How To Play: Fort

Hey, folks! Just finished a marathon session of Fort with my pals and let me tell ya, mastering this game is all about nailing your Resource Management, making the most out of your Friend Cards, and getting creative with those Perks and Made-Up Rules. Who knew cardboard could bring so much joy?


Welcome, fellow board game enthusiasts! Today, we’re cracking open the lid on Fort, a deck-building game that’s as strategic as it is fun. In this guide, not only will we outline the game rules, but we’ll also dish out the best strategies for claiming victory. Whether you’re looking up ‘How To Play Fort’ for the first time or seeking to sharpen your skills, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s level up your gameplay!

What’s in the box

  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Quick Start Guide
  • 4 Player Boards
  • 50 Card Kid Deck
  • 35 Made-Up Rule Cards
  • 18 Perk Cards
  • 4 Score Markers
  • 30 Wooden Resource Pieces
  • 1 Macaroni Sculpture
  • 1 Fort Token
  • 4 Wooden Player Tokens
  • 30 Pizza and Toy Tokens

How To Play Fort: Rules Summary


To get started, each player gets a fort board, a best friend card, and a second friend card from the deck. You place pizza and toys in their respective supply areas. Set up the community park and the deck in the middle of the table. Make sure everyone’s ready for some fun!

  1. Give each player a fort board.
  2. Distribute a best friend card and one random friend card to each player.
  3. Place pizza and toys in supply areas.
  4. Set up the community park and deck.


During your turn, you’ll play a card to take actions. Actions let you gather resources, recruit friends, or boost your fort. You can also follow other players’ actions on their turns. Keep an eye on your friends; if they don’t play with you, they might wander off to someone else’s yard!

  1. Play a card to perform actions.
  2. Collect resources or recruit friends.
  3. Upgrade your fort.
  4. Watch for friends leaving if not played.


The game ends when a player reaches level 5 on their fort or the deck runs out. Then, everyone adds up their points from levels, made-up rules, and any perk cards they’ve collected. The player with the most points wins!

  1. Game ends when a player’s fort hits level 5 or cards run out.
  2. Add up points from fort levels, made-up rules, and perks.
  3. The highest score wins.

Special Rules & Conditions

Fort comes with a twist. Some friend cards have special abilities that shake up the game. Keep an eye on the lookout cards, as they’ll let you peek at the park. And don’t forget, if you meet certain conditions, made-up rules can give you a massive point boost. Play wisely!

  1. Special abilities on friend cards can change gameplay.
  2. Lookout cards allow peeking at the park.
  3. Made-up rules offer big point boosts.

Best Fort Strategies

Mastering Friend Cards: Your Ultimate Winning Strategy in Fort

Friend Cards are key to victory in Fort, but getting the most out of them requires smart play.

Choose Strategically

  1. Look for cards that complement your current strategy.
  2. Don’t just grab any card; think about how it fits into your long-term plan.

Maximize Card Abilities

  1. Use cards that give you the most resources or allow the most actions per turn.
  2. Remember, cards with powerful effects can change the game in your favor.

Keep Your Friends Close

  1. Prevent opponents from stealing your best cards by using them often.
  2. Keep an eye on friends’ fort levels, as higher levels protect valuable cards from being taken.

The Secret Sauce to Winning: Mastering Resource Management

Getting a grip on Resource Management is crucial to win. Here’s how you nail it:

Know Your Resources

  1. Track what you have. Don’t let anything slip!
  2. Plan ahead. What will you need next turn?

Efficient Use

  1. Only spend what you need. Save the rest!
  2. Match resources to plans. Always think one step ahead.

Trading Wisely

  1. Trade with friends, but don’t give them the upper hand.
  2. Barter smart. Aim for what you lack.

Unlocking Victory: Mastering Perks and Made-Up Rules

Winning isn’t just luck; it’s about strategy, especially when it involves perks and made-up rules. Firstly, always keep an eye on the perks. They can give you the edge needed to outmaneuver your opponents.

Strategize with Perks

  1. Identify perks that complement your playstyle. This synergy is crucial.
  2. Maximize the use of your perks each turn. Efficiency wins games.

Getting Creative with Made-Up Rules

  1. Incorporate rules that benefit your strategy but keep the game fair.
  2. Adapt quickly. As the game evolves, so should your rules.

Adapting to Your Opponents

  1. Watch for patterns in how your opponents use their perks and made-up rules.
  2. Counter their strategies with your own unique rules and perk selections.

Mastering the Fort: A Conclusion

So, there you have it, my fellow Fort commanders. From hoarding pizza to choosing your friends wisely, we’ve covered the ins and outs of Fort. Remember, the key to victory lies not just in the cards you’re dealt but in how you play them. Keep your resources close, your friends closer, and your made-up rules closest. With a bit of strategy and a lot of fun, you’re well on your way to becoming the ultimate Fort champion. So gather your friends, shuffle up, and let’s bring down the house!

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