How To Play: Brew

So, I've been diving deep (but not *diving into*, mind you) into the magical world of Brew. Through many laughs and a few spills, my friends and I have figured out the tricks to mastering this game. It's all about balancing your elements, knowing when to unleash your creature powers, and not forgetting the strategic gold mine that is controlling the day and night cycles. Trust me, getting the hang of these will have you brewing up victories in no time!


Hey folks, Jamie here! If you’ve ever sat down to play Brew and found yourself wondering how on earth to master this magical game, then you’re in the right place. This guide will give you a rundown of the game rules and dish out some of the best strategies to help you win. Grab your potions and creatures; it’s time to become the Brew champion you were always meant to be.

What’s in the box

  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Game Board
  • 4 Player Boards
  • 1 First Player Marker
  • 4 Elemental Dice (per player)
  • 16 Forage Dice
  • 20 Potion Cards
  • 18 Forest Cards
  • 12 Village Cards
  • 14 Creature Cards
  • 24 Element Tokens
  • 30 Brew Tokens
  • 4 Player Markers (1 per player)
  • 60 Resource Tokens (15 of each type)

How To Play Brew: Rules Summary

So, you’ve decided to dive into the mystical world of Brew, where balance and chaos walk hand in hand. Whether you’re looking to restore harmony or tip the scales to your favor, understanding the core rules will get you there. Let’s break it down, shall we?


  1. Lay out the game board in the center of the table.
  2. Each player picks a character and takes the corresponding dice and player board.
  3. Shuffle the forest cards and lay them out in their designated spaces on the board.
  4. Place the element dice in a pile within reach of all players.
  5. Shuffle the creature cards and create a deck, then draw the first five to form the creature row.


  1. Players take turns rolling their dice and choosing whether to gather resources, control forests, or recruit creatures.
  2. You can place a die on a forest card to gather its resources or on a creature card to gain its loyalty.
  3. Using element dice allows you to perform special actions based on the element rolled.
  4. The game is played in rounds, each ending when all players have placed their dice.


  1. The player who has the most control over forests by the end of the game wins.
  2. Points are also scored by recruiting creatures and completing personal and shared goals.
  3. The player with the highest score after totaling points from forests, creatures, and goals is declared the victor.

Special Rules & Conditions

  1. Day and night phases affect gameplay, with some creatures and actions only activated during certain times.
  2. Players can use potions to bend the rules, like rerolling dice or taking extra actions.
  3. If a player cannot place a die, they must pass and are out for the remainder of the round.
  4. Balance between elements is key. Players who master the use of their element dice in harmony with their strategy tend to perform better.

Remember, the heart of Brew lies in strategic flexibility and adaptability. May your journey through the enchanted forests be both challenging and rewarding!

Best Brew Strategies

Mastering Resource Management in Brew

Efficiency is key in Brew. You gotta play smart. Here’s how:

Know Your Elements

  1. Keep track of what you need. Forest, water, fire, you name it.
  2. Balance is everything. Don’t go all in on one type.

Plan Your Moves

  1. Think ahead. What will you need next turn?
  2. Watch what others are grabbing. Don’t get left behind.

Optimize Your Actions

  1. Every move should help. Aim for big combos.
  2. Use creatures wisely. They can turn the tide.

Mastering the Wild: Creature Powers Unleashed

Choose Wisely

Picking the right creatures is the first step to victory. Look for synergies with your current strategy.

  1. Evaluate each creature’s power.
  2. Match them with your game plan.

Timing is Everything

Deploy your creatures when they’ll have the most impact. Sometimes, waiting for the perfect moment pays off more than rushing in.

  1. Wait for the right turn.
  2. Maximize the effects by timing.

Maintain Flexibility

Adapt your strategy as the game evolves. Be ready to switch tactics and use your creatures in new ways to surprise your opponents.

  1. Stay adaptable.
  2. Use creatures to block or advance strategically.

Mastering the Day and Night: A Winning Strategy in Brew

Controlling the day and night cycle is key in Brew. It’s not just about what you do, but when you do it. This approach can turn the tide of the game in your favor. Here’s how:

1. Seize the Day – Maximize Actions

  1. Use day turns to gather resources aggressively. Daytime is your chance to stock up.
  2. Focus on actions that are enhanced by daylight. Some creatures and powers get a boost.

2. Own the Night – Strategic Moves

  1. Night turns are perfect for playing creatures. The competition sleeps while you build strength.
  2. Execute plans that benefit from the night. Some areas on the board are more valuable or accessible then.

3. Balance Is Key – Adapt and React

  1. Stay flexible. React to the changing day/night cycle. Don’t stick to one strategy.
  2. Plan your next move based on the upcoming cycle. Anticipate the shift and prepare.

Mastering the Elements: A Brew Game Finale

So, we’ve talked a lot about how to play Brew. From managing your resources like a pro to making those creatures work overtime for you, not to mention getting the hang of flipping between day and night like some kind of board game vampire. It’s been a journey, huh? I’ve had my fair share of laughs (and facepalms) playing this game with friends. And let me tell you, nothing beats the feeling of pulling off a strategy so sneaky, even you didn’t see it coming.

Remember, the key to Brew isn’t just in mastering its mechanics but also in enjoying the chaos of it all. Sometimes, the best plan is to adapt to the madness rather than trying to control it. So, gather your friends, or maybe even some unsuspecting family members, and get brewing. Who knows? You might just become the next Brew master. Or at the very least, have a great story to tell.

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