Top 8 Best Battle Royale Board Games of 2024 Reviewed

Discover the best battle royale board games! Dive into epic fights and strategy with friends in these top picks.
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King of Tokyo coverSecret Hitler coverBang! The Dice Game cover

Ready for a showdown? We’re all about the thrill of the game, especially when it involves a good old ‘battle royale’. So, we’ve scoured our game shelves (and maybe borrowed a few from friends) to bring you our top picks for the best ‘battle royale’ themed board games. Our choices weren’t random; oh no, we focused on games that not only make you strategize and schem, but also get your heart racing as if you’re right in the middle of the battleground. Whether you’re throwing dice, playing cards, or moving miniatures, each game promises a unique way to outlast your rivals. Let’s get ready to rumble!

On this list:

8 King of Tokyo

King of Tokyo cover

  • Age Range: 10+
  • Players: 2-6
  • Play Time: 30 minutes

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King of Tokyo throws you into a city-wide brawl as monstrous creatures. It’s like a board game turned monster movie, where you’re the star! What’s not to love? We had a blast knocking each other out of the city to become the King of Tokyo. The ‘battle royale’ vibe is strong with power-ups and dice-rolling mayhem.

7 Secret Hitler

Secret Hitler cover

  • Age Range: 13+
  • Players: 5-10
  • Play Time: 45 minutes

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Okay, hear us out. While not a ‘battle royale’ in the traditional sense, the tension and the sudden betrayals in Secret Hitler give it that last-man-standing feel. Everyone’s suspicious, trying to figure out who’s who, and with friends, it turns hilariously chaotic. It’s a battle of wits and deception, making every game night memorable.

6 Bang! The Dice Game

Bang! The Dice Game cover

  • Age Range: 8+
  • Players: 3-8
  • Play Time: 15 minutes

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In Bang! The Dice Game, it’s like the Wild West meets ‘battle royale’. You’ve got roles, secret missions, and the dice decide your fate. Rolling dice, shooting your friends (in-game, of course), and the constant threat of sudden elimination? Sign us up! It’s fast, furious, and fun – perfect for those with a love for chaos and laughter.

5 Survive: Escape from Atlantis!

Survive: Escape from Atlantis! cover

  • Age Range: 8+
  • Players: 2-4
  • Play Time: 60 minutes

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This game is literally about survival of the fittest. As Atlantis sinks, you’re desperately trying to save your meeples. But here’s the catch: sea monsters, whales, and sharks! We couldn’t help but betray our pals to get ahead, making it a perfect ‘battle royale’ on the seas. It’s thrilling, unexpected, and every game feels like a new adventure.

4 Nemesis

Nemesis cover

  • Age Range: 12+
  • Players: 1-5
  • Play Time: 90-180 minutes

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Nemesis is the closest we’ve felt to being in a sci-fi horror movie. Trapped on a spaceship with aliens and possibly traitorous crewmates, it’s a fight to survive. The ‘battle royale’ element comes from the tension and the potential for betrayal. It’s intense, strategic, and every decision feels like life or death. A true test of nerve and cunning.

3 Blood Rage

Blood Rage cover

  • Age Range: 14+
  • Players: 2-4
  • Play Time: 60-90 minutes

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Blood Rage captures the intense strategy and competitive edge of battle royale themes, offering players the chance to lead their Viking clans to glory through tactical battles and strategic alliances. Unlike the fast-paced chaos of Fortnite, Blood Rage provides a more methodical approach to the battle royale genre, focusing on careful planning and player interaction. Its inclusion of mythical monsters, gods’ gifts, and a variety of clans to choose from ensures each game is brimming with unique strategies and thrilling combat scenarios.

2 Last One Standing: The Battle Royale Board Game

Last One Standing: The Battle Royale Board Game cover

  • Age Range: 13+
  • Players: 2-6
  • Play Time: 40-60 minutes

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Last One Standing: The Battle Royale Board Game hits the sweet spot for fans looking for a thrilling board game that captures the essence of battle royale gameplay. Unlike The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – The Board Game, Last One Standing plunges players directly into a fast-paced fight for survival, where strategy and luck play critical roles in becoming the last player standing. Its unique mechanics and engaging gameplay provide a fresh and exciting take on the battle royale theme, making it a perfect pick for those who crave intense competition and strategic play.

1 Gloomhaven

Gloomhaven cover

  • Age Range: 14+
  • Players: 1-4
  • Play Time: 60-120 minutes

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Gloomhaven takes the crown as the best ‘battle royale’ board game, and here’s why: it’s epic. Imagine a fantasy world where every choice and battle determines your fate and the fate of your group. It’s not just about beating the game, but surviving its harsh world together or alone. Its depth, strategy, and storytelling are unmatched. We’ve spent hours diving into dungeons, fighting monsters, and backstabbing (occasionally) to victory. Simply put, it’s a masterpiece in the world of ‘battle royale’ board games.

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