How To Play: Dixit – Setup, rule summary and strategy

A successful approach to Dixit hinges on mastering clue balance, optimizing card interpretation, and employing strategic voting. Adaptation and an awareness of other players' strategies are key to outwitting opponents and conquering this imaginative and richly interpretive game.


Welcome to the riveting world of Dixit, the game of storytelling and intuition. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re looking for ways to up your Dixit game or just get a solid start. Perfect, you’re in the right place! Not only will this guide offer a concise outline of the game rules, but it will also dive into the best strategies for claiming victory. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the whimsical universe of Dixit, these tried and tested tips – gathered from my many game nights with friends – will help sharpen your gameplay. Prepare to unfold the secrets of How To Play Dixit like a pro!

What’s in the box

  • 1 Scoreboard
  • 84 Image cards
  • 36 Voting tokens (6 sets of numbers 1-6)
  • 6 Wooden rabbit markers
  • 1 Rule booklet

How To Play Dixit: Rules Summary

Dixit is a beautifully illustrated game of creative guesswork, where your imagination unlocks the tale. If you’re picking up the game for the first time and looking to understand its nuances, here’s a straightforward guide on getting started and tips on becoming a Dixit champion! Make sure to lead your friends and family through this journey with enthusiasm to ensure everyone grasps the rulebook with ease!


  1. Place the game board in the middle of the table.
  2. Each player chooses one of the colored rabbit scoring tokens and places it on the start square of the score track.
  3. Shuffle the deck of 84 image cards and deal six to each player. Keep your cards secret!
  4. Decide who will be the first storyteller, either by consensus or at random.


  1. The storyteller selects a card from their hand and thinks of a clue—a word, a sentence, or even a sound that’s related to the image on the card.
  2. Without revealing it, the storyteller declares their clue out loud to the others and places their card face down on the table.
  3. All other players select one of their own cards which best matches the storyteller’s clue and gives it to the storyteller, face down.
  4. The storyteller shuffles all received cards and reveals them randomly on the designated spaces on the board.
  5. Players secretly vote for the card that they believe is the storyteller’s, using their numbered voting tokens.
  6. Reveal the vote and commence scoring! ({Use for reference, scoring is detailed in Winning section}).
  7. Finish the round by dealing one new card to each player to replenish their hands back to six cards.
  8. The role of the storyteller rotates, moving to the next player.
  9. Continue playing following these steps until the deck of cards is depleted.


  1. The game ends when there are not enough cards to replenish each player’s hand after a round, or reaching the end of the score track on the game board.
  2. Players calculate their final scores based on the number of points they’ve gathered throughout the game.
  3. The player with the highest score is declared the winner!

Special Rules & Conditions

  1. If all players or no players find the storyteller’s card, the storyteller scores 0, and each player gains 2 points. Besides, each player puts a bonus chip on their chosen card’s number into the round marking, starting with the person on the storyteller’s left. This can give them an extra scoring advantage in the following rounds.
  2. You cannot give a clue that’s too abstract or difficult; it should lead at least one player (but not all) to your card.
  3. Bonus votes: if your non-storyteller card is voted on, you receive 1 point for each vote your image receives!

Best Dixit Strategies

Mastering the Art of Mystique in Dixit: The Clue Balance Phenomenon

In ‘How to Play Dixit’, understanding the balancing act of giving clues is pivotal. You want the clue to be neither too obscure nor blatantly obvious. Mastery of this art form elevates your game to new heights. Striking a balance demands a fine blend of creativity and empathy – predicting what might resonate with at least one player, without disclosing too much for everyone to make the connection. Now, let’s delve into strategies to achieve this nuanced objective:

    Size Up Your Audience

  1. Know your fellow players’ thoughts and references; tailor your clue to align with the collective wavelength, villainously delighting at knowing some hints will whizz over their heads.
  2. Employ Your Poker Face

  3. Whether your clue is a clever quip or a complex riddle, maintaining a neutral facade conceals your satisfaction, leaving players at sea.
  4. Explore the Edges of Creativity

  5. Delve into abstract ideas or pick themes just on the periphery of the group’s collective knowledge, entwining familiarity with the unexpected.
  6. Mind the Game’s Tempo

  7. Adjust the obscurity of your clues in tandem with the game’s pace. Contemplate less intricate prompts when time is waning to sustain brisk gameplay.

Unlocking the Secrets of Dixit: Mastering the Art of Interpretation

In Dixit, mastering the interpretation of clues is vital for victory. Reading between the lines is where the magic happens, and excelling at this can propel you ahead of your opponents. Each card tells a story, but the real trick is aligning that narrative with the storyteller’s subtle hints.

Know The Storyteller

  1. Analyze past clues given by the same player to understand their thought process.
  2. Pay attention to their cultural references and personal experiences; these often color their clues.

Look for Patterns

  1. Often players unconsciously lean towards certain themes or concepts—catch onto these tendencies.
  2. Discern recurring symbols and motifs in a player’s card selections.

Play Detective

  1. Consider not just what is depicted, but also what emotions or ideas the images might evoke.
  2. Be adept at quickly constructing multiple interpretations of a single clue to cover more ground.

Finally, transition smoothly from observer to participant. Reflect on the shifting strategies and interpretations of other players. Everywhere you look, there are clues, and the ones who weave through them with the most finesse often come out on top in Dixit.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Dixit Through Clever Voting

Whenever I think back to some of the most nail-biting moments while playing Dixit with my buddies, a lot of them come down to the eleventh-hour votes that threw the points totally off balance. That’s the thrill of the game: making votes count and squashing everyone’s expectations. Let’s dive into how you can brush up on your strategic voting to maximize your scoring prowess!

1. Analyze Your Competitors’ Patterns

  1. Scrutinize past votes to predict future moves.
  2. Glean insights on their card choices based on the story clues.
  3. Remember, people are creatures of habit.

2. Disguise Your Intent

  1. Don’t let your gaze or body language give you away!
  2. Keep your voting decisions clandestine.
  3. Misdirect with your commentary — throw them off your card.

3. Hold Your Cards Close

  1. Vote for the story’s card only when you’re sure to reap points.
  2. If unsure, spread votes to mitigate risk.
  3. Vote for your card discreetly when it benefits you.

4. Perfect Timing

  1. Keep track of when to vote conservatively or take risks.
  2. Monitor the score to influence your voting strategy.
  3. Seize opportunity when a points upheaval favors you.

5. Adaptability Steers the Game

  1. Add bends to your strategy based on the gameplay flow.
  2. Stay dynamic. React to the mood of the game—change it if you must.
  3. Every game of Dixit is different; read the room and adjust accordingly!

Strategic voting in Dixit is an exhilarating balancing act. To excel, you must pay keen attention, adapt quickly, and sometimes, just follow your gut. Remember, although points matter, the laughter shared while outwitting your friends is truly what makes it a winning game!

Concluding Strategies to Triumph in Dixit

Whether you’re deciphering the depths of vague which will act as a guide for players eager to delve into the enchanting realm of Dixit, bridging the gap between newbie and experienced strategist findings clues or meticulously planning your vote, mastering Dixit is like dancing a fine ballet of wit and intuition. The various strategies we’ve examined – from the delicate balancing act of giving clues to the insightful art of interpretation, to the cunning tactics of scoring – can transform your gameplay into a canvas of creativity and cunning competition.

Remember, the best way to learn is by playing. So gather your friends, unleash your imagination, and let your story unfold. Who knows? With practice and these tips up your sleeve, you might just become the greatest storyteller the world of Dixit has ever known. The art of storytelling is now in your hands; paint a path to victory with each card you play!

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