How To Play: First Class: All Aboard the Orient Express! – Setup, rule summary and strategy

A masterful guide for 'How To Play First Class: All Aboard the Orient Express!', outlining essential components, game rules, winning strategies, and card synergies. Ideal for beginners, it provides actionable methods for track and station advancement, as well as contract fulfillment. A must-read for aspiring Orient Express connoisseurs.


Welcome aboard the strategy express for ‘How to Play First Class: All Aboard the Orient Express!’ This guide not only outlines the game rules distinctly for newcomers, but it also digs into the best strategies to outthink and outrun your friends. Whether you’re a first-time passenger or a seasoned traveler, these tips will sharpen your gameplay and set you on track to claim victory. Now, let’s dive into the game’s mechanics and strategies.

What’s in the box

  • 1 Game board
  • 110 Train cards
  • 96 Level cards
  • 18 Contract cards
  • 4 Starting Point cards
  • 4 Player Aid cards
  • 30 Conductor figures
  • 92 Mehroopla (coins)
  • 85 Score markers
  • 120 Scoring track tiles
  • 4 Two-sided player boards
  • 1 Start player marker
  • 1 Rulebook

How To Play First Class: All Aboard the Orient Express!: Rules Summary

Setting Up

Welcome aboard aspiring rail magnates! Firstly, setup is a breeze. Each player selects a color and takes the corresponding train and scorecard. Mix all the modules you’ll be using and create the card display, ensuring route cards are in the bottom row. Place the train meeples on the score track and you’re nearly set to depart on an engaging journey of strategy.

  1. Choose color and take your materials.
  2. Prepare the card display with selected modules.
  3. Set the train meeples on the score track.

The Gameplay Experience

Momentum is crucial as you dive into gameplay. On your turn, simply choose a card from the display to execute one of three core actions—expand your railway with track cards, upgrade with train cards, or optimize with staff cards. Utilize synergies and forward-thinking to efficiently sequence your moves and be adaptable!

  1. Select a card and perform the associated action.
  2. Plan strategically to maximize the potential of each card.
  3. Stay versatile and ready to capitalize on the evolving game state.

Victorious Ambitions: Winning

Your decisive, keen tactics will pave the path to victory. Accrue points throughout the game by expanding your train line, fulfilling contracts, and reaching goals on the scoring track. When the final round ends, extensive combinations and completed bonuses will skyrocket your score above the rest!

  1. Focus on acquiring points throughout the game.
  2. Complete contracts and goals to boost score.
  3. End with a powerful combo for the win!

Additional Instructions: Special Rules & Conditions

Be mindful of unique aspects! Some modules introduce elements like the Telegraph or Murder on the Orient Express; they pack significant twists to your strategies. Adjust swiftly and tackle these challenges with savvy insights to gain the upper hand.

  1. Know the special rules associated with module components.
  2. Align your game plan with the unique conditions these introduce.
  3. Strategically adapt to gain advantages from twists.

Best First Class All Aboard The Orient Express Strategies

Mastering the Railways: Leveraging Card Synergy in First Class

In ‘How To Play First Class: All Aboard the Orient Express!’ understanding card synergy isn’t just smart – it’s crucial for winning the game. It’s about recognizing and executing powerful combos that propel you ahead.

Initial Moves: Setting Up for Success

  1. Look for card pairs that bootstrap each other’s value instantly.
  2. Optimize initial draws to set up potent synergies.

Mid-Game Strategies: Riding the Momentum

  1. Focus on leveraging synergies between upgrade and score multiplier cards.
  2. Strategically sequence your plays to maximize combo effects each round.

Endgame Techniques: Securing the Lead

  1. Prioritize combos that provide endgame bonus points.
  2. Maintain flexibility to adapt combos based on opponents’ moves.

Mastering Movements: The Track to Victory

Strategically advancing your train and upgrading stations is crucial in ‘How To Play First Class: All Aboard the Orient Express!’ Navigate this path wisely and you’ll steam ahead of the competition.

Focus on Extension

  1. Expand tracks quickly to access distant cities and bonuses.
  2. Target long connections for high point railcars.

Station Strategy

  1. Upgrade stations early for progressive benefits.
  2. Pair station upgrades with long tracks to maximize points.

Conductor Placement

  1. Move your conductor to activate station scoring.
  2. Time your conductor movements to synchronize with milestone achievements.

Mastering the Art of Contract Completion

First Class: All Aboard the Orient Express! rewards strategic foresight, especially with contracts and bonuses. Aim high, but stay realistic. Accordingly, Here are the essential strategies:

    Prioritize Achievable Contracts

  1. Choose contracts you can fill swiftly to build a point foundation.
  2. Combine Contracts With Actions

  3. Simultaneously progressing on the track can satisfy multiple contract elements.
  4. Plan for Larger Bonuses

  5. Long-term planning for larger bonuses can yield a significant advantage.
  6. Track Opponent’s Contracts

  7. Anticipate and possibly block their scoring opportunities.
  8. Adapt Contracts to Game Flow

  9. Be flexible and adjust your contract goals according to the game’s development.

Mastering the Rails: Let’s Recap

After we’ve explored the detailed dynamics of contract and bonus optimization as well as the nuances of track and station advancement, you’re now equipped with the insights to outmaneuver your opponents in First Class: All Aboard the Orient Express! Whether it’s smartly advancing on the tracks, leveraging card synergy, or opportunely fulfilling contracts, a balanced strategy is key to clinching success. Remember, the choices you make will steer the luxurious trains in your favor – or send them barreling towards an unexpected outcome. All aboard for the win!

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