How To Play: Friday – Setup, rule summary and strategy

Mastering Friday boils down to a few key strategies: managing resources effectively, understanding and mitigating hazards, and prioritizing your deck building. By focusing on these areas, players can significantly increase their chances of survival and victory. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep playing and refining your strategies!

Ever found yourself stranded on an island, trying to survive not just the elements but also pirate attacks and all sorts of other problems? Well, in the board game ‘Friday,’ that’s exactly what happens. This guide will give you an outline of the game rules and arm you with the best strategies to help Robinson (and maybe you) survive this ordeal. Embrace the challenge and let’s get started.


What’s in the box

  • 72 Robinson cards
  • 22 Hazard cards
  • 3 Aging cards (initial)
  • 18 Aging cards (draw pile)
  • 20 Life tokens
  • 1 Robinson pawn
  • 1 Storage board

How To Play Friday: Rules Summary

So you want to dive into the jungle and help Robinson Crusoe survive? Great choice! Let me walk you through the gameplay of Friday, a solo adventure packed with strategy and fun. I’ve played this game with my friends, taking turns to strategize Robinson’s survival tactics. Here’s a simple breakdown to get you started.


  1. Place the Robinson cards and Hazard cards into two separate decks.
  2. Shuffle each deck thoroughly.
  3. Draw two Hazard cards and lay them face-up.
  4. Set your Life tokens nearby; you’ll need them to track your health.


  1. Choose one of the two Hazard cards to face.
  2. Match your Robinson cards against the Hazard. Aim to have higher points than the Hazard’s challenge level.
  3. If you win, add the Hazard card to your play deck as a new, improved Robinson card.
  4. If you lose, pay Life tokens equal to the difference in points.
  5. Replenish your hand from the Robinson deck and face a new Hazard.


  1. Survive all Hazard cards in the deck three times. Each round, the Hazards get tougher, but you also get smarter.
  2. After the third round, defeat two Pirate ships to win the game.

Special Rules & Conditions

  1. Aging cards: Each time the Robinson deck runs out, shuffle an Aging card into the deck. They make your deck weaker, representing Robinson’s growing fatigue.
  2. Fighting Pirates: When you reach the Pirate ships, combine all your skills, buffs, and strategic thinking to overcome these tough final bosses.

There you have it, a quick rundown on How To Play Friday. Remember, it’s all about balancing risk and reward, managing your resources, and adapting your strategy as Robinson grows older and, hopefully, wiser. Good luck!

Best Friday Strategies

Mastering Resource Management in Friday

Winning at Friday demands smart resource management. Let’s dive into strategies that’ll turn you into a survival pro.

Optimize Your Deck

  1. Trim the fat. Remove weak cards early to streamline your deck.
  2. Balance is key. Ensure a good mix of fight and skill cards.

Managing Health for Gain

  1. Health is a resource. Spend it wisely to acquire better cards.
  2. Don’t fear low health if it means getting game-changing cards.

Strategic Card Play

  1. Play cards in combos. Maximize their effects.
  2. Plan for the long game. Sometimes, a strategic loss is beneficial.

Mastering Hazard Mitigation in Friday

Winning at Friday isn’t just about luck; it’s about smart Hazard mitigation. Here’s how you can stay ahead.

Know Your Hazards

  1. Review hazard cards before playing. Knowledge is power.
  2. Plan your game around the hazards you can handle.

Optimize Your Deck

  1. Remove weak cards frequently. A lean deck faces hazards better.
  2. Invest in cards that counter specific hazards.

Health Management

  1. Don’t be afraid to lose a little health if it means getting rid of a tough hazard.
  2. Balance your health and deck optimization for long-term success.

Mastering Deck Building in Friday: Your Path to Victory

Deck building is the backbone of winning at Friday. First, focus on removing negative point cards early on. This streamlines your deck, making powerful combos more likely.

1. Weed Out the Weak

  1. Prioritize discarding low-value cards.
  2. Avoid cluttering your deck with unhelpful cards.

2. Balance is Key

  1. Mix attack and skill cards to handle different challenges.
  2. Keep an eye on your health cards balance.

3. Upgrade Wisely

  1. Use opportunities to upgrade cards, enhancing your deck’s power.
  2. Choose upgrades that complement your playing style.

By following these strategies, you’ll build a winning deck in no time.


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