journey through the treacherous yet captivating depths of Jules Verne’s imagination comes to life in Nemo’s War (Second Edition), a game that seamlessly blends adventure, strategy, and a narrative brilliance like few others. I’ve spent countless hours at the helm of the legendary Nautilus, teasing apart the game’s intricate mechanics, strategizing over the map scattered with potential threats and wonders, all to bring you the most comprehensive strategy guide you can sink your periscope into.

This isn’t just a dive into the how-to-play basics—though, of course, our trusty guide here provides a solid outline of the game’s rules for any newcomers setting their sights on Nemo’s world. Beyond that foundational knowledge, we delve deep into the tactics that separate successful captains from the unfortunate souls lost to the depths. Here, victory goes to those who can master the arts of planning, adaptation, and calculated risk. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or it’s your maiden voyage on the Nautilus, one piece of old salts’ advice rings true: you must understand the importance of balancing ambition with caution.

Lift anchor and hoist the mizzen! We’re about to plot a course through an ocean of decisions where each turn could lead to ruin or to glory.

What’s in the box

  • 1 Game Board
  • 1 Nautilus Upgrades Chart
  • 1 Ship Resources Track Chart
  • 1 Action Point Track Chart
  • 9 Nautilus Upgrade Cards
  • 10 Attack/Defense Modifier Tokens
  • 220 Adventure Cards, including:
    • 30 Notoriety Tokens
    • 15 Treasure Tokens
    • 17 Character Resource Tiles
  • 2 Six-sided Dice
  • 1 Eight-sided Die
  • 1 Rule Booklet
  • 1 Epilogue Booklet
  • 34 Adventure Tokens
  • 12 ‘Secret’ Tokens
  • 52 Reminder Tokens
  • 6 White Ship Miniatures
  • 1 Captain Nemo Miniature
  • 8 Sailing Ship Miniatures
  • 8 Ironclad Miniatures
  • 215 Ship Tokens
  • 20,000 Leagues Track

How To Play Nemo’s War (Second Edition): Rules Summary

Setting Sail: The Setup

  1. Lay out the game board, representing the vast ocean expanse of the 19th century.
  2. Sort and place the ship tokens into the corresponding draw bags as described in the manual.
  3. Shuffle and place the Adventure, Treasure, and Event cards in their respective decks.
  4. Choose Captain Nemo’s Motivation, which significantly influences your strategy and objectives.
  5. Set up the Nautilus by placing the submarine on the Starting Ocean indicated by your chosen Motivation.
  6. Distribute resource tokens—consisting of a crew, hull strength, and Nemo—for tracking on your player board.
  7. Align the Notoriety track with the starting marker position based on your chosen difficulty level.

Charting the Course: Gameplay

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    Mastering Motives: A Guide to Strategizing in Nemo’s War (Second Edition)

    When I first sailed the perilous seas of Nemo’s War (Second Edition), choosing a motivation for Captain Nemo struck me as merely thematic. But after navigating numerous voyages, I’ve recognized the deep strategic implications tied to Nemo’s drive. Understanding the nuances of each motivation is paramount to crafting your winning strategies.

    Charting the Course: Science

    1. Focus on exploration and collecting wonders. You’ll need to safeguard your Nautilus from excessive combat since it can jeopardize your scientific endeavors.
    2. Choose upgrades that boost resource gathering. I’ve seen reticent players overlook these in favor of combat improvements—an assured path to Davy Jones’ Locker for the unwary scientific captain.
    3. Keep an eye for onboard scientists. Their assistance in exploration can pivot a struggling quest towards a victorious scientific odyssey.

    Battling the Waves: War

    1. Aggression is your ally, the mightier your foe, the greater your glory. Prioritize enhancing your combat capabilities and be judicious—with my own crew, choosing when to strike has ensured profitable conquests versus maritime disasters.
    2. Don’t neglect inciting rebellions; they tie splendidly to warfare, disrupting imperial networks and sowing chaos, aiding your battles significantly.

    Defying Dominion: Anti-Imperialism

    1. Subterfuge and disruption should guide your helm. With the zeal of anti-imperialism, targeting imperialistic symbols becomes not just a victory—it’s your cardinal duty.
    2. Bolster your crew’s morale; their will is paramount to defy empires. We leveraged this aboard my games, forging tales of valor and courage that resonated across the high seas.

    Embarking on Epic Adventures: Adventure

    1. Embrace variability—it’s the heart of adventure. More so than others, balancing mitigation of luck with strategic play holds the secret to legendary tales of the Nautilus.
    2. One treasure could sway your journey from ruin to riches. Always scour the depths for such artifacts, for in one of my most thrilling expeditions, it was an unforeseen relic that turn the tide of fate in our favor.

    Strategizing around Nemo’s chosen motivation enriches your play experience—and can make the difference between being a footnote or a legend in the annals of the seven seas.

    Mastering the Balance of the Seas: Resource Management in Nemo’s War (Second Edition)

    Knowing how to play Nemo’s War (Second Edition) includes being adept at juggling your precious resources effectively. The use of crew, hull strength, and Nemo’s sanity is a balancing act that can determine victory or failure.

    Meticulous Crew Allocation

    1. Always weigh the need for urgency against the potential losses; sending too many crew members on a risky endeavor might deplete your most valuable asset.
    2. Consider diversifying tasks among the crew to prevent catastrophic losses on a single failed adventure.

    Pondering Hull Integrity

    1. Maintain hull strength for encounters where it’s indispensable. Refrain from repairing on every single occasion; the resource might be more needed in dire situations.
    2. Strategically use your actions to avoid risking your hull on avoidable obstacles.

    Cultivating Nemo’s Sanity

    1. Find a sustainable balance between advancing objectives and managing Nemo’s stress; skirmishes and shipwrecks take a toll on him, so choose these battles wisely.
    2. Use actions like resting to restore Nemo’s sanity when it drops, ensuring his tactical decision-making stays sharp.

    Ultimately, players must always estimate the potential gains against the possibility of depleting these crucial resources. It’s a fine dance between aggressive action and conservation that can grant you advantage and glory in Nemo’s War (Second Edition).

    Navigating the Tides: Master Risk Assessment in Nemo’s War (Second Edition)

    Quick thinking and shrewd judgment are paramount when it’s about interpreting the ebb and flow of risks in Nemo’s War (Second Edition). The differentiation between a successful voyage and a journey to Davy Jones’ Locker frequently hinges upon your ability to evaluate dangers and mitigate peril.

    Evaluating Encounters

    1. Gauge the potential loss versus the gain; never charge headlong into conflict without weighing the benefits.
    2. Always consider your crew’s morale and Nemo’s sanity; utilize bolstered dice rolls when you’re more likely to succeed.
    3. Keep an eye on mission objectives; risk more when it aligns with your endgame goals, such as accruing science points for a Science motive.

    Choosing Your Battles

    1. Identify which ships you can take on confidently—some may be too formidable and risk precious resources.
    2. Recognize situational advantages, like favorable notoriety levels that haven’t yet increased your risks for escalations.
    3. Strategically retreat when necessary to save strength for battles that further your win conditions.

    Defensive Preparations

    1. Power up your Nautilus! Upgrades can make or break your resilience in battles, especially when your enemies grow stronger.
    2. Keep your options open for evasive actions; sometimes the best response to challenges is avoidance if facing them doesn’t play into your strategy.
    3. Stash intrigue tokens for encounters inflicting significant losses, such as treacherous sea monsters or unnerving mysteries of the deep.

    Benchmark the game state, friends. Constantly evaluate your strategic potency within the narrative thrust and your chosen motivations. Factoring in the possibility of retrieval from setbacks, honing your response readiness, and anticipating your adversaries’ moves will enhance both your journey aboard the Nautilus and the tales thereafter worth recounting.

    Embark on Your Odyssey

    And there you have it, fearless navigators of the perilous waters! Understanding rule intricacies, mastering the art of smart decision-making, and embracing Captain Nemo’s ethos are the compass points to guide you to resounding triumph in Nemo’s War (Second Edition). Always keep revisiting these strategic currents; like the undercurrents of the open sea, strategies might shift with experience. Observe your opponents, learn from your past voyages, and shift tactics as needed. Your course is charted, your adventure waits, and if the sea is kind, you may yet write an epic equal to the great Captain’s own odyssey. Godspeed on your journey through the deep blue!

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