How To Play: Arcadia Quest – Setup, rule summary and strategy

Quick Summary

Arcadia Quest is an exciting and immersive board game where players lead their guilds of heroes on thrilling adventures to gain the most glory points. By strategically prioritizing quests, utilizing optimal hero selection, and making effective use of abilities, players can outwit their opponents and secure victory. With its modular game board, extensive character customization, and engaging combat system, Arcadia Quest offers a unique and immersive gaming experience.

In this strategy guide, we have covered various aspects to help you boost your chances of success. We explored strategic positioning, emphasizing the importance of thoughtful movement and tactical decision-making during battles. Additionally, we discussed quest prioritization, shedding light on the key factors to consider when choosing which quests to undertake. Effective use of abilities was also highlighted, showcasing the immense impact they can have on the outcome of battles and quests. Lastly, we delved into the importance of smart monster and loot management.

By mastering these strategies and understanding the intricacies of the game, you can navigate the exciting world of Arcadia Quest with confidence and skill. So assemble your guild, embark on epic adventures, and dominate the quest for victory!


Welcome to our comprehensive strategy guide for Arcadia Quest. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or new to this exciting board game, this guide will provide you with valuable insight into maximizing your chances of victory. We will cover everything from the game’s rules to essential strategies and tips for effective gameplay.

Arcadia Quest is an engaging and highly interactive board game that challenges players to lead a guild of heroes on a quest for glory. With its modular game board, customizable heroes, and vibrant artwork, it offers a unique and immersive gaming experience.

In this guide, you will find helpful advice for optimal hero selection, strategic positioning, quest prioritization, effective use of abilities, and monster and loot management. These strategies will give you an edge in overcoming challenges, securing valuable rewards, and ultimately emerging victorious.

What’s in the Box

  • Modular game board
  • 48 Hero cards
  • 48 Monster cards
  • 16 Quest cards
  • 176 Equipment cards
  • 215 tokens
  • 35 plastic miniatures
  • 10 custom dice
  • Player boards
  • Rulebook
  • Game tiles

How To Play Arcadia Quest: Rules Summary

  1. Each player controls a guild of heroes and their goal is to earn the most glory points.
  2. Glory points can be earned by defeating monsters, completing quests, and collecting treasure.
  3. The player with the highest glory points at the end of the game wins.
  1. Choose a guild and take control of three unique heroes.
  2. Create a modular game board by placing tiles.
  3. Shuffle item, quest, and monster cards to create their respective decks.
  4. Place monster figures on designated spawn points on the board.
Turn Order
  1. On their turn, each player completes the following steps in order:
    1. Draw an event card.
    2. Activate one of their heroes.
    3. Complete free actions such as movement or attacks.
    4. Battle or complete quests.
  1. To initiate battle, place the involved figures in the same space on the board.
  2. Roll dice based on attack type and abilities, count successful hits.
  3. Defending player rolls dice to negate hits.
  4. Heroes and monsters can use special abilities during battles.
  5. Resolve remaining hits. Defeated figures are removed from the board.
  1. Quests are represented by cards and are obtained by visiting specific locations on the board.
  2. Complete quest objectives and gain rewards like glory points or treasure cards.
  3. Choose strategically which quests to prioritize based on their rewards and difficulty.
End of the Game
  1. The game ends when a player completes all their quests or a predetermined number of rounds have been played.
  2. Count up glory points from defeated monsters, completed quests, and collected treasure.
  3. The player with the highest total glory points is the winner.

Best Arcadia Quest Strategies

Optimal Hero Selection

Choosing the right heroes is crucial to maximizing your chances of victory in Arcadia Quest. Each hero possesses unique abilities and playstyles, making careful selection essential for a well-rounded team. Here are some strategies for optimal hero selection:

1. Consider Team Composition
  1. Choose heroes with diverse skills to cover various aspects of the game.
  2. Build a team with a mix of melee and ranged heroes for balanced combat capabilities.
  3. Ensure your heroes synergize well together, leveraging their abilities for maximum effectiveness.
2. Assess Quest Requirements
  1. Analyze the quest objectives and consider heroes who possess abilities needed to complete them.
  2. Adapt your hero selection based on the types of monsters, challenges, or obstacles you may encounter throughout the quests.
3. Exploit Hero Quirks
  1. Identify heroes with unique abilities that can circumvent obstacles or exploit weaknesses in the game’s mechanics.
  2. Choose heroes with high mobility for faster movement across the board and to gain positional advantages.

These strategies will assist you in making optimal hero selections that enhance your chances of success in Arcadia Quest. Remember, a well-balanced and synergized team will give you the competitive edge needed to emerge victorious in your adventures.

Strategic Positioning

Strategic positioning is crucial in Arcadia Quest, as it can give you a significant advantage in battles and quests. Here are some key strategies to master:

Control chokepoints and spawn points
  1. Position your heroes strategically near chokepoints where enemies must pass through, denying them easy progression.
  2. Ensure your heroes are positioned near spawn points to quickly deal with newly spawned enemies.
Flank enemies and utilize cover
  1. Use your heroes to flank enemies, attacking from the rear or sides where they are the weakest.
  2. Take advantage of cover provided by the game board – position your heroes behind obstacles for added protection.
Scout and predict enemy movement
  1. Send a fast hero ahead to scout unexplored areas, allowing you to plan your positioning and anticipate enemy movements.
  2. Predict enemy movement patterns and position your heroes accordingly to intercept and counter their actions.
Coordinate positioning with allies
  1. Communicate and coordinate with your teammates to strategically position your heroes and create effective synergies.
  2. Consider how your heroes’ abilities and positioning can complement each other, enhancing your overall team strategy.

Mastering strategic positioning can greatly increase your chances of success in Arcadia Quest. By controlling chokepoints, flanking enemies, utilizing cover, scouting, and collaborating with your allies, you can dominate the game board and tip the scales in your favor.

Quest Prioritization

Mastering quest prioritization is crucial for achieving victory in Arcadia Quest. Here are some strategies to effectively prioritize quests:

1. Evaluate Gold Rewards
  1. Prioritize quests that offer greater gold rewards, as gold can be used to purchase powerful equipment and upgrades for your heroes.
  2. Consider the potential gold value of completing multiple shorter quests versus one longer quest.
2. Assess Glory Point Opportunities
  1. Focus on quests that provide the opportunity for earning glory points, as these points are essential for winning the game.
  2. Identify quests that offer higher glory point rewards based on their difficulty or requirements.
3. Evaluate Difficulty Level
  1. Consider the difficulty level of quests and prioritize those that are more attainable within your current game state.
  2. Avoid tackling extremely difficult quests early on, as they may consume valuable resources and limit your progression.
4. Plan for Synergistic Quests
  1. Identify quests with objectives or themes that align with the strengths and abilities of your heroes.
  2. Strategically select quests that can be completed simultaneously, allowing for the completion of multiple objectives in a single turn.

By effectively prioritizing quests based on their rewards, difficulty, and synergy with your heroes’ capabilities, you will maximize your chances of achieving victory in Arcadia Quest.

Effective Use of Abilities

Mastering the abilities of your heroes in Arcadia Quest is crucial for achieving victory. Here are some strategies to help you make the most effective use of their unique powers:

1. Understand Your Abilities
  1. Familiarize yourself with the abilities of each hero in your team.
  2. Know the range, damage, and impact of each ability.
  3. Consider synergy between heroes’ abilities when building your team.
2. Time Your Abilities Wisely
  1. Save powerful abilities for crucial moments and challenging encounters.
  2. Coordinate with your team to combo abilities for maximum impact.
  3. Consider the situation and opponents before using your abilities.
3. Utilize Abilities for Multiple Purposes
  1. Use offensive abilities to defeat monsters effectively.
  2. Use defensive abilities to protect vulnerable heroes.
  3. Use mobility abilities to position heroes strategically.
4. Upgrade and Customize Abilities
  1. Strategically choose upgrades that enhance your heroes’ abilities.
  2. Maximize the potential of high-impact abilities through customization.

By effectively utilizing your heroes’ abilities, you’ll gain a competitive edge in Arcadia Quest. Mastering the timing and synergy of abilities will significantly increase your chances of victory and bring you closer to ultimate glory.

Monster and Loot Management

When it comes to winning Arcadia Quest, effectively managing monsters and loot can greatly impact your chances of success. Here are some strategies to consider:

1. Prioritize high-value targets
  1. Focus on defeating stronger monsters to gain more glory points.
  2. Identify monsters that drop useful loot or have special abilities.
2. Coordinate team efforts
  1. Communicate with your teammates to determine the best approach for monster encounters.
  2. Collaborate to maximize resource acquisition and minimize risks.
3. Plan loot distribution
  1. Assign loot based on the strengths and weaknesses of your heroes.
  2. Prioritize equipping heroes with loot that enhances their abilities or fills gaps in their skillset.
4. Consider turn order
  1. Strategize the monster encounters based on turn order to eliminate or weaken them before they can cause significant damage.
  2. Take advantage of abilities or actions that alter the turn order to gain a tactical advantage.

By actively managing monsters and loot in Arcadia Quest, you’ll increase your chances of success and gain the upper hand in your quest for glory.


Congratulations, you now have the knowledge and strategies to dominate the world of Arcadia Quest! By understanding the rules of the game, creating optimal strategies, and making wise decisions, you can lead your guild of heroes to victory and claim the most glory points.

Remember to prioritize quests, strategically position your heroes, and make effective use of their abilities. A well-rounded understanding of battles and loot management will also play a crucial role in your success.

Arcadia Quest offers an immersive and highly interactive gaming experience that will keep you engaged and entertained for hours. Gather your friends, select your guild, and embark on epic adventures filled with monsters to defeat, quests to complete, and glory to achieve!

Now, grab your weapons, hone your skills, and become the ultimate champion of Arcadia Quest!

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