Best 9 Corporate Espionage Board Games Ranked for 2024

Dive into the thrilling world of corporate espionage with our top board games, perfect for strategy lovers and social gamers alike.
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Hey there, fellow board game enthusiasts! We’ve been diving into the shadowy world of corporate espionage, looking for the best board games that let us dip our toes into the thrilling realm of spies, secrets, and under-the-table deals. When picking the cream of the crop for this list, we focus on themes that ooze intrigue, gameplay that keeps us on the edge of our seats, and, of course, the sheer fun factor when playing with friends. From maneuvering through the tangled webs of corporations to decoding secret messages, these games promise an unforgettable board game night. So, get ready to channel your inner spy with our top picks for the best ‘corporate espionage’ board games. Let’s dive in!

On this list:

9 Corporate America

Corporate America cover

  • Age Range: 14+
  • Players: 5-6
  • Play Time: 90-180 minutes

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Kicking off our list, we have ‘Corporate America’. Don’t let the name fool you; this game is all laughs until someone starts a monopoly. It’s a fantastic blend of humor and strategy, where you’re not just playing the market but also diving headfirst into the murky waters of corporate politics. We had a blast trying to outmaneuver each other, all in the name of good, clean, capitalist fun.

8 Acquire

Acquire cover

  • Age Range: 12+
  • Players: 3-6
  • Play Time: 90 minutes

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Coming in hot, ‘Acquire’ makes you feel like a real-estate mogul. This game is all about strategy, with a sprinkle of luck, as players buy stocks, merge companies, and make sneaky deals. It’s like a crash course in corporate espionage without the risk of jail time. Our game nights turned into intense battlegrounds of wits and alliances. Highly recommend for those who enjoy a side of scheming with their strategy.

7 Netrunner

Netrunner cover

  • Age Range: 14+
  • Players: 2
  • Play Time: 30-60 minutes

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Ah, ‘Netrunner’, the perfect game for those who’ve fantasized about hacking into big corporations. It’s a thrilling head-to-head battle of wits, where one plays the corporation and the other, a hacker. The game’s depth comes from balancing risk and reward, making each match a nail-biting experience. Our sessions were filled with gasps, cheers, and the occasional groan. It’s a must-play for fans of the cyberpunk genre and corporate espionage.

6 Infiltration

Infiltration cover

  • Age Range: 14+
  • Players: 2-6
  • Play Time: 30-45 minutes

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If you’re into more of a ‘physically’ sneaking into corporations vibe, ‘Infiltration’ is your game. You’re literally breaking into a corporation to steal data. It’s a race against time and your fellow players. The tension it builds as the security levels increase is palpable. Every game night ended with us on the edge of our seats, making it a thrilling addition to our collection.

5 Android

Android cover

  • Age Range: 13+
  • Players: 3-5
  • Play Time: 120-240 minutes

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Set in a dystopian future, ‘Android’ is a storytelling marvel that had us hooked. You’re solving a murder mystery while navigating corporate intrigue and personal demons. The game’s rich narrative allows for deep strategies and unexpected twists, embodying the spirit of corporate espionage. We often found ourselves debating possible strategies even when we weren’t playing, a testament to its immersive gameplay.

4 Sidereal Confluence

Sidereal Confluence cover

  • Age Range: 14+
  • Players: 4-9
  • Play Time: 120-180 minutes

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Taking corporate espionage to the stars, ‘Sidereal Confluence’ is a unique blend of negotiation, trading, and resource management. It’s like a cosmic UN meeting with a dash of backstabbing. The sheer scale and complexity had our heads spinning, but in the best way possible. It’s a game that demands your attention and rewards your cunning. An epic game night staple for sure.

3 New Angeles

New Angeles cover

  • Age Range: 14+
  • Players: 4-6
  • Play Time: 120-240 minutes

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For those who like their corporate espionage with a hefty dose of negotiation, ‘New Angeles’ is a dream come true. You’re all corporations vying for control of a futuristic city, and the amount of double-dealing is off the charts. Our group loved the dynamic alliances and betrayals. It’s a game that will test not only your strategic mind but also your poker face.

2 Spyfall

Spyfall cover

  • Age Range: 13+
  • Players: 3-8
  • Play Time: 15-20 minutes

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For a lighter take on corporate espionage, ‘Spyfall’ is a blast. You’re all spies at a location, but one of you doesn’t know where. The guessing, bluffing, and outright ridiculous questions make for an unforgettable experience. Our game nights with ‘Spyfall’ often ended in laughter and accusations. It’s the perfect game to break the ice and get everyone into the espionage mood.

1 The Resistance

The Resistance cover

  • Age Range: 13+
  • Players: 5-10
  • Play Time: 30 minutes

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Topping our list, ‘The Resistance’ is the ultimate game of deception and deduction. Set in a dystopian future, you’re rebels plotting against a powerful regime, but there are spies among you. The tension, the accusations, and the poker faces make every game an epic battle of wits. We’ve never laughed and yelled so much in a game night. Its simplicity, combined with the profound depth of player interaction, makes ‘The Resistance’ the best corporate espionage-themed board game for us.

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