How To Play: Caverna: The Cave Farmers – Setup, rule summary and strategy

Quick Summary

In Caverna: The Cave Farmers, you will embark on an immersive and strategic journey in the depths of the underground. This captivating board game offers engaging gameplay mechanics, exquisite component quality, high replay value, and intense player interaction for an unforgettable gaming experience.

To emerge victorious in Caverna, you must strategically navigate various aspects of gameplay, such as optimal room placement, effective resource management, balancing development and farming, strategic animal breeding, and maximizing action selection. By carefully considering objectives, prioritizing actions, and leveraging the synergies of different strategies, you can forge a prosperous and well-equipped dwarf civilization.

The game presents countless paths to victory, ensuring each session remains fresh and exciting. The remarkable components, detailed artwork, and durable storage solutions enhance the visual appeal and longevity of the game.

With its well-crafted rules and comprehensive strategy guide, Caverna equips players, whether seasoned veterans or novices, with the knowledge and tactics to excel in the game. The goal is to accumulate victory points through efficient and thoughtful decision-making, ultimately securing the title of the most successful underground community.

With strategic planning, adaptability, and a touch of dwarven luck, the thrill of conquering the underground awaits in Caverna: The Cave Farmers.


Welcome to our comprehensive strategy guide for Caverna: The Cave Farmers! This guide is designed to help you master the game by providing a deep understanding of the rules and sharing the most effective strategies to secure triumph in the competitive underground world.

Caverna: The Cave Farmers is a beloved board game that offers a myriad of possibilities for players to shape their own thriving dwarf communities. With its dynamic gameplay mechanics, exquisite component quality, high replay value, and intense player interaction, the game provides an immersive and strategic gaming experience.

In this guide, we will begin by providing a detailed outline of the game rules, ensuring that you have a solid foundation to build upon. From there, we will dive into the best strategies for winning the game, focusing on essential aspects such as optimal room placement, effective resource management, balancing development and farming, strategic animal breeding, and maximizing action selection.

Each section of the guide will delve into the intricacies of the strategy, offering tips, techniques, and insightful advice to guide you towards victory. Whether you are new to the game or a seasoned player, this guide will equip you with the knowledge and tactics needed to conquer the underground realm of Caverna.

So, gather your dwarves, prepare your farming and mining operations, and get ready to embark on a thrilling journey towards triumph in Caverna: The Cave Farmers!

What’s in the Box

  • 1 Game Board
  • 1 Harvest Indicator
  • 7 Player Boards
  • 33 Honest Dwarf Tiles
  • 18 Starting Tiles
  • 16 Round Playing Pieces
  • 16 Round Cards
  • 130 Room Tiles
  • 12 All-Round Tiles
  • 4 Prices Rule Tiles
  • 48 Field, Pasture, and Stable Tiles
  • 40 Trough Tiles
  • 24 Adventurers
  • 8 Velvet Bags
  • 7 Feed Bars
  • 63 Source Markers
  • 1 Progress Track Indicator
  • 45 Resource Tiles
  • 60 Stone Food Tiles
  • 6 X Stability Markers
  • 41 Dungeon Tiles
  • 20 and 50 Categorical Markers
  • Small and Big Animals
  • Action Markers
  • 29 Allotment Tiles
  • 16 Ore Mines
  • Organize Triangles/Loose Stone/Square Space Chamber Tiles
  • 8 Mystery Tiles
  • 5-double-sided Replacement Card
  • 10 Quest Tiles
  • 48 Animal Improvement Tiles
  • 63 Development Cards
  • 21 Dwarf />
  • Budget Flooring Markers
  • 43 Excavation Chamber Tiles
  • 7 Deployment Tiles
  • 17 PAD Markers
  • 8 Decoration Archives Tiles
  • 16 Starting Round Tiles
  • Tunnel and Cave Bat Markers
  • 30 Rubble tiles
  • 10 Weapons
  • 41 Crystal Earrings, Nugget Gold, Cheap Material, Stone Pipe Tiles

How To Play Caverna: The Cave Farmers: Rules Summary


The objective of Caverna: The Cave Farmers is to lead your dwarf family to thrive by expanding your underground homestead, nurturing animals, gathering resources, embarking on diverse adventures, and ultimately scoring the highest number of victory points.

Setting Up:
  1. Place the game board in the center of the table and adjust it based on the number of players.
  2. Prepare the room tiles, round cards, resource tiles, and other components.
  3. Create a stack of randomly selected improvements and starting tiles for specific rounds.
  4. Provide each player with their player board, a dwarf marker, and other necessary components.
  1. Starting with the first player, players take turns clockwise and choose an available action either from the communal pool or by drafting a new tile.
  2. Actions can include exploring caves, mining resources, farming, breeding animals, going on adventures, or renovating your home, amongst others.
  3. Each action requires a specific cost in dwarves, resources, or rooms.
  4. Players carefully manage resources, expand their farms, construct rooms, breed animals, and undertake adventures to gain objective cards and score victory points.
  5. After completing actions, players feed their dwarves with the required amount of food.
  6. After rounds 4, 7, 9, 11, and 12, players renovate their homes by discarding their old dwellings and building better structures using stone, wood, and ore.
  7. The game continues until the end of the 12th round.
Scoring and Winning:
  1. Players score victory points based on accumulated resources, improvements, accomplishments, and fulfilled objectives.
  2. The player with the highest number of victory points at the end of the game is declared the winner.
  3. In the case of a tie, the player with fewer empty spaces on their player board is the winner. If still tied, the player with fewer unused resources wins.

By following these rules, you can dive into the fascinating world of Caverna: The Cave Farmers and strategically navigate your way to triumph in this immersive and engaging board game experience!

Best Caverna The Cave Farmers Strategies

Mastering Optimal Room Placement: Planning for Success

Optimal room placement in Caverna: The Cave Farmers is crucial to ensure efficient resource management, family growth, and overall progress. Effective strategies for room placement can give you a significant advantage over your opponents. Here are key tips to consider:

Consider Your Objectives
  1. Prioritize rooms that align with your chosen strategy. If you aim for animal breeding, focus on constructing stables, kennels, and pastures first.
  2. If you plan to emphasize mining or adventuring, allocate rooms that support these goals.
  3. Strike a balance between completing objectives and expanding your family. Construct suitable rooms to accommodate additional dwarves.
Maximize Actions with Room Efficiency
  1. Place rooms strategically to enhance efficiency. Clustering rooms offering related actions nearby one another can streamline your decision-making process and save valuable actions.
  2. Ensure easy access to essential rooms. Position storage spaces, production rooms, and harvest rooms advantageously to optimize resource gathering and management.
  3. Experiment with different room layouts to discover synergies. Certain room combinations can multiply your gains, such as placing furnaces near mining rooms to smelt ores more efficiently.
Utilize Expansion Pack Rooms
  1. Make use of expansion pack rooms available to you. These additional options introduce new rooms with unique abilities and functions, enabling a multitude of strategic approaches.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the expansions’ room synergies and implement them to your advantage. Rooms from different expansion packs may complement each other perfectly.

With careful consideration of your objectives, maximizing room efficiency, and leveraging expansion pack options, mastering optimal room placement will pave the way to victory in Caverna: The Cave Farmers. Stay tuned for our next topic: Effective resource management!

Mastery of Effective Resource Management: Thriving Through Abundance

Effective resource management is the key to success in Caverna: The Cave Farmers. Properly utilizing and optimizing your resources will enable you to expand your family, construct critical structures, and ultimately outpace your opponents. Here are essential strategies to consider:

Know Your Priorities
  1. Identify your core objectives and prioritize the resources needed to achieve them. Focus on accumulating the necessary materials for your chosen strategy, whether it’s agriculture, mining, adventuring, or other paths to victory.
  2. Balance your resource investments to avoid waste. Allocate your limited resources wisely, considering both immediate and long-term benefits while avoiding unnecessary stockpiling of particular resources.
Maximize Resource Efficiency
  1. Prioritize actions that yield the highest returns on investment. Spend actions on resource collection methods that generate multiple types of resources, such as exploring caves or participating in adventurous expeditions.
  2. Optimize your workers’ output by incentivizing their productivity. Rooms like breweries and grain storages can enhance the efficiency of your agricultural operations while taking up fewer actions.
  3. Strategically enhance resource gathering by breeding animals and constructing buildings that provide supplementary resources. Leverage animal-based resources to minimize reliance on traditional means of production.
Plan for Long-Term Growth
  1. Consider the long-term implications of your resource management decisions. Aim for a sustainable resource economy that can support your growing family and ensure their needs are met.
  2. Invest in room and update upgrades to augment your resource capacity. A well-developed infrastructure will enable you to generate a surplus in food, ore, and other vital materials.

By prioritizing objectives, maximizing efficiency, and planning for long-term growth, effective resource management will propel you towards unparalleled success in Caverna: The Cave Farmers. Keep an eye out for our next topic: Balancing development and farming!

Achieving Harmony: Balancing Development and Farming for Triumph

Striking the right balance between development and farming is crucial in Caverna: The Cave Farmers. Properly managing your expansion plans while maintaining a productive agriculture system will lead you to victory. Here are key strategies for achieving harmony:

Assess Your Short-Term and Long-Term Needs
  1. Evaluate the immediate needs of your family to sustain growth and gather essential resources. Allocate enough actions for cultivation, planting, and harvesting crops to maintain steady food production.
  2. Also, consider the long-term goals of your underground community. Dedicate actions and resources to expand your family, strengthen your dwelling, unlock powerful rooms, and acquire advantageous animals.
Optimize Your Farm’s Efficiency
  1. Maintain a diverse range of crops, including grains and vegetables, to provide a balanced array of food resources. This diversity will minimize the chance of shortages if specific crop types become scarce.
  2. Increase the yields of your farming actions. Construct buildings like the granary and baking chamber to boost the conversion efficiency of grain and vegetables into food, allowing you to sustain more dwarves with limited resources.
  3. Room placement is pivotal for agricultural success. Situate your fields and pastures in strategically convenient areas to maximize productivity and minimize the number of actions required for farming-related tasks.
Prioritize Resource Acquisition Alongside Farming
  1. Expand your family and explore new areas of the underground to gather resources and discover valuable rooms. Continuously invest actions into acquiring ore and gathering loot, which can supplement your farming efforts and enable exciting quests.
  2. Breed animals to obtain an additional avenue for resources. Prioritize animals that offer valuable side products like milk, wool, or hides to augment your economy, providing income or alternative sources of sustenance.

By carefully balancing your development and farming efforts, you can create a harmonious and flourishing community in Caverna: The Cave Farmers. Stay tuned for our next topic: Strategic animal breeding!

Masterful Breeding: Unleashing the Power of Strategic Animal Breeding

Strategic animal breeding in Caverna: The Cave Farmers can be the key to creating a thriving and self-sustaining community in the underground world. By carefully managing your livestock and utilizing targeted breeding tactics, you can unlock significant advantages. Here are essential strategies to consider:

Prioritize Valuable Animal Species
  1. Evaluate the resources and side products provided by each animal species. Focus on breeding animals that offer valuable goods such as milk, wool, hides, or special abilities that enhance your resource acquisition or actions’ efficiency.
  2. Allocating actions and resources towards breeding prestigious animals will yield long-term benefits. Consider the economic value and overall usefulness of each species before initiating a breeding program.
Gather Room and Tile Combinations
  1. Engage in strategic room and tile placements that enhance animal breeding efficiency. Construct nurseries and barns near each other to streamline care and ease of access when breeding and feeding your animals.
  2. Keep a lookout for expansion pack rooms that introduce animal-specific advantages or create synergistic effects when paired with existing breeding setups. Incorporate these rooms to improve your breeding strategies.
Exploit the Effectiveness of Animal Feed
  1. Understand the significant impact of using animal feed to boost breeding outcomes. Invest in developments such as agricultural weekly-and-T-turn cards that contribute extra feed to optimize successful breeding attempts.
  2. Acquire resources or rooms that enable you to generate a steady supply of animal feed. Continuous feed availability enhances the quantity and quality of your newly bred animals.
Manage Animal Population with Care
  1. Control the growth of your animal population to prevent overcrowding and resource depletion. Ensure that you have sufficient resources to sustain and benefit from each newly bred animal rather than saturating your economy with surplus offspring.
  2. Strategically manage the lifespan of your animals. Consider the timings for selling or slaughtering older animals to make way for newer, more impactful breeds. Maximize the efficiency of each animal’s lifecycle.

By implementing strategic animal breeding techniques, you can harness the untapped potential of your livestock in Caverna: The Cave Farmers. Stay tuned for our next topic: Maximizing action selection!

Unleashing Potential: Maximizing Action Selection for Triumphant Victories

Maximizing action selection capabilities in Caverna: The Cave Farmers is a pivotal strategy that accelerates your progress, strengthens your assets, and pushes you towards victory. Through efficient and well-thought-out planning, you can optimize your actions to their fullest potential. Here are essential strategies to consider:

Plan Ahead for Optimal Action Efficiency
  1. Anticipate future actions and map out your gameplay trajectory to ensure efficient action utilization. Consider actions that yield multiple resources or trigger cascading benefits to extract maximum value from each selection.
  2. Develop a clear turn-by-turn action plan, keeping in mind the availability and duration of beneficial and time-sensitive actions. Avoid unnecessary actions that provide negligible gains or divert you from your primary objectives.
Leverage Supplementary Action-Turn and Feeding Cards
  1. Acquire and effectively utilize action-turn and feeding cards that grant additional turns or bonuses, expanding your available actions. Strategically optimize feeding sequences by utilizing cards that grant extra feeding capabilities or reduce food consumption.
  2. Coordinate your feeding rounds with beneficial actions, pursuing actions that garner resources or family growth before consuming precious food resources. This allows you to maximize outputs, chaining actions together to profit from each allocated task.
Maintain a Balanced Action Spread
  1. Aim for a balanced spread of actions, diversifying your efforts to cover multiple objectives simultaneously. Avoid devoting all your actions to a single strategy, as this can make your gameplay predictable and more susceptible to disruptions by opponents.
  2. Prioritize rare and hard-to-acquire actions to seize advantages over your opponents. Opportunistically secure powerful actions while simultaneously delegating lesser actions in order to maintain a competitive edge.
Don’t Neglect Action Spaces from Expansion Packs
  1. Expansions introduce additional action spaces that innovate gameplay and provide fresh opportunities for strategic planning. Familiarize yourself with these expansions and harness their unique action spaces to multiply your actions’ potency and effectiveness.
  2. Analyze the potential synergies between base game actions and expansion packs. Integrate actions in a way that leverages advantages created by the additional spaces, providing a rich and expansive action portfolio.

By maximizing the selection of your actions and strategically planning your moves, you unlock unparalleled potential within Caverna: The Cave Farmers. Stay tuned for our final topic: Putting It All Together – Conquering the Underground!

Mastering the Underground: Conclusion

Congratulations on completing our comprehensive strategy guide for Caverna: The Cave Farmers! Armed with an understanding of the game rules and the most effective strategies, you are now ready to conquer the complexities of this underground world and lead your dwarf family to victory.

Throughout this guide, we have explored key aspects of gameplay, including optimal room placement, effective resource management, balancing development and farming, strategic animal breeding, and maximizing action selection. By mastering these components, you will be well equipped to navigate the challenges, choices, and interactions that Caverna presents.

Remember, flexibility is crucial as you adapt your strategies based on the ever-changing conditions and rivalries within the game. Be open to experimentation and exploration, uncover the unique paths to success, and adapt your game plan to stay one step ahead of your opponents.

Each session of Caverna: The Cave Farmers invites you to shape and grow your underground community, relying on decision-making prowess, resource allocation, and tactical maneuvers. As you nurture your family, cultivate your resources, and orchestrate your actions, your dwarf civilization will thrive and ultimately secure triumph.

Now it’s time to unleash your strategic prowess, embark on thrilling adventures, and strive for victory in this remarkable board game. May your journeys in the underground be filled with excitement, challenge, and most importantly, unforgettable moments of gaming enjoyment.

Thank you for joining us on this strategy guide journey. Get ready to leave your mark in the depths of Caverna!

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