How To Play: Hallertau – Setup, rule summary and strategy

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In Hallertau, a strategic farming game, success lies in your ability to effectively manage resources, make optimal worker placement decisions, strategically choose crops, and upgrade your buildings. Plan ahead, diversify crops, and balance expansion and efficiency to maximize your chances of victory.

Begin by carefully setting up the game board and allocating resources. Throughout the rounds, strategically place your workers on action spaces to perform tasks and gain the most benefits. Harvest your crops, fulfill the needs of your farm, and advance to victory.

Make sure to manage your resources wisely, focusing on diversifying your crops and maximizing their efficiency. Optimize worker placement to secure crucial actions and hinder your opponents. Upgrade your buildings strategically to gain unique abilities and enhance your farm's productivity.

Remember to balance expansion with efficiency; plan for future growth while ensuring efficient resource utilization and maintenance. Pay attention to ordering actions based on worker placement. By implementing a well-rounded strategy that combines resource management, worker placement, optimal crop selection, and building upgrades, you'll become the ultimate master of the farm and reign supreme in Hallertau.

Now it's your time to sow the seeds of success and reap the rewards. Enjoy the immersive experience of Hallertau as you cultivate your way to victory!


Welcome to our comprehensive strategy guide for Hallertau! In this guide, we will delve into the game rules and provide you with the best strategies to secure victory in this captivating farming game. Hallertau challenges players to build and manage their own farm, making tactical decisions, and optimizing their resources to create a successful operation. Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to fine-tune your strategies or a newcomer seeking a solid foundation, this guide is designed to help you excel.

First, we will provide an outline of the game rules, ensuring that you have a solid understanding of the mechanics and gameplay. From there, we will delve into the key strategies that can elevate your performance in Hallertau. You will gain insights into crucial aspects such as resource management, optimal worker placement, strategic crop selection, building upgrades, and balancing expansion with efficiency.

Each strategy will be thorough, providing practical tips, recommendations, and real-world examples to illustrate their effectiveness. By mastering these strategies, you will be able to fine-tune your decision-making, optimize your actions, and increase your chances of achieving victory.

So, whether you aspire to become a Hallertau champion or simply want to improve your game, this guide is here to equip you with the knowledge and strategies necessary for success. Let’s begin our journey to greatness in this captivating farming game.

What’s in the box:

  • 110 Cards
  • Over 200 Tiles
  • Wooden Resource Tokens
  • Player Boards

How To Play Hallertau: Rules Summary

1. Setup and Game Components:
  1. Place the central game board in the center of the table.
  2. Give each player a player board, a set of worker tokens, and starting resources.
  3. Organize and shuffle the cards and tokens according to the rulebook.
  4. Each player places their workers and starting buildings on their player board.
2. Round Overview:
  1. Each round is divided into several phases: Season, Worker Placement, Field, and Maintenance.
  2. During the Season phase, reveal and resolve a new season card.
  3. During the Worker Placement phase, players take turns placing their workers on action spaces.
  4. During the Field phase, players harvest crops and gain resources.
  5. During the Maintenance phase, players fulfill the needs of their farm.
3. Worker Placement Phase:
  1. Players take turns placing their workers on available action spaces.
  2. Each action space allows players to perform specific tasks, such as growing crops or constructing buildings.
  3. Action spaces have limited capacity, so paying attention to what opponents choose is important.
  4. The order of worker placement and subsequent actions is based on the position of the workers on the action spaces.
4. Field Phase:
  1. During the Field phase, players harvest crops already planted on their fields.
  2. Harvested crops provide resources based on their type.
  3. Players may also gain resources from buildings or special abilities during this phase.
5. Maintenance Phase:
  1. During the Maintenance phase, players must fulfill the needs of their farm.
  2. Some needs include feeding animals, paying maintenance costs, or discarding excess resources.
  3. Failure to meet any of the needs will result in penalties.

These are the basic rules of how to play Hallertau. As you familiarize yourself with the gameplay, you will discover the depth and complexity that make this farming game a unique experience. So gather your resources, strategize your actions, and build the most successful farm in Hallertau!

Best Hallertau Strategies

Resource Management

Effective resource management is crucial in Hallertau to ensure a successful and thriving farm. Here are some strategies to help you make the most of your resources:

Plan Ahead:
  1. Determine your short-term and long-term goals to allocate resources accordingly.
  2. Prioritize actions that will provide the most valuable resources.
Diversify your Resources:
  1. Focus on cultivating a variety of crops to ensure a steady influx of different resources.
  2. Consider breeding animals to generate additional resources.
Maximize Efficiency:
  1. Take advantage of action spaces that provide bonus resources or allow you to convert resources effectively.
  2. Optimize your movements around the board to minimize resource wastage.
Know When to Spend and When to Save:
  1. Invest resources wisely in building upgrades that provide ongoing benefits.
  2. Balance expansion with the need to save resources for maintenance and future upgrades.

By effectively managing your resources in Hallertau, you can ensure a steady and scalable operation that will greatly increase your chances of victory.

Optimal Worker Placement

Mastering worker placement is key to maximizing your efficiency and strategic choices in Hallertau. Here are some strategies to help you make the most of your workers:

Plan Ahead:
  1. Anticipate future actions based on the available action spaces.
  2. Decide which worker placements will yield the greatest benefits in terms of resources and actions.
Timing is Everything:
  1. Strategically prioritize your worker placements to secure crucial actions before your opponents.
  2. Take advantage of action spaces that provide special bonuses or allow you to block your opponents’ actions.
Efficient Action Selection:
  1. Choose actions that align with your overall strategy and advance your objectives.
  2. Consider the potential resource generation and immediate benefits of each action.
Worker Synergy:
  1. Utilize workers with special abilities to gain an edge in certain actions.
  2. Strategically deploy workers to trigger powerful combos or actions that chain together efficiently.

By making optimal decisions when placing your workers in Hallertau, you can gain a significant advantage and increase your chances of achieving a successful and prosperous farm.

Strategic Crop Selection

Choosing the right crops to cultivate in Hallertau plays a vital role in your farm’s success. Here are some strategies to make strategic crop selections:

Assess Market Demand:
  1. Keep an eye on the available orders and prioritize cultivating crops in high demand.
  2. Consider the payoff and resource requirements of fulfilling each order.
Diversify Your Crop Portfolio:
  1. Plant a variety of crops to avoid over-reliance on one type and to take advantage of different market fluctuations.
  2. Consider the production rates and cultivation requirements of each crop to create a well-balanced farm.
Consider Crop Chains:
  1. Identify crops that have synergy with each other or that complement your other farm activities, such as animal breeding or building upgrades.
  2. Create crop chains that allow you to maximize the use of resources and trigger valuable actions.
Adapt to Seasons:
  1. Take advantage of seasonal crops that provide extra benefits during specific times of the year.
  2. Adjust your crop selection based on seasonal effects and the unique bonuses they offer.

By strategically selecting and diversifying your crops in Hallertau, you can maximize your profits and optimize your farm’s efficiency, increasing your chances of achieving victory.

Building Upgrades

Upgrading your buildings is a key aspect of progressing and enhancing your farm in Hallertau. Here are some strategies to make the most of your building upgrades:

Establish a Building Strategy:
  1. Prioritize buildings that align with your overall gameplan and provide the most valuable benefits.
  2. Plan your building upgrades in a way that allows for synergistic combinations and efficient resource utilization.
Invest in Resource Production:
  1. Upgrade buildings that generate resources, such as crops or animals, to increase your income.
  2. Focus on buildings that allow for efficient resource conversions or expansions.
Unlock Special Abilities:
  1. Choose buildings that provide unique abilities or actions, allowing you to gain an advantage over your opponents.
  2. Upgrade buildings that grant bonus actions or allow for improved worker placement options.
Balance Upgrades:
  1. Strategically allocate your resources between building upgrades and other aspects of your farm to maintain a well-rounded and efficient operation.
  2. Avoid neglecting crucial upgrades and ensure a balanced progression in your buildings.

By strategically upgrading your buildings in Hallertau, you can unlock powerful benefits, optimize your farm’s capabilities, and greatly increase your chances of achieving victory.

Balancing Expansion and Efficiency

Finding the right balance between expansion and efficiency is crucial in Hallertau for a successful and well-performing farm. Here are some strategies to help you maintain this balance:

Plan for Future Growth:
  1. Anticipate the needs of your farm in the future and plan expansions accordingly.
  2. Allocate resources for future upgrades and buildings to ensure a smooth progression path.
Ensure Efficient Resource Utilization:
  1. Make efficient use of your resources to avoid wastage and maximize their impact.
  2. Consider the opportunity costs of each action and optimize your decisions to gain the most benefits.
Invest in Upgrades When Necessary:
  1. Selectively upgrade buildings or acquire new ones when they significantly enhance the efficiency of your farm.
  2. Weigh the benefits of upgrades against the cost and ensure they align with your overall strategy.
Manage Expansion and Maintenance:
  1. Balance the expansion of your farm with the need for maintenance and upkeep of existing structures.
  2. Avoid overextending yourself by taking on more than you can efficiently manage.

By carefully balancing expansion and efficiency in Hallertau, you can create a sustainable and prospering farm, giving you a better shot at achieving victory.


Congratulations, wise farmer! You have reached the conclusion of our Hallertau strategy guide. Throughout this guide, we have explored various strategies and insights to help you dominate the farming world and emerge as a victorious player in Hallertau.

By understanding the rules, mastering resource management, optimizing worker placement, making strategic crop selections, and investing in building upgrades, you now possess a strong foundation to excel in this immersive farming game.

Remember to plan ahead, adapt to the ever-changing seasons, and strike a balance between expansion and efficiency to ensure a prosperous and strategically sound farm.

Now, armed with this knowledge and these valuable strategies, it is time for you to embark on your farming journey. Make efficient choices, forge a prosperous farm empire, and outshine your rivals. May abundant crops, bountiful resources, and plentiful victories await you in the captivating world of Hallertau! Good luck!

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