How To Play: Argent: The Consortium – Setup, rule summary and strategy

If you're diving into 'How To Play Argent: The Consortium', remember the cornerstones: know your voters, manage resources meticulously, and maximize spell/supporter synergies. These elements are pivotal in forming your strategies to outwit opponents and secure votes in the magical university's shrouded political sphere.


Welcome to the guide where you’ll learn How To Play Argent: The Consortium! In this post, not only will you get a clear outline of the rules, but you’ll also uncover the top strategies to empower your spells and bolster your chances at winning the game. Let’s dive into the magical depths of Argent and set you on the path to claiming the title of the consortium’s head!

What’s in the box

  • 1 Game Board
  • 5 Player Boards
  • 130 Cards
  • 150 Wooden resources
  • 80 Cardboard tokens
  • 35 Plastic miniatures
  • 1 Talent Die
  • 30 Bell Tower tokens
  • 22 Voters with corresponding Tokens
  • 1 Round Marker
  • 10 Mana crystals
  • 10 Spell Focus tokens
  • 10 Scandal tokens
  • 5 Reference cards
  • 5 Turn Order tokens
  • 3-Consortium Tokens
  • 1 Starting Player Token
  • 14 Neutral mages
  • Channeler board overlay

How To Play Argent: The Consortium: Rules Summary

Setting up the Stage

Begin your journey in the esteemed halls of Argent by preparing the play area:

  1. Lay out the game board and organize the five departments into their respective spaces.
  2. Shuffle and place the belltower cards, giving the game its cadence.
  3. Each player chooses a color and takes the corresponding mages, markers, and starting resources.
  4. Randomly select a set of voters and place them face down to shape the game’s hidden objectives.

The Mechanics of Gameplay

While playing Argent, manipulate the board through these actions:

  1. Each round, assign your mages to different rooms to perform actions and gather resources.
  2. Collect spells, supporters, and items that will help boost your strategy.
  3. Use the influence you’ve gathered to sway the Consortium voters from the shadows.
  4. Navigate through your opponents’ moves, casting spells and positioning your mages tactically.

Path to Victory

Conquering the Consortium revolves around gaining votes:

  1. Aim to satisfy the conditions of the hidden voter cards—they are the key to victory.
  2. Gather a diverse range of abilities to ensure you appeal to the most voters possible.
  3. The game ends after the last belltower card is drawn, and votes are then tallied.
  4. The player with the majority of the voters’ support becomes the new headmaster.

Navigating Special Rules & Conditions

Certain elements make Argent more challenging:

  1. Mages can be wounded and sent to the infirmary, disrupting your plans.
  2. Shadowing, an action that allows blocking others, plays a huge role in the game hierarchy.
  3. Invoke the powerful spell and supporter cards’ synergies to turn the tides in your favor.

Best Argent The Consortium Strategies

Master the Preferences: Win the Consortium’s Favor

How To Play Argent: The Consortium hinges on anticipating the mysterious voters’ criteria. These concealed conditions determine the consortium members’ support. Uncovering these prerequisites is paramount.

Research Your Electors

Initially, engage actively in claiming Bell Tower cards that reveal voter conditions. This direct approach anchors your strategies, letting you align with their obscured agendas with precision.

Gather Intelligence

Subsequently, deployment of Informants and use of Divination spells assists in unveiling additional voter identities, discreetly outmaneuvering opposition.

Adapt Tactically

  1. Balance revealed conditions with concealed ones; maintain flexibility.
  2. Prioritize influential voters; weight actions that curry their favor.
  3. Employ contingency plans accommodating multiple potential outcomes.

Accordingly, adapting to the undercurrents of preference secures a critical advantage in the subtlety-steeped halls of Argent University.

Mastering the Art of Resource Allocation in Argent

Excelling in ‘How to Play Argent: The Consortium’ demands adept resource management. Action points, gold, mana, and influence form the crux of your strategic arsenal. These resources are finite and strategically allocating them determines your power curve throughout the game.

Maximizing Action Point Efficiency

  1. Prioritize actions that grant versatility, such as gaining new spells or expanding influence.
  2. Consider opponent’s moves and adapt action point spending to seize control over contested areas.

Strategic Gold Investment

  1. Invest gold in powerful items early, ensuring a stronger position as the game progresses.
  2. Balance immediate gains with long-term investments for a consistent economy.

Wielding Mana Wisely

  1. Use mana to activate potent spells that can shift the board or disrupt rivals.
  2. Track mana reserves and save just enough for crucial game-turning plays.

Expanding Influence Effectively

  1. Diversify across different Consortium voters to potentialize your winning conditions.
  2. Maintain a presence in all areas to maximize vote acquisition choices in closing rounds.

Unleash Potent Synergies: Spells and Supporters

The magic of ‘How To Play Argent: The Consortium’ ensnares not just through spells but through the artful blending of spells and supporters.

Identify Key Combos

Initially, assess potential spell-supporter combos. Certain supporters amplify particular spell effects, propelling you towards victory.

Balance Aggression and Defense

Moreover, combine aggressive spell tactics with supportive defensive moves, establishing resilience amidst assaults.

Adapt to Evolving Conditions

Additionally, stay alert, adapt strategies as new synergies unfold mid-game. Your tactical flexibility can outwit rivals.

Mastering Magical Intrigue

As our journey through the halls of Argent University draws to a close, remember that winning isn’t just about luck or raw power—it’s about strategy, cunning, and flexibility. The insights provided here should give novices a firm ground to start and veterans some thought-provoking tactics to consider. Engage with each game as a unique challenge, adapt your plans, and most importantly, enjoy the intricate dance of magic and strategy! Now, go forth and claim your rightful place within the Consortium!

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