Top 5 Best Word Board Games to Play in 2024

Discover the top word board games, from Bananagrams to Paperback, and why they're perfect for word enthusiasts of all levels.
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Hey there, word wizards and letter lovers! We’re on a quest to find the best board games that make words the star of the show. When we pick games for our top 5, we’re all about those that mix fun, strategy, and a bit of brain power. We look for games that keep us laughing, thinking, and, of course, spelling until the very end. Whether you’re into fast-paced challenges, clue-giving mysteries, or classic contests of vocabulary might, we’ve got something that’ll tickle your linguistic fancy. So grab your letter tiles and your thinking caps—it’s time to celebrate the magic of words!

On this list:

5 Bananagrams

Bananagrams cover

  • Age Range: 7+
  • Players: 1-8
  • Play Time: 15 minutes

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Kicking off our word game adventure, Bananagrams is like the wild cousin of Scrabble that decided it didn’t need a board to have a good time. We’ve spent hours peeling and screaming as we race to create our own grid of words faster than our friends. It’s fast, frantic, and you’ll be surprised how quickly your brain can(or can’t) come up with words under pressure.

4 Codenames

Codenames cover

  • Age Range: 14+
  • Players: 2-8+
  • Play Time: 15-20 minutes

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Stepping up the game, Codenames makes us feel like undercover agents where words are both our weapons and weaknesses. It’s all about finding the right word that links others together without leading your team astray. Perfect for those who like a bit of strategy with their word soup. It’s hilarious when a clue goes horribly wrong, sending friends down a rabbit hole of absurd guesses.

3 Scrabble

Scrabble cover

  • Age Range: 8+
  • Players: 2-4
  • Play Time: 60 minutes

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Ah, Scrabble, the granddaddy of word games. It’s where we pull out words we never use in real life to snag that triple word score. It’s a classic for a reason, challenging us to think about words in new ways and sometimes even learn a few. Plus, nothing beats the feeling of dropping a ‘Q’ on a triple letter score.

2 Boggle

Boggle cover

  • Age Range: 8+
  • Players: 1+
  • Play Time: 10 minutes

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Boggle shakes things up, literally. We’re always amazed at how many words can hide in a 4×4 grid of letters once you give it a good shake. It’s a race against time to find as many words as you can, and it gets fiercely competitive. Perfect for quick games and improving your word-spotting skills.

1 Paperback

Paperback cover

  • Age Range: 10+
  • Players: 2-5
  • Play Time: 45 minutes

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And the crown goes to Paperback! It’s not just our favorite word game; it’s a love letter to all word game enthusiasts. Mixing the thrill of deck-building card games with the challenge of word creation, it offers endless replayability and strategy. Every game feels different, and there’s a real sense of achievement in crafting the perfect word to buy those high-value letters. It’s the ultimate word game that keeps us coming back for more.

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