How To Play: Everdell – Setup, rule summary and strategy

Quick Summary

In Everdell, an enchanting world brimming with woodland creatures, strategic decisions and adept planning are key to achieving victory. By mastering optimal card combinations, making shrewd resource management choices, strategically placing your workers, manipulating timing and seasons, and implementing long-term planning, you can tip the scales of triumph in your favor. Card synergies, efficient resource allocation, precise worker placement, and the ability to anticipate and manipulate the changing seasons will grant you a competitive advantage. Balancing immediate gains with long-term strategies, seizing advantageous action spaces, and capitalizing on card combinations will optimize your path to victory. Tailor your approach to take advantage of the game's varying goals and objectives and adapt your plans as the game evolves. With careful planning, resourcefulness, and strategic cunning, you can build a prosperous civilization that stands the test of time and secures your place as a revered leader in the extraordinary realm of Everdell.


Welcome to our in-depth strategy guide for Everdell, a captivating and enchanting board game set in a whimsical world of woodland creatures. In this guide, we will walk you through the rules and provide you with expert strategies to maximize your chances of winning. Whether you are new to the game or a seasoned player looking for advanced tips, this guide has you covered.

Everdell combines resource management, worker placement, and card drafting mechanisms, creating a rich and strategic gameplay experience. Our guide aims to help you navigate the game’s intricacies, understand the core mechanics, and develop effective tactics to secure victory over your opponents.

We will explore essential topics such as optimal card combinations, strategic resource management, effective worker placement tactics, timing and season manipulation, and long-term planning. With detailed explanations, practical examples, and actionable tips, this guide will equip you with the tools needed to excel in Everdell.

Whether you have just discovered this enchanting game or are looking to improve your gameplay, our guide will provide valuable insights and strategies to aid you on your journey to becoming a master of Everdell. So, prepare to delve into the secrets and strategies that will elevate your gameplay and unleash your full potential!

What’s in the box

  • 1 Game Board
  • 4 Player Boards
  • 96 Critter and Construction Cards
  • 30 Berries
  • 24 Twigs
  • 18 Resin
  • 10 Pebbles
  • 24 Point Tokens
  • 30 Occupied Tokens
  • 20 Prosperity Tokens
  • 1 Start Player Token
  • 30 Event Cards
  • 1 Ever Tree Card
  • 5 Reference Cards
  • 1 Rulebook

How To Play Everdell: Rules Summary

1. Setup
  1. Construct the game board, placing the appropriate cards and tokens in their designated places.
  2. Give each player a player board, critter-workers, basic resources, and a starting hand of cards.
2. Game Rounds
  1. Everdell is played over a series of rounds, with each round representing a new season.
  2. On their turn, players can take various actions, such as gathering resources, playing cards, constructing buildings, or activating card abilities.
  3. Players take turns clockwise, performing actions until all players have passed.
  4. The round ends once all players have passed.
3. Action Choices
  1. On each player’s turn, they can perform one main action and up to two optional actions.
  2. Main actions include placing a worker on an action space, playing a card, or drawing cards.
  3. Optional actions may include gathering resources, drawing extra cards, or using special abilities.
4. Building Constructions
  1. Players can construct buildings using resources and by playing appropriate cards from their hand.
  2. Each constructed building provides unique benefits and victory points.
5. Goal Cards and Objectives
  1. In addition to constructs, players can fulfill goal cards and objectives for additional victory points.
  2. Goal cards require players to meet specific criteria with their constructed buildings or critters.
  3. Objectives offer various challenges that players can strive to accomplish throughout the game.
6. End of Game
  1. The game ends after a certain number of rounds, or when a player achieves a specific score based on the number of players.
  2. Players tally up their victory points from buildings, constructs, goal cards, objectives, and other sources.
  3. The player with the highest score is crowned the winner and has built the most successful civilization in Everdell.

With these rules in mind, you’re now ready to embark on a magical journey through the enchanting world of Everdell. May your decisions be wise, your resources plentiful, and your civilization thrive as you compete for victory!

Best Everdell Strategies

Optimal Card Combinations: Unleashing the Power of Synergy

Mastering the art of card combinations is a key strategy to secure your victory in Everdell. By strategically pairing and playing your cards, you can unlock powerful synergies and strengthen your civilization with each turn. Here are some effective strategies to optimize your card combinations:

Focus on Synergistic Critter-Card Combos
  1. Look for cards that interact with critters already in play, maximizing their abilities.
  2. Combine critters and cards that complement each other.
  3. Beware of critter-centric cards that may lose their value if you don’t have enough critter-workers.
Exploit Card Chain Reactions
  1. Identify cards with triggers or abilities that can trigger other card effects.
  2. Strategically play cards in a specific order to trigger powerful cascading effects.
  3. Be mindful of cards that allow you to draw additional cards, opening up more possibilities for combinations.
Maximize Point-Generating Monuments
  1. Prioritize building monuments that provide consistent victory points each round.
  2. Look for cards that synergize with your monuments, generating additional points or resources.
  3. Develop a strategy that allows you to quickly construct monuments and enhance their point-earning potential.
Utilize Resource-Boosting Cards
  1. Include cards that help you gather resources more efficiently.
  2. Look for cards that provide resource production bonuses or allow you to exchange resources.
  3. Coordinate the timing of playing cards for maximum resource optimization.

By mastering optimal card combinations, you’ll harness the full potential of your civilization and position yourself for victory in Everdell.

Strategic Resource Management: Building a Thriving Civilization

Efficiently managing your resources is crucial to your success in Everdell. Careful resource allocation and optimization allow you to develop a thriving civilization and gain a competitive edge. Here are some key strategies for strategic resource management:

Prioritize Early Resource Acquisition
  1. Focus on gathering basic resources in the early game to establish a foundation.
  2. Allocate critter-workers to forest locations for regular resource extraction.
  3. Invest in cards that provide resource bonuses or allow resource conversion.
Balance Short-Term Gains and Long-Term Planning
  1. Weigh immediate resource needs against long-term objectives.
  2. Consider the long-term benefits of investing in resource production cards for consistent gains.
  3. Strategically manage your resource production and expenditure to avoid resource shortages.
Synergize Resource Production with Building and Card Effects
  1. Select constructions and cards that enhance your resource income.
  2. Maximize the impact of combos by playing cards that generate additional resources.
  3. Coordinate the timing of card plays to align with resource generation and expenditure.
Assess Resource Scarcity and Develop Contingency Plans
  1. Monitor the availability and demand for resources as the game progresses.
  2. Adapt your resource management strategy based on the current resource market.
  3. Shift your focus to acquiring scarce resources or adapt by changing your overall strategy.

By strategically managing your resources, you’ll ensure a steady supply to fuel your civilization’s growth and lay the groundwork for victory in Everdell.

Effective Worker Placement Tactics: Mastering the Art of Placement

Strategic worker placement is a vital aspect of achieving success in Everdell. Optimal utilization of your critter-workers allows you to maximize your actions and gain a competitive advantage over your opponents. Here are some effective tactics to employ when it comes to worker placement:

Evaluate Location Benefits and Benefits of Blocking
  1. Analyze the benefits offered by each location on the game board.
  2. Assess the potential value of blocking opponents from accessing coveted locations.
  3. Consider the long-term benefits of specific action spaces versus temporary benefits.
Strive for Efficient Action Economy
  1. Plan your worker placements to minimize wasted or unnecessary actions.
  2. Coordinate actions to trigger cascading effects and maximize your overall efficiency.
  3. Take advantage of cards, monuments, and synergies to optimize your worker placements.
Balance Offensive and Defensive Placement
  1. Employ offensive worker placement tactics to hinder your opponents’ progress or resource acquisition.
  2. Strategically use defensive placement to protect your valuable actions or resources.
  3. Adapt your placement strategy based on the current state of the game to maintain a competitive advantage.
Timing is Everything: Capitalize on Timing-Based Action Spaces
  1. Identify which action spaces are dependent on the current season.
  2. Strategically time your worker placements to maximize the benefits of these specific spaces.
  3. Look for cards or abilities that allow you to manipulate the timing of the seasons to gain an edge.

Mastering effective worker placement tactics is a crucial component of achieving victory in Everdell. By strategically deploying your critter-workers, you can seize valuable actions, disrupt opponents’ plans, and forge a path towards triumph.

Timing and Season Manipulation: Master the Ever-Changing Seasons

In Everdell, timing and season manipulation can be strategic tools to gain a competitive edge over your opponents. By understanding and optimizing the implications of the changing seasons, you can make calculated moves and secure victory. Here are some key strategies to master timing and season manipulation:

Plan Actions for Optimal Seasonal Benefits
  1. Identify action spaces that offer enhanced benefits during specific seasons.
  2. Strategically time your actions to align with these beneficial seasons.
  3. Maximize the value of your choices by planning ahead for future seasons as well.
Master Transition Actions Between Seasons
  1. Consider the timing of your moves when transitioning from one season to another.
  2. Utilize cards and abilities that allow for smooth transitions and take advantage of these transitional phases.
  3. Plan and execute actions that position you favorably for the upcoming season.
Minimize the Impact of Non-Ideal Seasons
  1. Develop contingency plans to offset the disadvantages of non-ideal seasons.
  2. Strategically reserve powerful cards or actions for seasons where they provide the most value.
  3. Utilize other game aspects, such as resource gathering or infrastructure development, during non-ideal seasons to maintain progress.
Deliberate Manipulation of Season Sequence
  1. Explore cards, components, or abilities that offer control over the sequence of seasons.
  2. Take advantage of sequence manipulation to maximize synergistic actions or disrupt opponents’ plans.
  3. Strategically time leverage and exert influence over the sequencing of seasons to tilt the game in your favor.

By mastering timing and season manipulation, you can effectively anticipate, react to, and manipulate the seasonal changes in Everdell, ultimately tipping the scales of victory in your favor.

Long-term Planning and Objectives: Securing Victory in the Long Run

In Everdell, long-term planning and objectives play a crucial role in achieving victory. By setting your sights on strategic long-term goals and carefully planning your actions, you can establish a winning strategy that outshines your competitors. Here are some key strategies to effectively utilize long-term planning and objectives:

Identify Victory Point Opportunities
  1. Analyze the various avenues for earning victory points throughout the game.
  2. Prioritize goals and cards that align with your long-term objective of accumulating victory points.
  3. Emphasize constructions, monuments, and card combinations that offer substantial victory point bonuses.
Investment in Engine-building Strategies
  1. Focus on cards and actions that contribute to building an efficient engine.
  2. Strategically develop synergistic card combinations to maximize your engine’s productivity.
  3. Allocate resources and worker placements to enhance your engine’s capabilities.
Establish a Cohesive Civilization Theme
  1. Theme your civilization-based on objectives and the synergy of your cards.
  2. Select cards and cards-combo that align with a specific playstyle or thematic direction.
  3. Strategically build constructions and monuments that support the synergy of your chosen civilization theme.
Adjust to Dynamic Gameflow and Ongoing Objectives
  1. Evaluate the evolving game state and adapt your long-term objectives accordingly.
  2. Monitor opponents’ progress and adjust your plans to counter their strategies and objectives.
  3. Flexibility in adjusting long-term plans ensures your strategies remain viable as the game unfolds.

By adopting a proactive approach to long-term planning and objectives, you can pave the way for victory in Everdell. Engage in strategic decision-making, pursue overarching objectives, and chart your path towards triumph.

Conclusion: Forge Your Path to Victory

Congratulations, now you are equipped with valuable strategies, tips, and the knowledge needed to gain an edge in Everdell. By optimizing card combinations, efficiently managing resources, mastering worker placement, leveraging timing and season manipulation, and implementing long-term planning, you can forge your path to victory and build the most thriving civilization.

As you dive into the whimsical world of Everdell, remember to adapt your strategy to evolving game conditions, anticipate your opponents’ moves, and seize opportunities as they arise. Merge the power of careful planning with dynamic decision-making to outshine your competitors and create a civilization that will be celebrated throughout the forest.

No matter if you are a seasoned strategist or a novice explorer, the intricacies of Everdell remind us that victory lies not only in specific actions but in a comprehensive and holistic approach. Embrace the challenges, embrace the magic, and embrace the journey that Everdell offers.

Now, go forth and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Everdell. Best of luck on your quest for victory!

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