How To Play: Alchemists – Setup, rule summary and strategy

This Alchemists game guide covers everything from the joy of deciphering potion ingredients to strategic publishing and effective resource management. Packed with personal anecdotes and humor, it offers a clear, concise strategy for winning, based on actual gameplay with friends. Master 'How To Play alchemists' with these insights.

Hey folks, Jamie here! Diving into the mystical world of Alchemists today, and oh boy, have I brewed up something special for you. This guide isn’t just a potion of knowledge on How To Play Alchemists; it’s your ultimate strategy elixir to dominate the game. We’ll start with a quick outline of the game rules, then shift gears into the top strategies for claiming victory. Ready your cauldrons, it’s brewing time!


What’s in the box

  • 1 Game board
  • 4 Player boards
  • 6 Adventurer tiles
  • 1 Starting player token
  • 8 Alchemist tokens
  • 104 Deduction cards
  • 40 Ingredient cards
  • 22 Favour cards
  • 18 Potion tokens
  • 16 Seal tokens
  • 8 Conflict tokens
  • 4 Result tokens
  • 1 Round marker
  • 1 Grant marker
  • 1 Conference marker
  • 1 Exhibition marker
  • 1 Encylopedia board
  • 1 Research board
  • 4 Laboratory screens
  • 1 Pad of deduction grids
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Alchemy book

How To Play Alchemists: Rules Summary

If you’ve ever wanted to mix potions and prove yourself the greatest alchemist of all time, then ‘Alchemists’ is the game for you. Let’s dive into the rules so you can start your journey to alchemical fame.


  1. Place the game board in the center of the table.
  2. Distribute player boards, deduction sheets, and starting resources to each player.
  3. Arrange the ingredient tiles and potion tokens nearby.
  4. Set up the result triangles and conflict tokens.


  1. Each round consists of players taking turns to perform actions such as collecting ingredients, selling potions, or publishing theories.
  2. Use the app to test your potions and see their effects.
  3. Decide whether to publish your findings or debunk others’ theories.
  4. Manage your reputation and resources wisely.


  1. The game concludes after a set number of rounds, typically six or seven.
  2. Gather points by successfully publishing theories, selling potions, and earning grants.
  3. The player with the highest points from their published theories, grants, and remaining assets wins the game.

Special Rules & Conditions

  1. If a player’s theory is debunked, they must retract it and lose reputation points.
  2. Certain ingredients have volatile effects, requiring careful handling.
  3. Players can use artifacts to bend the rules or gain advantages.

Remember, success in ‘Alchemists’ comes from careful experimentation, strategic theory publishing, and outsmarting your fellow alchemists. Good luck!

Best Alchemists Strategies

Master the Art of Deciphering Potions Fast

Winning in Alchemists means figuring out those tricky potion ingredients pronto. Here’s how my buddies and I nailed it:

Start Early

  1. Test widely in the first round. Don’t hold back on experiments.
  2. Use the results to eliminate possibilities quickly.

Keep a Close Eye on Competitors

  1. Notice what potions they’re testing. It can give clues about ingredients.
  2. Trade information with them sparingly; gather more than you give.

Strategize Your Experiments

  1. Combine ingredients with known effects to narrow down unknowns.
  2. Plan experiments where results will rule out multiple possibilities at once.

Master the Art of Strategic Publishing in Alchemists

Winning at Alchemists isn’t just about mixing potions; it’s about being a strategic publisher. Here’s how:

Timing Is Key

  1. Wait for the right moment. Publish when competitors are least prepared.

Bluffing Your Way

  1. Bluff about your intentions. Keep opponents guessing.

Collaborate Wisely

  1. Choose your allies. Collaborate on theories for mutual benefit but be ready to break ties when needed.

Using these strategies, you’ll outsmart your opponents and ascend as the top alchemist.

Master the Art of Resource Management in Alchemists

Winning at Alchemists isn’t just about knowing the potions; it’s about smart resource management. Let’s dive into strategies that can put you ahead.

Optimize Your Ingredient Use

  1. Start by experimenting wisely. Use ingredients you have in abundance first.
  2. Keep track of used combinations to avoid wasted experiments.

Efficient Action Selection

  1. Prioritize actions that offer the most value. Early game, gather ingredients; mid-game, focus on publishing theories.
  2. Watch your opponents. Block or use actions they desire when beneficial.

Investing in Artifacts

  1. Choose artifacts that complement your strategy. Some save time, others give you more resources.
  2. Remember, timing is key. Acquire them when most impactful, not just when affordable.


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