How To Play: Kingdom Death: Monster – Setup, rule summary and strategy

In the captivating depth of Kingdom Death: Monster, triumph comes to those who master tactics and navigate the darkness wisely. By strategically developing characters, managing resources, formulating effective hunt and combat strategies, and progressing the settlement, players can chart a path to victory in this immersive and challenging board game.

Navigate the treacherous paths of resource management to ensure the survival and growth of your settlement. Develop characters with complementary abilities, prioritize stats and equipment, and utilize special traits for a balanced and effective team. Employ a well-crafted hunt strategy, exploiting weaknesses and equipping survivors appropriately for thrilling monster battles. Guide settlement progression by defining goals, investing in innovation, and prioritizing key constructs for sustainable growth.

In the face of each challenge, you must deploy tactical combat prowess, exploiting the vulnerabilities of monstrous foes while protecting your own survivors. By understanding the rules, implementing position plays, and managing resources wisely, you can achieve the upper hand in fierce showdowns.

Embrace the darkness, forging unforgettable tales and cherished memories along the way. Kingdom Death: Monster rewards those who undertake the arduous journey with an immersive and atmospheric gaming experience full of twists, turns, and the thrill of overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds.

Step into this realm of strategic complexity, adaptability, and daring adventure. Will you conquer the darkness and emerge victorious, or succumb to its relentless terrors? The decision lies with you in the extraordinary world of Kingdom Death: Monster.


Welcome to our comprehensive guide to conquering the darkness in Kingdom Death: Monster. Within these pages, you will find a valuable resource filled with game rules, tips, and strategies to help you achieve victory in this challenging and immersive board game experience. Whether you are a newcomer to the game or a seasoned player looking to refine your skills, this guide will provide you with the essential knowledge and tactics to emerge triumphant.

We will begin by outlining the core game rules, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the mechanics and gameplay. From there, we will delve into the most effective strategies for prevailing in the world of Kingdom Death. Our team of seasoned players has meticulously curated this collection of tactics and insights to assist you in mastering key aspects such as character development, resource management, hunt strategies, settlement progression, and tactical combat.

No aspect of the game will be left unexplored as we provide in-depth analysis, practical tips, and guidance to help you overcome even the most daunting challenges. Our focus is on equipping you with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in this unforgiving and atmospheric setting.

So, gather your fellow survivors, steel your resolve, and prepare to unlock the secrets of Kingdom Death: Monster as we guide you towards triumph over darkness itself.

What’s in the box

  • Monster Cards (36)
  • AID Cards (50)
  • Hunt Event Cards (137)
  • Survivor Cards (256)
  • Settlement Location and Resource Cards (63)
  • Settlement Event Cards (56)
  • Special Showdown Monster AI (4)
  • Principle Cards (57)
  • Survivor Record Sheets (40)
  • Huntable Quarry Game Board (1)
  • Settlement Locations and Event Game Board (1)
  • Reference Book and Base Inserts (2)
  • Monster Sprues (10)
  • Survivor Sprues (20)
  • Settlement Locations and Event Sprues (30+)
  • Large Assortment of Tokens and Tokens Sheets
  • Dice

How To Play Kingdom Death: Monster: Rules Summary


  1. Organize and assemble the game components according to the setup instructions.
  2. Place the game board, decks of cards, and tokens within reach of all players.
  3. Allocate starting resources, characters, and other starting details as outlined.

Game Rounds

  1. Follow the sequence of play, which generally includes turns for the Hunt, Settlement, and Showdown phases.
  2. The Hunt phase involves resource gathering, exploration, and potential encounters along the way.
  3. The Settlement phase focuses on managing resources, advancing the settlement, and making decisions.
  4. The Showdown phase is where combat with the chosen quarry takes place, utilizing tactical skills and strategies.

Hunting and Surviving

  1. Perform actions and make decisions based on events, encounters, and the Hunt A.I. deck.
  2. Resolve any challenges, roll dice for activations, and handle resources according to the outcome.
  3. Engage in combat with monsters using tactical combat rules, utilizing survivor abilities and equipment.
  4. Non-combat survival actions such as gathering resources, crafting, or exploration can take place during the hunt phase.

Settlement Development

  1. Manage resources and dictate how they are used to advance the settlement, build structures, and develop innovations.
  2. Select and apply innovations, principles, technologies, and undertake explorations.
  3. Make decisions regarding population control, settlement milestones, and character development.

Showdown and Monster Battles

  1. Initiate a showdown with the targeted monster, setting up the showdown board and deploying survivors.
  2. Follow rules for positioning, special attacks, and monster AI actions.
  3. Resolve combat actions, rolling dice for attacks and defending against monster attacks.
  4. Monitor survivor health, resources, and reactions, adapting strategies as necessary.

By following these rules and understanding the overall flow of the game, players can navigate the challenging and captivating world of Kingdom Death: Monster, paving their own path to triumph and survival.

Best Kingdom Death Monster Strategies

Character Development and Builds

Mastering character development and finding the optimal builds for your survivors is key to achieving success in Kingdom Death: Monster. Here are some strategies to consider:

Choose Complementary Abilities

  1. Select abilities for your survivors that work well together. Think about how different skills can enhance each other in combat or resource gathering situations.
  2. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of your settlement when picking abilities. Balance your team to cover a variety of roles and ensure a well-rounded set of skills.

Focus on Stats and Equipment

  1. Increase your survivors’ stats strategically. Determine which stats are most valuable for your playstyle and prioritize developing those.
  2. Equip your survivors with the right gear. Pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses of the enemies you’ll face to choose equipment that provides the best chances of survival.

Utilize Special Abilities and Traits

  1. Maximize the use of special abilities and traits. These unique skills can provide significant advantages in various aspects of the game.
  2. Experiment with different combinations of abilities and traits to discover powerful synergies that can turn the tide in your favor.

By effectively developing your characters and creating strong builds, you’ll be better equipped to overcome the challenges and obstacles you encounter in Kingdom Death: Monster.

Resource Management

Effective resource management is crucial for survival in Kingdom Death: Monster. Here are some key strategies to optimize your resource usage and ensure your settlement thrives:

Prioritize Essential Resources

  1. Identify the most essential resources required for your settlement’s survival, such as food, building materials, and specific items needed for advancement.
  2. Allocate your efforts to ensure a steady supply of these vital resources and adjust your priorities based on the needs of your settlement.

Strategize Settlement Development

  1. Plan the development of your settlement strategically. Identify important structures and prioritize building them to unlock valuable benefits.
  2. Balance your resource allocation between settlement expansions, innovation unlocks, and other essential activities to ensure steady progress.

Optimize Exploration and Hunts

  1. Choose your exploration and hunt targets wisely to maximize the resources gained while minimizing the risks.
  2. Consider the resource potential of different locations and plan your expeditions accordingly. Be mindful of opportunities to gather valuable resources during encounters and successful hunts.

Utilize Survivor Abilities

  1. Assign survivors with resource-gathering abilities to the appropriate tasks, optimizing their contributions to specific resource collection efforts.
  2. Invest in survivor traits and abilities that boost the efficiency of resource management or provide unique benefits related to gathering and utilizing resources.

By implementing effective resource management techniques, you can ensure the stability and growth of your settlement, increasing your chances of victory in Kingdom Death: Monster.

Hunt Strategy

Developing a well-planned hunt strategy is vital for success in Kingdom Death: Monster. Follow these strategies to maximize your chances of victory:

Know Your Prey

  1. Research and understand the strengths, weaknesses, and behaviors of the creatures you intend to hunt.
  2. Gather information about their attack patterns, special abilities, and defences to formulate effective counterstrategies.

Equip Properly

  1. Select weapons and gear that exploit the weaknesses of your target creature, maximizing your damage potential.
  2. Have a varied arsenal of equipment to adapt to different hunting scenarios and challenges.

Coordinate Survivor Actions

  1. Coordinate survivor actions during the hunt to increase your efficiency and minimize risk.
  2. Ensure the distribution of roles and responsibilities is well-planned, allowing each survivor to contribute effectively.

Plan for Showdowns

  1. Strategically plan for the final showdown with the hunted creature.
  2. Consider the terrain, boons or traps available, and the specific abilities or weaknesses of the creature, devising a winning strategy.

By employing proper hunt strategies, you can increase your odds of success and obtain valuable resources and experience needed for the progress and prosperity of your settlement in Kingdom Death: Monster.

Settlement Progression

Progressing your settlement efficiently is a key aspect of achieving victory in Kingdom Death: Monster. Follow these strategies to guide your settlement towards success:

Clearly Define Goals

  1. Establish clear long-term goals for your settlement’s progress and advancement.
  2. Create milestones and objectives that drive your decisions and resource allocation, ensuring steady growth.

Invest in Innovation

  1. Research and unlock innovation to access new technologies, upgrades, and abilities for your settlement.
  2. Focus on innovation that aligns with your strategies and complements your playstyle, providing valuable advantages.

Develop Key Constructs

  1. Identify important constructs that provide significant benefits, such as specialized buildings, resource generators, or protective structures.
  2. Allocate resources and prioritize the construction of these key constructs to strengthen your settlement’s foundations.

Balance Survival and Expansion

  1. Maintain a delicate balance between the immediate needs of survival and the long-term possibilities of expansion.
  2. Juggle resource allocation between short-term necessities and investments in settlement growth to ensure sustainability and progress.

By strategically focusing on settlement progression, you can unlock new possibilities, expand your capabilities, and increase your chances of triumph in the harrowing world of Kingdom Death: Monster.

Tactical Combat Tips and Tricks

Mastering tactical combat is crucial for achieving victory in the treacherous battles of Kingdom Death: Monster. Employ these strategies to gain the upper hand in your encounters:

Analyze Threats and Vulnerabilities

  1. Thoroughly assess your opponent’s strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities before engaging in combat.
  2. Study their attack patterns, special abilities, and any exploitable weaknesses that you can capitalize on during the engagement.

Formulate Effective Attack Strategies

  1. Plan your attacks strategically, aiming to exploit your enemy’s weaknesses while minimizing your own risks.
  2. Optimize your damage output by coordinating survivor actions, utilizing powerful abilities and ensuring equipment compatibility for maximum efficiency.

Consider Positioning and Movement

  1. Make efficient use of positioning and movement tactics to gain advantageous positions on the battlefield.
  2. Utilize dodges, evasive maneuvers, and strategic repositioning to avoid attacks and set up counter-attacks effectively.

Manage Survivors’ Health and Resources

  1. Monitor your survivors’ health and resources carefully during combat, making wise decisions to conserve their stamina and optimize their abilities.

  2. Use support actions, healing abilities, and items strategically to maintain the performance and endurance of your survivors.

By mastering tactical combat and utilizing these tips and tricks effectively, you can overcome formidable adversaries and secure victory in the perilous world of Kingdom Death: Monster.

Master the Darkness, Embrace the Triumph

Congratulations, courageous players! You have now reached the end of our comprehensive strategy guide for Kingdom Death: Monster. Armed with knowledge, tactics, and a keen understanding of the game’s rules, you are well-equipped to embark on a thrilling adventure and face the horrors that await you.

We have covered every aspect, from character development to resource management, hunt strategies, settlement progression, and tactical combat. By carefully strategizing and making wise decisions, you can forge a successful path through darkness and towards victory.

Remember to adapt, improvise, and stay resilient as you navigate the unforgiving challenges that Kingdom Death: Monster presents. Your perseverance and ingenuity can lead your settlement out of the shadows and into a prosperous future.

Whether you emerge triumphant or face defeat, embrace the experience and cherish the stories created within this immersive and atmospheric game. Cherish the bonds formed with your fellow survivors, and celebrate the memories forged through countless battles and adventures.

Now, gather your allies, prepare your weapons, and let courage guide you through the depths of darkness. May fate smile upon you in the world of Kingdom Death: Monster!

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